Over There

Season 1 Episode 4

I Want My Toilets

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 17, 2005 on FX

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  • Could of been better

    This show after a few episodes I though was decent. This episode is damn ridiculous. Even the title is ridiculous. I like that the females are back in the story line even if just for a moment. They do get to see battle again. In this one I really don’t like that they show Private’s to be thinking as much as Angel was in this episode. Then again the orders were just as bad. I think should have done the ending differently in the sense they shouldn’t know the out come of their decisions. There should be no doubting their squad leader decisions.
  • Over there on top form

    I have just started watching this series and am enjoying it a lot, every now and then i watch something that compels me to write a review. Mayabe because an episode is really bad really good or clever. In this case this episode just shows that modern conflict can be dealt with in a mature gripping manner. The episode is about toilets but the complex series of emotions that the soldiers have to go through, each representing an ethical frame work that is recognizable in aspects of civilized society yet completely apart from it with out any of the Hollywood cynicism of this anti bush period nor the glossed over heroics of patriotic manufacture to cloud the basic issues a solider has to deal with when taking a life in uncertain and questionable times. Its important to note that "angel" the undecided one was the one to shoot as it seemed inside that bunker the other characters became a unified conscious for angel and the end symbiosis between him and his unit is reveled in that las seconds when complete responsibility is split between each man. a decision made as a whole is in turn made by non one. a cracking and captivating episode with good pace and amazing script. i hope the series continues its great form to the end.
  • What would you be willing to do for a toilet? Apparently, this show would have us believe risking life and limb would be worth it. Maybe, this is using an extreme example to make a point. Who cares about that? This is an entertaining show.

    This show tries to juggle several different balls in the air.

    Humor comes in with the ridiculous desire for toilets.

    Drama comes in with the struggle to differeniate us from them in the bunker.

    Action comes in and relations come in and who knows what else.

    This was my first show to watch in the series and it hooked me.
  • Good to see some Iraqi vets get it

    After reading the avalanche of anti-Over There reviews by Iraq war veterans, it's good to see that some of them understand the generalization needed to make series television work. Some of them who understand it's not all about *them* per se. And this episode was a good example: illustrating the constraints soldiers must operate under in a war that is not really allowed to be a war, because of the actions of politicians and perfumed princes in the Pentagon.

    Anybody who was in Vietnam *knows* the underlying truth this episode revealed, how the average soldier is the one put on the line, while the careerist brass manages to avoid responsibility. Lord knows that Vietnam was hard enough to fight--and the old World War II vets who were still serving then couldn't begin to understand the idiocy of our politically hamstrung tactics. But I can't imagine how difficult it must be to fight a war in Iraq, where the stay safe at home politicians want the soldiers to be social workers and sacrifice their lives and bodies so poseurs in the Pentagon, the White House, and the Congress can play the great humanitarians.
  • As a soldier that was \"over there\" I watch this show to see how the directors and producers depiction of the \"American Soldier\" Upon reading these reviews, I have come to one definate colclusion:

    It is a drama!!!!

    I am reading the reviews of my fellow servicemembers about the accuracy and reality of the show. My response to the citizen is that I hope they never know the \"reality\" what goes on in combat. The smells, the boredom, or the action when it happens.

    Granted they may not have accurately depicted a TCP (Traffic Control Point) clearly, or they may have been too close in the pilot episode where there was no widespread field of fire, but I ask my fellow soldiers to take into account things such as lighting, camera angles and the factor that a TV show needs drama in order to be compelling and capture the imagination of the viewer.

    The characters are not supposed to be like a soldier. In my opinion, the characters are like every soldier. SGT Scream\'s frustration, Dim\'s educated analysis, Angel\'s composure, Smoke\'s rebellion and Mrs. B\'s ....... well, B!

    Anyone that has worn the uniform can identify with all of these soldiers. There are times when we question why we do what we do, and the answer to that question depends on the individual. But the point is that when a mission comes up, weather we like it, disagree or puts us in harm\'s way, We make it happen! That is what being a good soldier is all about! And I feel that this show places the civilian into that position. Because if they agree with the war or not, most still support the troops. And are able to put their views aside and thank a soldier when they see one.

    But I ask people to please keep in mind that these people are not in the Army, or the 3rd Infantry Division. They are trying to find a happy median to give the civilian an ideal of what fighting the war on terrorism is about. It\'s not Band of Brothers, or Windtalkers or Black Hawk Down, it puts civilians in our position for one hour a week.