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  • Same old bad war movie

    when we tuned in we were, by mistake, expecting something new and exciting. well there was some really bad stuff. As usual the expedience of filming outdistenced reality. you don't have to give information to one soldier and have them pass it down when hey are so close they can here you breath. basically one bullet could take them out which wouldnt necesarily be a bad thing for this show. this is more about manipulating the feelings of an audience who's never ben anywhere.
  • great movie not sure it ever says in the movie but this unit looks and acts like a cavalry scout team, being a cav scout we work in small teams and do alot of the same stuff these guys do

    great movie, small team of what looks to be cav scouts works in iraq doing everything from recon to door kicking one of my fav movies and one of the first tv shows i got the season on tape great movie and really captures the feelings of soldiers this movie is by no means for kids but for young adults and adults its great easy to relate (if ur a soldier) great movie to just sit down and watch the whole box set, ive seen it when it was on tv and now me and my gf are watching it together she hates me in the army and hates seeing this kinda stuff but she is hooked on this movie and cant wait to see the next one
  • Well, this show was one of the best war, drama i

    Well, this show was one of the best war, drama i have ever seen. i realy felt like thay were takeing us whit tham out in to battle. All the actors were great even the story line, so i was totaly suckt whan thy canceld season 2. why make a show whan thay are not going to trust it, I am positiv that the show whuld have made a biger addions on season 2. but thay said that thy think the world isent ready for a war drama like this, what the hell, i am ready and i guess alot of other fans are to. It isent for realy any way, killing some few mobs here and there, iven the video games are mutch whurs than this.
  • they need to bring it back

    why did they take the show off in the first place? they need to bring it back it was the only thing that i stayed up to watch 4 during the week. it needs to come back!!!!! It showed some of the best war graphics around. it was one of the best series of movies i have ever watched. its pretty much the only series i stayed up for to watch every time it was on. We should all get something to try and bring it back because it is worth all the problems to do it since its the best movies series around.
  • Worthwhile addition to any DVD collection.

    At a quick glace a lot of people would think this is Public Relations show about life in the US Military Personnel serving in Iraq. I think a lot of people when watching this show would be surprised in how it deals with a lot of moral issues surrounding their military mission and their loved ones back home. This show does show enough battles and action sequences to keep you interested. While there are good moments on the home front, I would have preferred to have them a bit shorter and longer sequences in Iraq. The squad dynamics works very well with Sgt Scream in charge of his semi misfit group. This series on DVD usually sells for about $20 which is a great purchase even though it has only 13 episodes.
  • Great show about the soldier abroad...

    Please bring this show back!! Having personally lost friends in Iraq, I was moved by the sincere acting. It really puts a face to all those nameless or almost forgotten soldiers, friends and heroes. Every soldier should watch this before they deploy into a war zone. It was also very good to see that not only the problems in the war zone were dealt with, but there was also attention for the problems of the injured soldiers that come home. Hopefully it helps the family of soldiers understand something more about the drive of a soldier and why we fight the wars we fight.
  • An excellent account of modern warfare, inter-speresed with the effects on the folks back home, the hinderence of 21st technology, the relationship between the troops and their Sgt who is effectively their lifeline to survival.

    I never watched Over There on the TV as a series, it was only when I saw it as a DVD set that I became aware of it.

    As a retired serviceman (I completed 23 years service) I was very pleased with the entire package. It was a positive decision to cast actors who were not "Household names" because each one of the Over There cast made their contribution as realistic as if they were actually in uniform for life.

    The relationship between the lower ranks and their Sgt; and the tollerance between SNCO and the Officer level is also true to life. The Sgt is the lifeline that can be the difference between life or death to fresh faces in the war zone....but the Sgt is also the filter of the Commissioned Officers directives, which need to be applied swiftly but also safely (based upon the Sgt's normally extensive experience).

    Servicemen will let off steam, men and women alike; and that is a factor of service life the globe over...in between conflict and mundane preparations.

