Over There

Season 1 Episode 13

Follow the Money

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 26, 2005 on FX

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  • Too bad it ended after 13 episodes.

    In some ways I am sad that is a final episode of the show. I like the rules of engagement that the squad has to follow. While some of the squad questions the set of rules, the LT has no qualms about carrying out orders in shooting unarmed civilians including children. Children who had every intention of helping the soldiers, were mistakenly interpreted as hostile to the convoy. The home front looks like each of the mini storyline concluded in one way or another. This episode has a great action sequences and a good storyline as a series finale.
  • Too bad they ended this show.

    I hear people getting all pissed off that this isn't how the army is. So what, who cares. I mean they have to do and change things to make it a show. I mean some people are idiots, saying this isn't how the army is. AND!!! I mean let's just enjoy it. Come on some people are idiots that join the army. Let's face it, not everyone are all smart and stuff.
  • Good Ridens to rubbish.

    I hope the cast can find real work. Work honoring those that selflessly serve this country. As opposed to depicting them as Dope Smoking, Wife whoring, Female bashing, undisciplined, None moral, none thinking for themselves, soldiers lacking any education.

    This show by far depicted any soldier that served with or under me. As for the women in the ARMY, they have and always will uphold the highest standard in the ARMY with values and courage that far exceeds any episode shown.

    For Steven Bochco, maybe next time you can get it right when creating a show about the ARMY. Might help if you get a Soldier who was in the ARMY as an advisor instead of the Marines. Two different branches that have absolutly no common interest except for Fighting for Freedom and protecting this country.

    Oh and....no one in the ARMY uses Nick Names. Very Vietnam'ish.

    Hehehehe...Doublewide....Scream....those are good. Hehehehehe

  • Its about time people see what miltiary families go through when there love ones go over there. I cry at just about every show. I\'m sorry that i won\'t be able to watch when my husband goes back in January 2006.

    I love this show and even through it makes me cry because it hits so close to home for me. Its really nice to see that the people that made this show really hits the nail on the head. Every thing that happens on the show happens for real in one way or another.I support the troops I just dont suppost this war. I think Bush should send his daughters over there and then have to pray that he doesnt get that knock at the door over 2,000 loved ones got this knock that every military family hates.
  • If only the real war would end this well.

    It was hard to say that you liked this show. It was like saying you liked war. however, there was far more here to enjoy than the carnage and explosions. From the start, this was a well acted, well written, and well directed show. However, the fact that it was about an ongoing war proved to be its undoing. Many people are divided on the real war. This show explored the glory and the horror of war in general and for the most part stayed away from the politics. In this final episode, Anna leaves to go to her mother's after the death of her husband. Serge realizes that he needs his wife more than ever. Bo receives his just desserts in the form of medals. He also gets motivation from another amputee. Angel sings, well, like an angel. Dim ponders the meaning of it all. Smoke just wants to go home. Tariq just wants to go home. And Sgt Scream consoles everybody when the Lt. is shot in the back. It was everything that could be hoped for in the finale of this short lived, but great show.
  • this is the best show on TV

    i cant wait for the next season its the greatest. :D I just belive that its the only REAL show out right now worth watching. So i cant wait to see if bo gets back in the army. And who really shot underpants in the back but does anyone know when the next season going to be on?
  • Wow.

    My summary says it all -- well, OK, not *all*, but it sums up how I feel about this episode and this season. What a great show, I'm happy to have seen it from the beginning.

    I mentioned last time that I wanted the Sergio/Anna storyline to stay as it was over the season break, but I think what the writers did was even better. This episode brought tears to my eyes several times, and one of them was when Sergio talked to Doublewide, telling her he was back. The scene with Anna was well-played by both actors. Her sudden coldness was shocking to him, and to us, but her realization that what she'd been doing was wrong all along redeemed her in my eyes. His epiphany to Doublewide was also well-played. It must be hard for an actor to play to a camera and to react to a recording. Kudos.

    The whole Lt. Underpants storyline I have mixed feelings about. It didn't like him any more than the squad did, and he definitely was an ass, shooting the boy in the road and ordering an attack when it seemed pointless. But let's be real for a moment. He was given an order - to protect the money truck, and he was intent on doing just that. Though the squad derided him for that, Dim in particular, an order is an order.

    I'm unsure how I feel about Underpants losing his life to friendly fire. Did Scream do it, and did he do it on purpose? I guess it doesn't matter, but I think it would have been a more fitting end, and perhaps a bit of a twist, for him to have died an honorable death at the hand of the enemy. The fact that no one liked him would have made such a demise all the more surprising and memorable.

    Dim's discussion with Mrs. B was almost as cathartic for him, it seems, as Vanessa's has been at her AA meetings. He reveals that he hates that she is doing better. He was engaging in a little schadenfreude, but his marriage was suffering, and so his step-son would, eventually, suffer. Mrs. B's advice to him to just be a good father to him is the best advice she could have given, and doubly so because it was based on her experience.

    Angel's song was great. 'Nuf said.

    Bo's medal ceremony was another tear-jerker. One thing that is guaranteed to get my eyes wet is the honoring of courage and selflessness in battle. I cannot watch the end of Saving Private Ryan without tears welling, and this was no exception. Angel mentioned Bo and I realized that I had almost forgotten that Bo was even a part of our squad - it has been the entire season since Bo had been in Iraq. What terrific bookends.

    All in all, it was a very satisfying episode and a very satisfying season.
  • let's the average American know what they are going through.

    I have had two family members in Iraq and even though they will not watch the show, they say it gives you a very good interpretation of what it is like 'over there'. People may call our soldiers cowards for killing innocent people but if you watch this show you will see a very good reason for why; to preserve their own life. I love the show and even my husband, who is normally asleep by 9:30, stays up to watch it. For him, that must mean it is a VERY good show. Please keep it going!
  • This is what the show is all about

    Although the first episode of the series was not good, the show rebounded and provided us with what i think is one of the best t.v. shows on air. Please do all you can to keep this show on the air. The dark side of over There is what makes the show.