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Over There is a dramatic show about a sergeant and his platoon stationed in Iraq and how the lives of their families are affected at home. Theme Song: "Over There" Written & Performed by Chris Gerolmo


    Marine's story inspires Iraq movie

  • Keith Robinson

    Keith Robinson

    Avery "Angel" King

    Sprague Grayden

    Sprague Grayden

    Terry Rider

    Nicki Lynn Aycox

    Nicki Lynn Aycox

    Brenda "Mrs. B" MItchell

    Brigid Brannagh

    Brigid Brannagh

    Vanessa Dumphy

    Erik Palladino

    Erik Palladino

    Chris "Sgt. Scream" Silas

    Kirk 'Sticky Fingaz' Jones

    Kirk 'Sticky Fingaz' Jones

    Maurice "Smoke" Williams

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    Fan Reviews (266)

    • Same old bad war movie

      when we tuned in we were, by mistake, expecting something new and exciting. well there was some really bad stuff. As usual the expedience of filming outdistenced reality. you don't have to give information to one soldier and have them pass it down when hey are so close they can here you breath. basically one bullet could take them out which wouldnt necesarily be a bad thing for this show. this is more about manipulating the feelings of an audience who's never ben anywhere.moreless
    • great movie not sure it ever says in the movie but this unit looks and acts like a cavalry scout team, being a cav scout we work in small teams and do alot of the same stuff these guys domoreless

      great movie, small team of what looks to be cav scouts works in iraq doing everything from recon to door kicking one of my fav movies and one of the first tv shows i got the season on tape great movie and really captures the feelings of soldiers this movie is by no means for kids but for young adults and adults its great easy to relate (if ur a soldier) great movie to just sit down and watch the whole box set, ive seen it when it was on tv and now me and my gf are watching it together she hates me in the army and hates seeing this kinda stuff but she is hooked on this movie and cant wait to see the next onemoreless
    • Well, this show was one of the best war, drama i

      Well, this show was one of the best war, drama i have ever seen. i realy felt like thay were takeing us whit tham out in to battle. All the actors were great even the story line, so i was totaly suckt whan thy canceld season 2. why make a show whan thay are not going to trust it, I am positiv that the show whuld have made a biger addions on season 2. but thay said that thy think the world isent ready for a war drama like this, what the hell, i am ready and i guess alot of other fans are to. It isent for realy any way, killing some few mobs here and there, iven the video games are mutch whurs than this.moreless
    • they need to bring it back

      why did they take the show off in the first place? they need to bring it back it was the only thing that i stayed up to watch 4 during the week. it needs to come back!!!!! It showed some of the best war graphics around. it was one of the best series of movies i have ever watched. its pretty much the only series i stayed up for to watch every time it was on. We should all get something to try and bring it back because it is worth all the problems to do it since its the best movies series around.moreless
    • Worthwhile addition to any DVD collection.

      At a quick glace a lot of people would think this is Public Relations show about life in the US Military Personnel serving in Iraq. I think a lot of people when watching this show would be surprised in how it deals with a lot of moral issues surrounding their military mission and their loved ones back home. This show does show enough battles and action sequences to keep you interested. While there are good moments on the home front, I would have preferred to have them a bit shorter and longer sequences in Iraq. The squad dynamics works very well with Sgt Scream in charge of his semi misfit group. This series on DVD usually sells for about $20 which is a great purchase even though it has only 13 episodes.moreless

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