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  • The show is wonderful. BRING IT BACK.

    My hats off to both the writers and the actors for bringing the harsh reality of what is going on "Over There." Our nation was formed on controversy, and this show is showing an example of this. On the one hand people viewing this are horrified at the graphic nature of war, on the other hand some are becoming more aware of what goes on "Over There." Then others like my family enjoy the show in its totality, not because we enjoy war but because it is also a learning experience. When we were educated we learned half truths or out and out lies,
    "God blessed America" period and we believed this in our youth. Definately we are an egotisical society where other countries have war criminals and criminalistic behaviors but not the U.S. Am mindful of Dylans 60's song "With God on Our Side The '00's are for truths.

    A couple of old hippies (A VietNam vet and his wife)wrote this review.
  • I thought this was an awesome show. I haven't been this into a show since Friends. Don't cancel it.

    This was great I reccommend it to all my friends. Great acting. This show just draws you in. There is always something going on. Never boring. The right mix of comedy, drama, action and love. I would hate for it not to come back next season. This is a personal favorite.
  • I liked the show, but it is difficult to watch.

    I liked the show, and I do see how painful it is to watch knowing that it\'s going on right now.

    I really liked Ron Palladindo and hope he gets another chance to show his talents very soon. He was very good at Sargent Scream!

    Even though it was not supposed to be a political statement, it still rang loud with me because I am against the false war and seeing the people and events in the show made me hate the war even more.
  • This show was amazing and FX is stupid for discontinuing the series. BRING IT BACK!!!

    This was the only show that I looked forward to watching every week. FX should reconsider taking this show off. Everyone in my family watched this show every Wednesday. I think that it is rediculous that pepole want to shut their eyes to what is going on over there. I have 2 of my very best friends over there and when they came home for a week or so they agreed that this show was great!
  • THIS SHOW IS AGAINST UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military JUSTICE)

    Uniform Code of Military JUSTICE is made fun of.
    US military is a trend setter world wide and your shows
    depicts acts that the Communists would not do.

    THAT IS BAD ... please follow UCMJ or stop the show...otherwise the future generations of US soldiers will be degenerates and military criminals and that will lead to a lot of very bad things.
  • This show is so hypnotic, passionate, horrifying, and raw that it's almost too hard to watch. I think it hits too close to home for most. Having a brother and multiple friends 'over there'....it's so raw it leaves me bleeding. I can't help but watch.

    This show is so hypnotic, passionate, horrifying, and raw that it's almost too hard to watch. Though some say it's unbelievable, I think it hits too close to home. Having a brother and multiple friends 'over there'....it's so raw it leaves me bleeding. I can't help but watch.
    Every week I dread my time watching it, but when I do, every time I'm hooked and thrilled. I know, second hand but through so many varied sources what it's like over there. I have been myself though as a civilian in this war against Iraq. It's a good portrayal in my opinion. But it's so hard to watch. And i just have to watch. I think it's a very important show for americans to watch...and it's definitly underappreciated.
  • Keep this show goin!

    I love this show so much! My sweetheart is in Afghanistan right now and I\'ve become addicted to Over There. I was so bummed after I saw the season finale. I hope Fox brings it back so Along with my phone calls and e mails from my soldier in Afghanistan I can look forward to wednesday nights again!
  • I love this show! I wish there was a second season. I do have one comment, mothers should not join the military. I don\\\'t care about feminism and PC crap. Mothers should stay with their children.

    All the shows have been good, showing what our men and women have to endure in Iraq. Terrorism needs to be stopped, but it pains me to think of the young people who have died over there protecting people that in many cases do not want them there. I Love this show.
  • Great show. Brings the war home better than the tv news. Gets to your heart. Always leaves me crying and reinforces why I have a yellow ribbon on my home.

