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Over the Top

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When famed screen, stage, and television actor Simon Fergeson (Tim Curry) finds himself unemployed, he tracks down his ex-wife Hadley Martin (Annie Potts), whom he was once married to for seven days... Sensible Hadley, now thrice divorced, currently runs the NYC Metropolitan Hotel, where she lives with her two children from another marriage, self-involved Gwen and annoying Daniel. It isn't long before Simon finds himself working alongside her. Rose was Hadley's feisty right-hand; Yorgo was the annoying (more-over-the-top-than-Simon) Greek chef and Robert was the uptight hotel investor. Curry and Potts had previously starred together in the film "Pass the Ammo," and had book looking for the right project to come along when they agreed on this series. Apparently it wasn't the right project... Plagued with problems from the beginning, the show was shredded by critics and virtually ignored by TV viewers. The original pilot, which co-starred Debra Jo Rupp (best remembered from That '70s Show and Friends), was promptly scrapped and half of the cast was fired. The show was originally set in New York state, but then changed to Manhattan itself. Curry, who played the character as over-the-top as he possibly could, was outdone by Steve Carroll (Yorgo), whose screeching, whininess, and mind-numbingly stupid enthusiasm was viciously attacked even by those who thought Curry was awful. Over the Top lasted on the air in the USA a total of three weeks, then was promptly pulled, never to be seen again. A fourth episode was scheduled but replaced with a bonus episode of Home Improvement. Like most new series, the show was given a 13 episode commitment, but since it was so quickly canceled, only 11 episodes were filmed (excluding the original pilot). Subsequently the entire run of episodes that were filmed have aired in other countries, such as Finland and South Africa.moreless
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  • Pulled from the gutter by the fabulous Tim Curry.

    A typical mediocre show that's predictable (mostly) and not brilliantly written (again mostly). I wish the kids had fewer lines, and it's so odd to find out that Steve Carell had a part, since the way he delivers his lines should have stayed with me. He's annoying at times and very over the top, yet still funny...at least for me, because I love the guy. Many others may not agree, including a critic that originally reviewed the show who said that he had never known true horror until Carell's performance.

    Strangely, this show got me laughing much more often than not. Tim Curry's energy, heart, and comic timing are just spot-on, and most everything he does is worthy of at least a chuckle if not a full-on cackling fit. I personally gave this show high marks almost solely because of Curry, and his chemistry with Annie Potts was definitely a plus. If you decide to watch just one episode, definitely don't miss "The Nemesis" with John Ritter. After all this time it still hurts to see him, but I loved the umbrella fight.

    Since "Over the Top" was canceled so quickly so long ago I almost thought I'd imagined it. I am glad I found it and blew off a whole day watching everything I could via YouTube. If it were available on DVD I would buy it immediately and sit my family down to watch.moreless