    The directors flip-flopping between the war zone and the home front reminds the viewer that servicemen and women face all odds while the world elsewhere sleeps peacefully. Not all families are perfect and nor are all relationships; and Over There captures the essence of values that servicemen hold of their families back home.

    Over There did not get the airing that it should have, but it achieved what was intended. A first rate reconstruction of life on the front line in the 21st Century, hampered by modern technology that reports every action as it happens, placing the troops in greater danger as the world looks on.

    This series does not glorify war. It highlights the strains and stresses experienced by the troops. A superb photographic account supported by an excellent cast.

    Best damn show ever,it was great and cutting edge.it really hit down deep and reminded me what we were fighting for how everyone was over there .i felt real passionate about that show .i wish you guys would bring it back again for 6 more seasons.i've spoken to alot of soldiers i know and they have said it was a epic and heart warming feel that people could see what we went through.my wife said u should talk to soldiers and wifes who have servered over in iraq and ang a great deal of all the things that went on over there ,you got some of it but the car side bombings and how soldiers were losing it when they got home .thanks for your time . thank you pfc garcia
  • Where the H did it go?

    This was absolutely a great series and I just don't get why this didn't last. It was action packed and exciting. But more than anything, it spoke to us, or rather SHOULD have spoken to all of us, because we actually had a war going on. I figured that everybody would tune in to see this. It gave an insight into what the troops oversees were going through. Sure, it was fictional and perhaps just a TV show, but it was informative none-the-less. I've always loved war series and movies and luckely we live in an age of technology which alowes us to actually see video from the battlefield. Atleast we have those to watch. "Gunner Palace" and "The War Tapes" are good movies to watch.
  • hi all it seems that FX Will Not Renew Over There see their web site ( http://www.mediaweek.com/mw/news/recent_display.jsp?vnu_content_id=1001393882)

    this is one of the best tv shows to hit the UK (sky 3) it's looks like FX will not be doing the next season why do they do this they bring out the dvd box sets and show it on tv then pull the plug, see their web site for their reason (http://www.mediaweek.com/mw/news/recent_display.jsp?vnu_content_id=1001393882)
  • As a private in training in the Canadian Forces, this show is as real to me as my training was last year. Hard, grueling, humorous at times, and full of new things, Over There should be returned in full force.

    Although I am still in training, I found that the experiences portrayed in the show were remarkably similar to my own experiences in the field. I have introduced my wife and quite a few friends to the characters and events of "Over There," and they are just as disappointed that a beautifully crafted and remarkably accurate story fell to the wayside because of a lack of interest. Perhaps if it came back at a reasonable hour on Global, CTV, or even FOX, I think the ratings would never fall to the point of cancellation. Character development is extremely well thought out, and each episode brings you closer to the squad. Scream, Dim, Smoke, Mrs. B, Doublewide, Angel, the Duke, all of them would make for an excellent second tour as their character portrayals were second-to-none, and provoked every feeling imaginable.... kind of like real life, but better. If ever you get the chance to watch the show, and you actually enjoyed it, please. Do us all a favor: write to FX and plea for the second tour and, hopefully, many more.

    God bless to all currently serving at home and around the world.
  • I loved it, one of the best I have seen in a long time.

    Me and my husband just watched this show together and we loved it and we were dissapointed that there was only one season. My husband is a soldier and the show may not be exactly like what really happens over there but it is a damn good show. I love that they made a show about the war b/c alot of people disagree with this war, when they should be supporting it no matter what, considering this is their country.
  • Unit Down Range. How they live.

    Good show. Pretty acurate, but has some minor problems. I don't know about how things are down range, but I do personally know about LRMC. (Landstuhl Regional Medical Center) Landstuhl is a very small base with NO commissary. Also, the members Do Not wear scrubs, not tops or full scrubs. Per Commanders order, unless you work in the ICU or few other select departments, you wear your full uniform. Unless a soldier will not be able to make it home before dying, they do not bring family to LRMC. Soldiers are given phone cards to call family upon arrival.
  • Set in 2005 the Iraq conflict. The professional and personal lives of 8 U.S. Army solders.

