Over There

Season 1 Episode 7

Mission Accomplished

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 07, 2005 on FX

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  • Another eventful day in the life of the squad

    I wasn’t too thrilled with this episode. While I do like the story line of the home front, I do find it drags the shows pace from time to time. While its usually the significant others that they focus on, we do get to see a little bit more with Mrs B going home. While on the battle front we do get to see a few occupations that the US Military has to perform while in Irag. The poor conditions of a prison while guard duties placed on grunts that wasn’t properly trained for this task. A recipe for disaster and this episode show cases that scenario very well. While guard duty is very basic it must not be taken lightly. Certainly not one of the worst episodes of the series but the action wasn’t enough for me.
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  • This one took a turn for the unexpected and not entirely in a good way. We like the characters and we understand things are going to go badly for them. But they should not have crashed and burned Mrs. B so quickly.

    Does it make sense that someone who has the intestinal fortitude to be a soldier in a military conflict would fold under the pressure of having to go home and see family? If the person was just wanting to get out of the service and run away, would it not make more sense for them to do something deliberate to get a dishonorable discharge? The whole Mrs. B going AWOL just did not work. The fact that she was willing to go as far as she did to do it just seemed more like a TV stunt than something someone would actually do.
    The whole thing in the prison seemed to drag on forever. Since the bomb was made out of the toilet seat, it doesn't say much for the security or the attentiveness of the soliders and guards. Granted, we should not expect every episode to be perfect, but this one was a little over the top.
  • Officers don't talk to soldiers the way the lieutenant talks to Mrs. B and the others. Also, soldiers do not call their platoon leaders "lieutenant". It's either "Lieutenant Jones" or "sir". Using only rank is considered disrespectful, especially to a ne

    This episode is so full of bogus situations.

    First of all, when a soldier has an emergency back home, they are given at least 15 days of leave. It's called "Emergency Leave". Hell, it can take 5 days just to get home. Actually, the leave starts when you arrive in your destination city. Mrs. B would never have been so short-changed on her time at home. Niether would Smoke if he had gone home.

    Second, well there is no second because I was so disgusted with the prison guard thing that I turned it off. They wouldn't take a squad of infantry and make them guard prisoners.

    Geez this show sucks. Sean Bunch (military adviser who has never been in the Army) should be ashamed of himself. He and Bochco are making the Army look so bad. Bad officers, screaming soldiers, lame policies, bad missions, poor equipment, etc. etc. It's bull____!
  • just not ringing true.

    Really faultering, here. Characters are not fleshing out, they are becoming stock. Felt like this one was trying too hard. Much like Rescue Me, does on a weekly basis. And what is with the Marine with the Glasses, the white guy, who can in one episode, quote shakespeare and then in another episode doesn't know the meaning of a basic war term. I hate shows that have selective amnesia going from one episode to another. It's what turned me off of ER.
  • This episode is based around a poorly constructed prison cell in which the soldiers have been ordered to secure. In the meantime, Mrs. B returns home with her only child being diagnosed with autism, but her intentions to go home are questionable.

    There is no doubt that “Mission Accomplished” was not my favourite storyline, but I get the feeling that this episode wasn’t just a filler episode. For one, I don’t really agree with the mission being accomplished. On simplistic terms, yes, the soldiers successfully guarded the prison cell, but the events of the suicide bomber being able to firstly get his hands onto a bomb, and secondly killing himself and other inmates doesn’t sound like such a successful day at the office to me. Personally, I think this event will have its repercussions in the future.

    The suicide bomber is the main pivot within this episodes storyline, he represents what the soldiers fear the most. At the beginning of the episode Dim quotes, “the guys that we are fighting are willing to die... it scares me”, giving the impression that firstly Dim isn’t willing to die so gracefully and either are the soldiers surrounding him. The question is raised, “how can you beat an enemy that isn’t afraid of death?” As the story progresses it was inevitable that the soldiers would come across a willing to die enemy. It is only now that the soldiers truly realise what they are up against.

    Whilst this was going on Mrs. B finds herself at home with the news that her only child has been diagnosed with autism. With Mrs. B narrowly missing a RPG before her department, it seems to have left her a little mentally wanting. She quotes, “that makes it a clean sweep”, eluding to the fact that all that has mattered in her life has turned against her, she has nothing left. As a result, instead of supporting her child, she sells her body in order to gain a way out and we are left with the impression that Mrs. B has gone awol.

    Once again we see a few scenes consisting of Bo and his family back home, and how he is tyring to live a normal life. Unfortunately for Bo, this is almost impossible as his wife treats him as what he is, disabled. This is illustrated by the way in which Bo reacts to his wife parking within a disable parking space. For me, this episode only increases that fact that Bo will be returning to Iraq in the not to distant future, he is one stubborn man and whilst his life is going moderatley with his family, you can tell he misses his fellow soldiers and feels it is his duty to be beside them.

