Over There

Season 1 Episode 8

Situation Normal

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 14, 2005 on FX

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  • Save yourself the hour.

    I think this has to be the worst episode to date. Why oh why they must drag on the storylines of the home front. If it wasn’t for the few short moments of action this episode would be an entire waste. There is plenty of confusing moments with Mrs B. I really don’t get how they let this story line unfold and think it was interesting. If someone was to accidentally tune into this episode they might think the whole series is boring. I am happy that some of the boring story line ended with this episode and hopefully better ones arise.
  • the realism continues

    how the people at the top dont care for the indigenous people or the harm they cause and just walk away is so true to life. it is left to the grunts to keep the place safe. i like how the stories back home are growing too. cant wait for the next episode
  • Exactly what happens. The decision to abandon the military by anyone will leave you alone and in search of help.

    I am watching this show with a wary eye, and so far it answers the mail. Are the soldiers in Iraq riding around in the back of old 2 and half ton trucks (the Army does not have those trucks any more), or are the soldiers seemingly alone in big battles like we have seen on the show so far...No. But the writers want you to think they are so you can see how alone the actual soldiers can feel. The unarmored trucks were a major issue and it is interesting to see the writers stuck with this theme. As for our young Mrs. B going AWOL, I thought her conversation with the Marine made the show. I can imagine the pain a recruiter would have with an AWOL soldier showing up on the doorstep and asking for help. Classic ploy by the writers that should be repeated as much as possible in the future.
  • soldier goes awol and gets robbed and limpy feels gimpy and iraqis don't want and eduamacation!also 5 read review if u want 5 reasons why trod doesn't have clue what he is writting about.

    I don\'t know what trod is talking about i guess playing socom has afected his reality and he thinks the game is real. If you went three times to the desert and if you did i bet you where in that nice little toc all day serving coffee to your SFC but if you where actually fighting you know that the show is wrong in almost everything when it comes to how a squad conducts raids. the attack on the mosque in the first episode. No way in hell they would have waited that long for an air strike or artillery support and no way just one squad would have been there there would have been a condum L shape formation on that place and a fire of bullets. Second no way do you conduct raids or infiltrations the way they do example two at a time per building or running all tightly together to get to a house they'ed be duck hunt picks. third nobody is thrown together in a platoon with one e5 and a bunch of privates with no experience who do not know each there would be at least one e4 or e3 in the group. fourth a prison is not guarded witha bunch of people lying down while i walk around them waiting for one to grab my leg or stab me with a toothpick. reason 5 this episode would have been more believable if the contractor would have had a civil affairs squad attached to him with a ca guy being the translator while the infantry squad would be in the humvee providing security ain't no way a contractor would go anywhere without his personal CA guy there to monitor what he says and does like (false promises and empty threats that would get his contract pulled so fast he'd think the flash just butt raped him. So dude stop playing socom or your tom clancy\'s and stop watching black hawk down cause you are making a fool out of yourself. Next thing you are going to tell me is that you didn't have chetoos, kit kats or doritos in iraq cause buddy there are plenty of px's on base to buy pogeybait. aside from that it was a good hollywood anti bush episode so watch it you might catch some hot lesbo action.
  • Is it "Over There" or "Over Here" ?

    Once again too much time spent on a touchy-feely story line. Am I watching Jerry Springer or the Ship of Fools.

    Mr. Botch Co., you sucked us in with a really great start. You created tension, new settings, suspense, and kept us on the edge of our seats, while waiting for the unexpected. The writing was Fabulous !

    Now, you're swerving into the same old failed formula we get fed with most (many are now cancelled) other TV dramas.

    NEWS FLASH: (1.) We already know what goes on, day to day, in the U.S. What we are curious about is our troop's experience.

    (2.) We are not stupid. The recent story line is insulting. We don't need the T & A, or the Hot Lesbian Monkey Love.

    Please, just give us the writing and directing we have come to enjoy and expect from a Bochco production.

    You've got two more weeks before I pull the plug.
  • amazing realism from the team members and diversity within the squad,to the structure within the villages. I never had to deal with a contractor like this one, most were willing to listen to the advise of those who had more experience than themselves.

    Some may say that the ability to gain an explosive device within the walls of a makeshift prisonwas reaching. But from experience (3 trips to the land of the sand) I find this series, as real as it gets without \"boots down\" my hat is off to the entire crew of this series. The personal and reality side of this show leaves me in amazement each week. sometimes I even remember common situations from my experience and wonder if my embedded reporter was taken great notes.
  • Another pretty good episode

    This series has turned into a consistently good, solid effort. Last night's episode only had one fly in the ointment, the quote referenced in the above TV.COM episode entry: You’re an asshole, Mr. Howard. "In five minutes, I won’t be shouting, but you’ll still be an asshole." For those living under a rock, this is a rather painful purloin of Winston Churchill's famous exchange with Bessie Braddock:

    Bessie Braddock: Winston, you are drunk!
    Churchill: And Madam, you are ugly. And tomorrow, I'll be sober, and you will still be ugly. http://www.didyouknow.cd/quotes/quotes.htm

    Otherwise, a nice effort at educating an American audience that not everybody in the world wants to be, live, or think like an American. And good insight into the hubris of the Jacobins in our government who think they can enlighten the world with their own divine concept of democracy but who are actually more likely just to spread more misery. It all reminds me, in fact, of a scene from a rather famous anti-war film, FULL METAL JACKET, where the protagonist, while surrounded by scores of dead Vietnamese villagers being put into a mass grave, is informed by a US colonel that "inside every gook, there is an American waiting to get out." Hubris, arrogance, and ignorance on a monstrous scale.