    The best war show ever filmed makes you feel like you are there. Over There is a all time show that you can watch 10, 20, or even 30 years down the road. It's a classic. Any one who has been in a war could probably relate to it. GOOD acting GREAT directing. I personally just bought the entire season last week and just finished all 13 episodes 2 hours ago. I am mad FOX didn't continue with the following seasons. Oh well it was great while it lasted. It had great potential. I think it failed because it was on FX and not on Fox. Also the last 4 or 5 episodes aired when CSI: NY premiered and other good shows came on.
  • awesome awesome awesome!!!!! I thought it was a great show! about as real life as hollywood could make it... not 100% but its better than "The Marine"

    bring it back! come on !!!!!!! bring the show back!!!! please!!!!! I'm a US Marine and i thought that it could of did a lot better if they would of gave it more time.. I am in japan and i never got a chance to watch it until it got cancelled! everyone watched it and thought it was a great show! wonder why people in the states thought otherwise. I said bring the show back and give it another shot! so come on hollywood...... bring back "over there" for us to i can be entertained! it was fun watching it!!!!!
  • This was a great show. Please bring it back with new episodes. The music score was fantastic. The stories were very believeable, and the characters were all well done.

    This was a great show. Please bring it back with new episodes. The music score was fantastic. The stories were very believeable, and the characters were all well done. Now I will have to try to get to one hundred words on the topic, when I have already said it all. SO here goes: one two three four five six seven eight nine ten. one two three four five six seven eight nine ten. one two three four five six seven eight nine ten. one two three four five six seven eight nine ten. one two three four five six seven eight nine ten.
  • It is rare to see a TV series that avoids the political slant and focuses on the warrior. Over There was directed, cast and produced beautifully.

    Whats right and wrong? To be OVER THERE or Not to be OVER THERE. I won\\\'t say either! and I thank the producers for focusing on the drama of those that live and breathe the military drama. I watched the series when it was on TV and received the series for Christmas. I have to admit that it was my favorite Christmas gift this year. Materially speaking that is. I have already watched the series twice. I can\\\'t wait to see the series again. I\\\'ll wait 30 days though. The directing, cinematography, and acting are superb. I admit that I am a fan of war movies. I am drawn by the heightened sense of living for those that must live through it not the overall senseless proposition of war. Timing and Circumstance often villifies or diefies the justification of war. Its the drama of living it that captures my attention. Over There does that for me and I highly recommend the series. It is artful and gracefully presented.
  • Warning Extreme Spoiler. Positive Review with some political, philosophical and artistic commentary.

    An excellent ensemble show. Although it is a cutting edge concept to have a dramatic show set in and during a current world conflict, maybe that is not such a bad idea, if done properly. Keep in mind, that my personal opinions about the war itself are negative, the show as produced is a good thing. Hill Street Blues was the first time Steven Bochco brought us a show that wove so many strong character into compelling stories. The best dramatic shows since then have emulated this story telling style: ER, The Shield, Rescue Me and others follow this stylistic convention with riveting results. This is the kind of drama that Soap Opera's aspire to--where viewers get wrapped up in the lives and emotional tracks of multiple characters simultaneously. It also explores the complexity of good and evil, or as Primo Levi called it "The Gray Zone". This is the place most of us live, where good people do bad things and bad people do good things. Just as the recent movie Crash made one feel radically mixed emotions about the people it portrayed, this television series leaves one often feeling conflicted as when Angel talking into the phone says "Yes, I ask them if their is anything I can do for them, then I kill them." He would rather be helping Iraqis than shooting them, but that opportunity does not arise very often. When such opportunities arise, [extreme SPOILER alert] as in the episode where he tries to save the man whose boy Angel and the Medic cannot keep from dying after his leg must be amputated-- his pathos is heartrending. His risky move of demanding the mother and daughter leave before medical treatment begins demonstrates that he is willing to risk his and other soldier's lives to protect innocent civilians. When his efforts to save the distraught father are thwarted by his fellow soldiers bullets-- he is angrily aghast. After watching the Medic suicide (a mortal sin his Great Aunt committed) with Angel's own gun, we know his faith is being tested yet again. As we watch Angel's battered and bloody form walk out of that house, one cannot but feel that he leaves something behind. If we'd had a show like this during the Korean or Vietnam Wars, history no doubt would have taken a different turn Over There.
  • Another show that gets 10s across the board AFTER it ends.