    Actors are great. Amputees remind the sacrifices these young people are making for us. Nomatter what your politics you have to be reminded that our military is all volunteer and doing this job because they love this country and our freedom.
    This show reminds the high cost of this freedom we take so often for granted. It has always come at the sacrifices of they blood shed by young lives since the revolution and now our war on terror. Thank you for this show. It should be on network tv for a greater viewing audience.The theme song is wonderful and should be available to purchase as a cd.
  • A realistic view of modern-day war that provides a snapshot into the daily struggles that men and women stronger than ourselves are willing to fight on our behalf. Shows multiple vantage points into the true impact of war on families both in the war regi

    For those of us with friends or family overseas fighting, this show really hits home in a way that is impossible to really explain. Of course, good drama has to embellish and constantly make things bigger than they are but it's the quiet moments that this show touches on so well. The scenes playing chess, the jokes between soldiers, the worry about home, and the leadership of a good sargeant. I also like the fact that the show doesn't take sides. I don't feel like a media viewpoint is being shoved down my throat either anti- or pro-war. It's a must watch for me.
  • This show is great and should be watched by everyone and should be brought back for another season. This show puts the viewer in the mind set of a soldier and makes the viewer think about what our brave men and women have to face everyday. Yes the show do

    everyone and should be brought back for another season. This show puts the viewer in the mind set of a soldier and makes the viewer think about what our brave men and women have to face everyday. Yes the show doesnt cover every angle of the war but the network also only has a small budget to work with. This show pulls at your heart strings and makes the viewer realize what kind of hell our soldiers go through and what their families go through as well. Since I watched the first episode I was hooked and I would be very disappointed is the show didnt make it back for another season. Over There is the greatest show I have ever seen and it is also very touching and realistic.
  • 9.0
    I first saw this show while on duty. I have told many other soldiers about it since. They love it.When critics say it's not realistic...duh!!! it's TV. I'm a nurse in "real life" but I still enjoy watching ER.There may be mistakes but for the most part it's ok. I love the characters!
  • Good Show, Appreciate It Veterans and Non Veterans

    As a former 3D ID SM and a current SM in the reserves I find Over There to be very gripping. I also find it hard to believe that some of these people who claim to be veterans are truly veterans and have been Over There. While it can\'t possibly tell all of the story lines that go into war. It does a good job of telling some of the more dramatic. We all know about Jody and the faithful. The soldiers who play by the rules and those who don\'t. The same people in the street are the same people in the Army. In my unit there were people drinking. But what I love the most about Over There is it shows the NCO (me) as a strong leader and a leader with much discretion in war time. In most movies and dramatic shows the NCOs are depicted as bumbling followers of Officers with no direction. I found this to be very untrue especially in the Middle East. While some of its realism is not up to standard we have to realize that they are on a budget much smaller than the US Army and have to make due with what they have. Let\'s get over the technical stuff and look into the very real story lines and the depictions of how hard it is for everyone in the family when one of us deploys.
  • Love it, watch it whenever i can, i probably gonna buy the season tape when i can :). New favorite show and can sum in up in 2 words: Absolutly Great!

    Just Love It.
  • Over There is the kind of show that sends chills through my entire body everytime I watch it. I have a hard time getting involved with individual characters in television shows but I feel connected emotionally with each and every one of them. I will watch

    I realize that the show does not accurately portray all the horror and miserey that is really going on "Over There" but for a show to touch me on such an emotional level is something not easily accomplished. I find myself absorbed into their world and find myself crying when I think about what is really going on. I hope this show never goes away and thank all involved for making me feel my own mortality. I wish all of our soldiers in the "real" world a safe return home. Thanks again.
  • Its a tv show that gets better and better avery time i watch. Over there is every thing a TV show be and i hope that Jarhead will be just like it!!

    It is every thing a TV show should be!! Its got every thing from action to mysteries, romance and over all has a great story line. I am givingit a 10 out of 10 because it is just that good and if you have never seen an episode of Over There you should sit down and watch!!!
  • Great show, never missed an episode yet

    Great show, never missed an episode yet, glued to my seat the entire show, i love it, it's the best, if u haven't seen it yet you need to watch, great actors, good plot,nicki aycox is SOOO BEAUTIFUL, drop dead gorgeous, you should watch the show just to see her. I love this show
  • Over There is a show that follows the war in Iraq, even though president Bush has declared it "won." Over There follows around a squad, and the memebers of that squad, even if they leave and go back home to America.

