Over There

Season 1 Episode 2

Roadblock Duty

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 03, 2005 on FX
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The squad is assigned to roadblock duty and is forced to shoot two motorists who ignore their orders to stop. Meanwhile, Bo’s estranged, alcoholic father visits him in the hospital.

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  • Decent episode following the pilot.

    One thing that people will notice in this episode that differs from the pilot is the inclusion of the families the squad left behind and how they deal with the departure of their loved ones. Even though it is necessary, it slows down the show from the action standpoint. Speaking of the squad I like how their replacement is Arab and how he deals with being an Arab. I like the fact that the script was written, showing that if one mistake is made, one can cost them their lives or the people around him. I like that while Dim looks harmless he was able to win the little scuffle with Smoke.moreless
  • It was the episode that got me hooked. These people that are whining about how it isn\\\'t real need to get over it. This is a TV show, not real life. To the person who wrote that they are pissed off about this show, GET OVER IT,MORON!!!!!moreless

    This episode was great. I loved every minute of it. The scene where they unloaded on the 2 cars on 2 different nights was awesome. Real or not, this show deserves to be a regular series on television. The FX network is apparently run by a bunch of idiots who don\\\'t know the meaning of a great show. Well Fx, Over there is one of these shows that grab your attention, and leave you wanting more every episode. Every episode was well done. Of Most of the tv shows that we love and faithfully watch week after week, They too started out slow. GIVE IT A CHANCE FX!!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • An excellent take on some normally boring guard duty.

    I really liked this episode. Obviously, this was not going to be about what guard duty is usually all about - painfully boring waiting and watching. The setting gave us a chance to learn more about the series regulars and gave us an idea that even in the midst of war in Iraq, we can expect interesting plot twists.

    I've done guard duty, though never in a war zone. It is painfully boring. It could have been the same for our heroes, except they had the added benefit of being an exit from a town under siege.

    The episode also showed us the ambiguity of such duty - a car approaches you in the middle of the night with its lights off, and won't stop - what do you do? With explicit rules of engagement, you shoot to kill. That's what they did this time, killing two college-aged men in the process. The soldiers were not convinced they did the right thing until they opened the trunk and the car exploded. This was a turning point moment for some of the characters, I think. Bo's injuries just showed them that the country was dangerous - this showed them that the people could be, too.

    Little did they know that they were pawns in a game when a second car approached after the first and was quickly shooed through the checkpoint. Later, the same thing happened - an unlit car barrels toward the check point and is shot to hell by the guards. Dim has a painful moment when he sees a young girl in the car and defies advice to leave her lest the car explode - and when he does, it turns out she is already dead. Dim will continue to show a reckless side in future episodes.

    After the third car is destroyed, one more, carrying an older man and his wife, approach the checkpoint. They seem to check out, though Sgt. Scream is suddenly worried when he discovers the second car got through with a summary search. Finally, a cell phone rings from the trunk, and it all comes together: the two pairs of cars had been sent to test the checkpoint. When they did not search the trunk of the second car, the Iraqis felt it safe to try to smuggle someone out of the town in the fourth. Technology gave him away.

    This episode is a lead-in to the next, when the stowaway is interrogated by an expert. But with out the tie-in, the two could stand alone.

    I wasn't as interested in the Bo storyline or the home front storylines this time, but they were essential to break up the considerable tension of the roadblock and to move those stories along. It was good to meet Tariq, and to see yet another reminder that America is made up of all kinds of people, even those who look and sound like our enemy. It also sets up an important story point that will be crucial later - Tariq speaks the language.moreless
  • Show lacks realism in general. Interesting tough, and fortunately not too silly.

    First things first: I liked "Tour of Duty". Although it lacks realism here and there, it has been a great show. I watched it first when I was about 12. And you know boys at that age dream of great adventures. Well, I didn't really feel like going into any kind of battle after watching some TOD. I hope this show will have the same effect on kids these days...

    This series had a good start. And this episode was even more thrilling than the last. I feel like I am part of the action. And this is not necessarily a good feeling, but I am slowly getting addicted to it. Basically what I want to say is: There is lots of stupid stuff in it that won't make up. But it doesn't matter because in my opinion the purpose of the show is trying to make the audience feel the action, the stress, the fear and everything the soldiers in the field feel. No offence soldiers: of course it fails. But realism is not the point...

    This episode is very much about crossing the border. Will you take the risk or not? Will you shoot at innocent people before taking the risk of being shot yourself?

    This show is anti-war. If it wasn't, it would look and feel like JAG. But it doesn't. We see both sides dying. Iraqis are constantly losing their lives, alliance soldiers from time to time, but clearly too often. There are no heroes in this show like there aren't any in war. If you want to see heroes - I said it - go, watch JAG.

  • The series looks as though it cost HUNDREDS to film!

    I watched this and WANTED to like it, but just couldn't bring myself to like it's flow. The story line was believable enough, but the scenery of the set looks VERY CHEAP. A few sand bags and a few Humvee's just doesn't bring the realism this series deserves.

    The acting also leaves a bit to be desired. And will we follow the same characters throughout the series? I only wonder because of some the characters from the first show were not in the second. Did they just disappear in the desert?

    Overall it's a good show, but looks hastily put together and not well though out.

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Brigid Brannagh

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