    Overall, this is probably the most disappointing episode so far, it lacked suspense and any forms of attachment to the viewing eye, it was predictable and a bit to focused on the lives of those back home. I watch this in order to better understand the conditions and attitudes that the soldiers over there have, whilst I know these have been somewhat moulded to form viewable television, it still intrigues me. Hopefully the coming episodes interlink to form a greater suspenseful atmosphere and the soldiers manage to get through without losing another one back home!
  • damn she was hoootttttt hahhaha xP damn mrs. B lol

    damn she was hoootttttt hahhaha xP damn mrs. B lol. yea the ending wuz awesome wit the explosion.. this show makes me hate terrorism lol.. its awesome woopdy doo.. hmmm.. wut to say.. smole is a tihjy as charchter mm hmmm.. woo woo wooo wooo wooo woo OVER THER ROCKS
  • I was left wanting... This episode did not deliver. Thank God for Tivo.

    Poorly Directed. This episode had no suspense, pace, or tension that normally exists. Very predictable...for the first time.

    There was too much "back home" time. The "back home" scenes & characters are what we see on every other dumb program. The characters come across like a visit to the Village of the Damned.

    The Iraq scenes are what makes this series unique, interesting, and suspenseful. That's why I watch.
  • I have to say this was not the best episode. but i like that they are using Erik Palladino more(sgt scream).since he was SO underused on ER. He becoming my favorite actor. I keep waiting to see his backstory. Other than that was a decent episode.

    this episode could have been better. the last episode was much better than this. but i have a feeling this is just a build up episode to something bigger.i dont like the new LT. i think they brought him in to give us someone besides the iraqis to hate on this show.
  • Interesting developments in an Iraqi prison ... but why do that to Mrs. B?

    I\'m conflicted about this episode, and I have to finish watching it a second time to be sure I didn\'t miss something critical... but I wonder why the hell so much crap happens to this poor platoon. On the other hand, they do seem to be very lucky.

    When an insurgent fires an RPG at our heroes, Mrs. B is lucky (?) to watch the grenade whiz right past her face, literally coming within centimeters of blowing her to bits - and, luckily, Doublewide is fast asleep, and hence reclined back away from the center of the cab and it misses her, too. But Mrs. B doesn\'t take the near miss very well and is quite stunned. Later, she is still so stunned that an Iraqi prisoner is able to overcome her and take her weapon.

    But I get ahead of myself. The gunners in the Hummers escorting the deuce-and-a-half quickly mow down the insurgent - but I wonder why they didn\'t spot him and get a shot off before he fired the RPG. I know, it is a big desert and it can be easy to miss someone popping up out of nowhere, but come on. We find out where the platoon is headed - guard duty in a prison.

    The prisoners are guarded by Iraqi soldiers, but our heroes have to be there to keep them in check. As they patrol at might, walking amid the prisoners, Mrs B is attacked and her gun wrested from her - but Angel quickly dispatches the offender. Would guards really be walking in such close quarters as that? I tend to doubt it, especially in a poorly lit courtyard where any plans for such an action by a prisoner would be hard to predict or stop.

    Later we meet the platoon\'s new lieutenant, who is a lawyer and not a fan of noms de guerre - probably because in his last command he was known as \"dickhead.\" Seems to me, walking into a new platoon and making an ass of yourself is a bad way to get off to a good start. His news for Mrs B, though, was bad to start - she thought she was in trouble for getting overwhelmed by the prisoner, but no - her son, worst of luck, has been diagnosed with autism, and she can go home for five days to look in on him.

    So what does she do? She never sees the kid - instead she visits his father in prison, tells him to stay away from the kid, then buys fake IDs, and runs away, going AWOL and never seeing her child in the process. What is up with our heroes?

    Meanwhile, in Iraq, another prisoner and Smoke get into it, and later that same prisoner breaks a toilet seat made of C4 (or whatever) into pieces and builds himself a bomb. Of course, he blows himself to bits, illustrating for Dim one more time how futile the war is when the enemy is willing to die for the cause. Of course, they are as unsure as we are what the cause is - but they know that they are the targets of the cause.

    I\'m anxious to see what happens with Mrs B - we already see in the coming attractions that she seems to turn herself in, and doubtless she will be put in the stockade. Our hero team is dwindling. At this rate, with Mrs. B presumably out of it and Bo definitely out of it, the rate of attrition is pretty high. Fortunately, though, only the officers are dying, so far.

    All in all, this was not my favorite episode, but I hope it is build-up for something good in the coming weeks.