    There has never been a better show ever shown on TV. It's like an action movei every Tuesday night. I really like how they follow every aspect of the squad, likie the one guy that got his leg blown off his first day on the job, they show him in the German military hospital, and at home. They show the black lady's husband back home going through family counsiling with their daughter/son "Spooky," (who's really cute). They're also not afraid to show some stuff (i.e., the 1st episode, they showed a guy get his upper torso seperated from his waist by a grenade from an M16A2's M203 40mm grenade launcher). I really enjoy this show and that extremely tiny hour every Tuesday night goes so fast, I get p*ssed off that it goes by so fast!
  • This show is not meant to "accurately" depict war. Its meant to get us to think about war and what it does to everyone involved.

    This show is great. Anything that sparks a debate about what its "really like over there" is a good thing because we are so often fed mind numbing and inaccurate information by the mainstream news media. We hardly see anything anymore about the war except your weekly car bombings. The human interest of what is happening to everyone there - Iraqui citizens, our soldiers, the insurgents - is extremely important.

    So if Over There can get us talking while entertaining us I think that's great. Also lets not bypass the great work that Eric Palladino is doing and the rest of the cast. They are tremedous and should be noted for their hard work and dedication.
  • wow all you pleople saying this show sucks just change the channel this is one of the best shows to hit the air and for the soldiers you guys are cryin for nothing shut up and watch

    All these soldiers sayin iv been there and its stupid if you were on a base all day yeah the show aint about you its about the real soldiers that went onto the streets all day everyday. Shut up and watch, its a dam good show it pisses me off when i hear this bullshit about the show. Watch somthin different everybody has somthin to bitch about i just wish you people would shut up and watch the real soldiers get it done!!!
  • This show, to me, is amazing. I couldn't believe how much I was hooked on it when it premiered. I haven't been able to stop watching it since.

    This show is almost completely perfect. From the premiere, which did an awesome job at esatablishing the grounds for the show, to the characters, and even the theme at the end. The personalities of characters are extremely deep to me, that they seem almost realistic. They created a squad, giving them all different nicknames, explaining the reason why they are called that, and they made sure the position the actors play are real, they didn't just toss them a weapon and say, 'Hey, fire away.' The actors know the correct name for the weapons. There are also some moments that are kind of funny, like when the squad runs across one of Saddam's illegal associates' house, and come up with an excuse on why they need to stay there for a couple days (Angel: You know, we may need to have Mrs. B and Doublewide stay here for a while because of how beat up the Humvee is. Note: not the exact wording of his statement). The drama of the characters' lives also begins to affect the way the act, adding another element to the show. For instance, when about to breach in to a building, a wire is spotted under the stone wall doorway. They wait outside, until one of the characters, Dim, reflecting over his wife cheating on him, becomes so enraged he blows away the door with automatic fire. There are only a few minor errors with the show, which I don't even really know. I just know that this show isn't perfect, but that is obvious, because no show is.

    All right, so now you know why I personally like this show. I hope that you found this review helpful.
  • This is a great show and I can see what other why people love this show and hate it at the same time.

    Ok I have read alot of your reviews, and I can see where you are coming from. I know a little bit I grew up knowing the Army, My dad was the the Army when I was a kid going to war having to do his job to protect this place. My husband was in the army he loved it too.

    Here is my point, yes this show isnt like blackhawk down, saving private ryan, we were soliders, but its a great show. I have watch each time the show comes one. Even if they can get to be the real deal give them a break, they touch on key issues, i mean they only got a hour to do the show in. My husband both watch it and then we talk about and say that we can wait for the next week to come out. I feel for the men and women that are fighting for what they belive in and I love the Army, I know that when my son gets older he too will join the Army. And i know that for the people that came back from over there its not going to be the same on tv but again for what they have and can do in an hour its a great show. And like once person said for the simple folks that done understand whats going on over there this helps them out some.