    Nothing much to say about Over There, except that it was a cheaply designed show that screamed "We're shooting in the California Desert!" and lacked any type of realism. Any self-respecting soldier would take one look at this show and start cracking up or walking away in disgust. In its skeletal form it has a lot of grit and energy, however once it tries to delve into details it got really poor really fast. I'm not sad to see it go.
  • To BIG for American majority who still dont understand that war is destruction not some kind of politics.

    As one of many millions of peple around the world who had tasted American ~medicine~ for democracy (read war) I can say that this is the close you can get to real thing. Perfect writting, good acting and great directing are the best way to get your series banned in America today especialy if there is no plot based on conspiracy theory which is so popular last years. Money rules thru stupid majority and non of them likes reality bites that this series inflicts. I wish all best to team that made this 13 episodes becose they showed me that there is real and normal people even in such deviant society that once great American nation has become. Goran Serbia
  • A war drama based on the war in Iraq featuring life-like characters with real emotional development, juxtaposed against the perils and realities of war? Oh, come on.

    I recently read an article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch lamenting the demise of TV show themes, and how many programs are abandoning the tradition in favor of going directly into the show with little or no music. It reminded me of what an outstanding exception we had in "Over There". Chris Gerolmo's haunting and understated anthem reflects the angst and emotional pain and conflict of war so adroitly portrayed through the show's writing, directing and acting. I grew up watching shows like "Combat", "Twelve O'Clock High", and "Rat Patrol" from the "real soldiers don't have emotions" era. I still like those old shows, and their old theme songs, for mostly nostalgic reasons I suppose, but those shows aired long after the war they portrayed was over and won. Bravo to Bochco and Gerolmo for having the cajones to conceive and run a show about an ongoing war. I am not sure why the numbers declined to the point the network felt it was no longer economically viable, but perhaps it was a little too thought-provoking for the general public. A show that acknowledges that war might be necessary from time to time, yet recognizes the carnage and emotional damage it inflicts, isn\'t jingoistic enough for the hawks, and is not a loud enough anti-war statement for the doves. Meanwhile, those of us who are conflicted about the whole mess, and appreciated \"Over There\" for showing us we are not alone in our angst, are left wishing, among other things, that money did not matter so much. So long \"Over There\", and nicely done.
  • As a former Marine myself, it was really good to see a correct portrayal of military life in a war zone and how their lives will forever be changed.

    One of the most moving moments of this show was when Bo was awarded his Purple Heart and he was delivered a personal message by the officer from Sergeant Scream. Having been medically separated myself, against my will, I have no problem saying that I had tears in my eyes.

    I was sad to learn of the cancellation of the show as I thought that it was picking up steam with the story lines while getting through its first season. Where of course, it's going to contain the Hollywood version of war (its not a documentary), many Americans will not bother to watch it because it similar to how they treat the actual military... complain about noise control because of helicopters, jets, etc. waive a flag or two because it's in style at the time, but very quick to turn their backs on our brave soldiers, sailors, Airmen, and Marines. Oops! sorry about that, I'll get off of my soapbox.

    This was a great show, with a real good cast and I hope that it somehow makes a comeback someday.

    Semper Fi'

    James Flores
  • This was an amazing show. Great acting and writing. The show may have been a little before it\'s time, but people really need to take it for what it truely was, entertainment. The network should have changed time slots before giving it the IED.

