Over There

Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 05, 2005 on FX

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  • Episode deals with alot of issues.

    This one of those moral dilemma episodes. The unit is sent to evict an orphanage that is situated in a location that the military requires. The home front also has the moral dilemma of if and when does the military spouse cheat. One other aspect of this show deals with is the current problem of experienced combat veterans and their re enlistment. The lengths the military goes to keep their better trained solider to going to the private sector. In a way you feel happy and sad for SGT Scream. Sad he is re enlisting because its not what he wanted but happy because I think his job is suited for him.
  • Did someone hi-jack the show?

    This episode suprised me. It really feels like someone hi-jacked the show. I first noticed with the dialogue. Things were implied, and then the characters had to spell, like the writers were afraid we wouldn't understand.

    Somthing along the lines of:
    "I'll re-up for 6 years, you can keep the 50,000."

    "So you're going all in?"

    "A man has to do that everyonce in a while."

    I mean come on? What is this? Poker Noir? But the thing that was truly terrible was the huge over use of the wide angle lense. It;s like the DP got a new lense and wanted to play with it all day. It wasnt' even consistant in use...but man was it over used.

    I hope this was just a lull, and not a sign of what the show has become.
  • Sgt Scream is getting out the service. Or is he?

    There is an orphanage that is supposed to be getting evicted. The French lady who runs the place doesn't want to move.
    Enter Scream and company. The brilliance of this episode is how downplayed the whole thing is. Scream tries to be as reasonable about the situation as possible. It highlights the fact that in irrational situations, the reasonable solution is rarely one that works. The defense against moving the orphanage is it will make all the orphans hate Americans forever. While this is a reality, the government still pushes for their removal. It takes the death of a little boy for Scream to realize what he is up against. He sacrifices his opportunity to go home in order to save the orphanage. Well written, well acted, and meaningful are the best descriptors here.
  • With Sgt. Scream, they took a two-dimensional character and gave him that critical third dimension, turning him into the most intriguing character of all.

    This was my favorite episode so far. I think Erik Palladino did an amazing job depicting Sgt. Scream\'s hardened exterior that masks a very vulnerable person inside. When the French woman touched his cheek and he nearly flinched, I wanted to weep for him. Too, I\'m glad that she figured out his sacrifice. She might not have fully understood that this man gave up six years of his life, but it would have killed me had she not known at all that he was directly reponsible for saving the orphanage.

    My only complaint for this show is that the focus on the folks on the homefront takes time away from what is happening in Iraq. They have yet to offer me anything compelling enough to care about stateside that I would just as soon they forget about Bo and Dim\'s wife and Sergio\'s near-dalliance and all of that other junk. I just get frustrated when they break away from the main action.
  • Very, very good character development between \"Scream\"/Sergio and Anna. Extremely well played out with each of their strong characters.

    This show was beautifully done with the characters of Sgt. \"Scream\"/Sergio and Anna, the French woman in charge of the orphans. Very, very good character development between the two. Extremely well played out. Whomever wrote the script for Anna did a very good job and the actress played it out so well. Perhaps many can relate to not having time for a personal life in many ways and so many could understand both characters; situations, dedications, the loyalty to a good cause with each character.

    Those two have chemistry together. This scenario/Anna was perfect for Sergio\'s character.

    Please perodically have those two interact in a positive and yet continually magnetic way, if possible, in future episodes.

    Also, great job with Smoke and the chess game. A nice touch.

    Everyone who is a regular and who has done \"bit\" parts on that show really does a great job. The writers are so good at what they do. The directing is outstanding. I enjoy the way the whole show is always played out; script, camera shots, movement, periodic different film coloring, angles, characters, subject matter, frankness, etc... There is a great deal about this show that caused me to become appreciative of it and I watch very little television, other then news broadcasts.

    Showing Sergio near the end of the show holding on to the chess piece and squeezing it tightly....One could FEEL what was going on with him and that particular situation. The actor who plays \"Scream\" did such a great job. (All are really good actors with their characters) but \"Scream\'s\" character is probably one of my faves. I can relate to so much of his character. I also know many can relate to other characters, for their own reasons. This show speaks to many.

    Unexpected love affairs can and do happen during times of war or conflict, as people are people and we are dealing with human beings and reality, not robots.

    I appreciate watching a show and entirely forgetting it is a show due to being so \"into it\", which doesn\'t happen often. That\'s what happens when I watch \"Over There\". It is a profound show with much feeling and so well done in every single aspect.

  • A great Sgt Scream-centric story.

    We knew coming into this show that Scream was just a few months away from going home, and I was wondering when his time would be up - well, they've been in Iraq for, apparently, 80 days, and Scream's time was short. And it took an act of sacrifice and personal reflection to keep him in the Army.

    I thought it was very well done. Scream and the French woman (damn, I don't recall her name!) were the perfect pair, both, as he said, stubborn and pigheaded. The episode was very revealing of his character on a lot of levels. He gave up his chess set, which he has had for who-knows-how-long, was frantic to save the chess boy, scrambled to find a solution to move the orphanage, and then was willing to sacrifice himself to allow them to stay. I never had any indication that he had any motives other than trying to do something good. The hook up was just frosting on the cake :) I'm glad the captain didn't let Scream get away with turning down the bonus.

    He would have hated working with carpet.

    And who knew that Smoke could play chess?

    We were not sure what to expect from either homefront story. Sergio is trying to stay way from Anna, yet not. He feels the need for companionship, but he feels guilty when he gets it from Anna. I think where it is headed is obvious, but that's when the writers have fun with you and twist the obvious into the surprising. I thought I knew what was up with Bo, too, and his father coming back into the picture was the perfect surprise. I, like Terry, thought he was a lying sack of shit, but he wasn't - his father is, though.
  • Declining from drama into melodrama.

    What a pity to see a series that started out so strongly literally fall apart, descending into formula plotlines. This episode was terrible. It was like an accumulation of every war movie cliche you could imagine being pulled off in an hour's time. You knew the kid was a goner the first time he appeared on screen. You knew the orphanage would be saved. You knew the tryst with the idealist turned cynic Frenchwoman was inevitable. You just knew that more dogooding would ooze out of every pore. This series has turned into a melodramatic soap opera. Too bad. The creators, it would appear, have just run out of things to say. So the elements of the "war" that were initially presented through the lens of gritty realism are now being packaged in treacle, tear jerking, and sexual lust.
  • Regarding the episode, the scenes and the characters.

    Totally cool episode. I love the fact that SSG Scream got a much needed and deserved episode devoted to him. Hope to see more of him in the future. Best episode yet. Scream is definitely the best character on the show and needs to be profiled more. He cares about his men but at times they show him no respect, that sucks. He showed in tonight\'s episode that he does have feelings the way he fought to save the boy\'s life.
  • Great episode showing more of the characters' feelings and abilities. Did a good job at building up for a 2 week break.

    I liked this episode. It didn't have much action, but the way everything played out was cool. Everything is starting to come to a close for this season, and it makes you want to watch the next few episodes even more.

    Sgt Scream also macked it with the french girl, which was awesome.