Over There

FX (ended 2005)


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  • great movie not sure it ever says in the movie but this unit looks and acts like a cavalry scout team, being a cav scout we work in small teams and do alot of the same stuff these guys do

    great movie, small team of what looks to be cav scouts works in iraq doing everything from recon to door kicking one of my fav movies and one of the first tv shows i got the season on tape great movie and really captures the feelings of soldiers this movie is by no means for kids but for young adults and adults its great easy to relate (if ur a soldier) great movie to just sit down and watch the whole box set, ive seen it when it was on tv and now me and my gf are watching it together she hates me in the army and hates seeing this kinda stuff but she is hooked on this movie and cant wait to see the next one