    This was an amazing show. This show gave a very small look into what our brave men and women are going through. The show had amazing writing, acting and action sceens. Maybe people were not ready for the reality of what is going on right now around the world and the war. People should have taken it for the entertainment value and just a bit of the reality. The network should have gave it a second chance in another time slot. We are all missing a great show. Hopefully sometime in the future people will be ready for a great show like this.
  • Tremendous. So true to life in Iraq. Couldn't get enough of the show.

    I am active duty military. I have been to Iraq. Of all the movies and television shows I have seen about war, Over There, is by far the most true to life. This show depicts everything that can, will, and has happened to a soldier deployed in Iraq. I bought the complete series and let my brothers-in-arms watch it and everybody is hooked and states the same facts about it. I cannot believe that the show was cancelled. I was highly disappointed. They should definitely bring this show back and soon. This ranks #1 in my top 10 favorite television shows.
  • Why cancel good shows? Why?

    It seams to be a standard, just when a show comes along that excites my interest and makes me want to purchase the DVD someone who get’s paid a heck of a lot more than I defines the program as a dud by cancelling it. Never fails there have been over the last 2 years at least 5 programs that are cancelled due to so called poor ratings, all I can see is these programs have from this web site fantastic ratings, doesn’t the TV company take this in to affect or to them is it all about the bottom dollar.

    Can’t they finish a show (if they really have to) with a THE END instead of leaving it hanging? I would like to know exactly what happens to the characters, it leaves me frustrated beyond explanation would love for the TV companies to put us all out of our misery.

    So take my word, if you love a TV show that is liked by me start looking for a new best friend it will be cancelled by the end of the season.

    New shows out again, but still miss my old favourites.

    Jester. :(
  • In my top 10 and not budging.

    I think Over There was one of the best series that I have ever seen.How could they just cancel that? Maybe the world just isnt ready to deal with the harsh realities of war. If there is no incredibly happy ending, people freak out. BRING IT BACK!!!! Then maybe I'll think of forgiving FX for cancelling it in the 1st place. The characters were great, and they all fit their roles very well. Sgt. Scream had to be the best though and he spoke the truth. How can they cancel a series like this but keep shows like Flavor of Love and Yo Momma on the tv. Come on and get a clue. BRING IT BACK
  • think about it

    tell some storise I am not able to see on TV in China.It is different to the war on the newspaper.It just tell a small thing in each part but it make sence.It doesn't tell you whether it is right to US goverment to make the war,it just tell you what have people see and do on Iraq.
  • why in gods name would they cancle this show...who cares what the reveiws were..at least people watched the show...why....why...why would they cancle it...they need to bring it back now...cause it was awesome show.

    this show was a great show...I loved it and it deserves to come back. the reason why is because people dont seem to relize why this show was brought into the series of fx shows. It was to show and contribute to the men and women who fought in the iraq war....sure we are gona have doumb people who protest againts war blaaa blaa blaa bla bla I hate people like that...All I have to say is get over it ....freedom dont come free....and people need to relize that we have to support our troops in many ways. Over there is a great way to show that we care...It shows the life of a soldier and his platoon in Iraq...They need to strongly think about what decision they just made. This show needs to come back.
  • A pretty good show.

    This show was cancelled, but it was a good run. the show is not as good as the unit, but it works well. it shows a very gritty look at iraq. it makes you respect the guys who really are over there. the portrayal is fine, war is hell and they clearly show that war isn't a pretty sight. the series have individual stories to tell, some are connected to the other episodes. The action comes and goes, it keeps you on the edge of your seat. It may not be as good as tour of duty, but it stands on its own.
  • I think FX was crazy for cancelling this series and I don\'t understand why they did. They should bring it back!

    The show was realistic, it touched on subjects that people who are home safe in their homes maybe didn\'t want to deal with, but it was done tastefully and I believe gave the soldier a voice. Something that these soldiers need with what they endure on a daily basis. War is hell and usually in these times especially, the soldiers are the forgotten ones. So get smart FX execs and bring this show back.
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