    Thank you

    if this dosent make since let me know and i do it over again.
  • Great Show! Love the "acting"

    Ok that is exactly what it is folks, acting! Don't forget that! Every disgruntled person posting on these forums should take it else where. It isn't the news! These people aren't trying to tell people that the military has slackers, people who talk back to superiors or anything like that. It is just acting. Your acting like little kids about this. My cousin was over there and his friend died in his arms! Ok?! He loves the show! He watchs it all the time! His friend was Pat Tillman, the dead soldier. So anyone who hasen't been over there don't talk about it like you were
  • Too Raw for Commercial TV

    Brutally honest, fascinating, disturbing, and compelling. Manages to be both pro- and anti-war at the same time.
    I noticed a lot of former soldiers in the posts are grumbling about this series being totally inaccurate; alright, they would know how it is. If they say all the real soldiers in Iraq are total professionals and smiley happy people in a combat situation, okay, i will take that into account.
    However, Over There is the best series i've ever seen on cable. It shows you the modern soldier's point of view as well as any TV show can. This show could not be more timely, yet somehow I get a sense that it wouldn't succeed with a mass (or foreign) audience...
  • This show is great

    I love this show, as a fiance of a soilder getting ready to go \"over there\" i find this show very addicting, even though i realize thats not exactly how they do it in iraq, it makes you think about what your loved ones are walking into, its very scary, but to me watching the show makes me feel closer to my fiance, i feel like i know what he will be doing. I believe that it may not be 100% accurate but i think its close, and the soilders who put it down know that and thats why they put it down.
  • Anyone interested in war or battles will love this show. It is almost like a reality tv show, as much as I hate them, revealing the current events in iraq. This gets two thumbs up!

    Over there is an action/ adventure/ drama. The intense heat of the battle is interrupted with the frequent flashbacks or current situations of the soldier fighting in Iraq. Each week puts the squad in a different location, with a different agenda. Most of the cast are talented actors, my personal favorite the squad leader for his attitude. A good portion of the actors are terrible but besides that the show plays well. Whenever I watch it I feel like I am in their world living their tale. This could be due to the fact that there are incredibly surreal special effects and lighting or the fact that this show seems exactly like the real thing. I anticipate this show each week and look forward to seeing what will happen to the squad and what hellhole the will be placed in. Each time the squad is in danger I feel my heartdrop, because again I feel like I am there.
  • its about some men and women that went to iraq they are against alot of men and they are scared of death so far one man lost his leg in there unit its extremly realistic and there all very good characters ill never miss a epesode must watch great show!!!!

    its one of the best shows in the world i think i am joining the army mostly cause of it and i hope it stays on tv for a long time ssg scream is my favorite character i love this show alot and i hope u do to wed 10:00 very nice if u dont watch you dont know what ur missing also visit fx overthere so u can see the characters and read about them im glad this shows on and hope it stays on its definetly a straight 10 on the chart i still deserves more very realistic and touching recomened 1 best shows ill ever see!!!
  • Started out as a great cutting edge show.

    It started out great, fast, hard, and cutting edge. As it went, it turned into a big ASSED FAT politically motivated, cause-based, anti-everything, propaganda driven piece of KISS-MY-SHINY-METAL-ASS, but it’s still a descent show, and hopefully it will pick up again without all the baggage, until then kiss ass, mine, metal.
  • This show was great. I just would like to add that the lead actor Erik Palladino is a great actor. Not only is he a great actor he's a major hottie.

    Erik Palladino is a major Hottie!!! Is he married??This show was great. I just would like to add that the lead actor Erik Palladino is a great actor. Not only is he a great actor he's a major hottie. I plan on watching this show more often. I can't believe I've missed most of the shows though. Its sort of a reality check for most people that have no clue on the hardships that occur for the soldier in Iraq. I think this is a great show.
  • A show which chronicles the lives of a few select soldiers trying to get by in Iraq.

    I was a little sceptical when I first heard that FX was making a show about the war in Iraq, but now it's one of my favorite shows on. There's action without over doing it, and it's nice to see a cast which can actually act. If you haven't seen it yet give it a try. It's well worth your time.
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