Over There

Season 1 Episode 6

It's Alright Ma, I'm Only Bleeding

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 31, 2005 on FX

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  • Good followup to the last episode.

    While usually the topic of news reports reflecting the mistakes and bad judgment by US soldiers in iraq is magnified in Arab states , it rarely comes to light in Western News Network. Even if it does get attention its usually a few days and a private or a corporal gets the blame. Now the squad does something to clear their squad members name. while this episode does drag on a bit the ending is a bit of a shocker. The last five minutes is really worth watching. The editing and the filming location are great, you get the sense your in Iraq.
  • Very few episodes of television make me cry. This one did.

    One of the things this show does is show both the Over there and over here. In both cases, things are spiraling downward. Moffet never had a chance once he got captured. The rescue attempt was valiant, though. I do think we are seeing the very sentimental side of the story of war. The great thing about this show is not that it goes off and I feel a wave of happiness sweep over me. It goes off and I start to think. That has to rank has good art and successful TV.
  • This episode is pure propaganda for the terrorists.

    The terrorists would like the world to believe that Americans are treating the prisoners with extreme cruelty. This episode features a beheading in which, just as the troops crash in the door trying to rescue the reporter, the executioner lopped his head off with a scimitar.

    That's not the way beheadings are done. I've seen the video of three beheadings. That is true horror. The victim's head is sawn off with a knife. He screams for 15 to 20 seconds as they cut through his neck. After the head is off, the body continues to try to scream for another 30 to 45 seconds, but in sounds like a very loud wheezing because there are no vocal cords.

    If the beheadding had been shown accurately, people would no longer do a Macaully Calkin over a naked guy with a dog collar or a guy with Jockey shorts on his head.
  • I think this was one of the best episodes so far. This show is getting better with every episode. I like that this episode let us know more about the squad. I think if given a fair chance it could really do well.

    I waited all week for this episode and it really delivered in my opinion. I liked that the squad was shown in a way that everyone could relate. I loved that we now see more of scream, dim, and the rests personality.They are starting to grow close and become brothers.

    I literally gasp when Mad Cow was killed, and my heart was racing with the attempted rescue. When i heard the captors singing, my stomach turned as it was all to familair for us at home.I felt for Dim who used all his emotion of trying to save Moffett and the miscarriage.> i think it was trying to show that he was unable to save not just one but two lives.

    Luckily, Moffett was spared the horrific beheading we have seen on TV and didnt see it coming and it was quick .i wondered how they would handle that.Anyways, hope this was helpful

  • A surprising resolution to the Moffet arc.

    I was a bit surprised by the end of this episode - I figured for sure, Moffet would be rescued and the platoon celebrated as heroes. But likely recognizing that this was unrealistic, the writers did the next best thing - they came so close to rescuing him, but in the end, all of the death and fear was for naught. I'm unclear if Smoke felt guilty about Moffet's kidnapping (hence his request that he kick in the door) or if he was just generally pissed.

    The death of Mad Cow was also a bit of a surprise - I figured the writers planned to have a lot more fun with him. Just as he appears to be human (he likes Ring Dings, after all), he is hit in the chest with an RPG. Again, him living would have been the easy way out, and killing him just drives home for we, the audience, at the random nature of war.

    I feel a little disappointed in the Bo storyline, as I think they should have given us at least one more episode with his struggle to walk again, but I guess sending him home to have his wife and child there for support (or aggravation) can make this recovery story more compelling. We'll see.

    I miss it when the women of the platoon are not in the story - what is it they are doing when the rest of them are off on patrol? Were they driving the deuce-and-a-half? A little word about Doublewide's eye would have brought a little continuity ... but I guess we can skip an episode and catch up next time, since the next one appears to be about Mrs. B, and she and Doublewide are likely to have a conversation catching us up. I was happy to miss any storyline about Sergio, though. I'm a little disappointed that they are setting him up with an affair, especially since Vanessa is already telling that story.

    In the end, I felt this episode gave us a nice conclusion to the Moffet story. The bookends of the memorials to Madcow and Moffet were poignant and timely - I wonder how often our troops have to see that kind of thing in Iraq, and I worry it is far too often.
  • Compelling TV. We should remember that more journalists and media workers have been killed by Iraqi insurgents and U.S. forces in Iraq than were killed during the Vietnam War. The murder of a Reuters sound technician on Sunday by U.S. forces raises ques

    This is a compelling show, and this episode was filled with heart wrenching scenes. I applaud the serious effort of this series to portray actual soldiers and their families that are affected by this war. Artistically, this show is quite good, making viewers feel and think. However, do we have to think what this show implies? Is all journalistic media trying to hurt the war effort? Are all Iraqi civilian casualties (or most, or any) a result of intentional sacrifice to manipulate western media? Are Iraqis the only ones killing journalists in Iraq? (see http://www.cpj.org/news/2005/Iraq29aug05na.html)

    Freedom of the press is an important thing in the United Sates. Some say it may be suspended in Iraq because it is a war zone. However, few will condone the deliberate targeting of reporters, and there is good reason that this is considered a war crime. This deliberate targeting has been happening in Iraq, as none of the parties to this conflict enjoy having their most brutal practices exposed to the world. The bombing of media offices, shooting of individuals, kidnapping of reporters, beheadings, and official censorship all contribute to the world’s inability to hear what is going on in Iraq. Reporters that dare to leave the Green Zone or their embedded stations face the greatest dangers, yet they are an outsider’s only hope of hearing an unbiased account of the situation in Iraq.

    Let us all insist on the truth, even if it isn't something that we enjoy hearing. This show is valuable because it challenges those looking for "feel good" messages that support their point of view. However, it is also dangerous because it simultaneously offers those "feel good" but misleading messages, discussed above, that support their point of view. I fear that opinions about the war may be formed from this episode that do not reflect reality. I count on all of you as responsible people to think critically about these issues and to continue to enjoy this series as thought provoking entertainment that isn’t always perfect.