Over There

Season 1 Episode 10

Suicide Rain

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 28, 2005 on FX

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  • A bit more action than in previous episodes.

    I was waiting for an episode of a medic and I was surprised on how they used the medic here. Usually the medic in most cases was shown as the healer and one who holds units together. This instance the medic is the one who is burnt out and in need of rest. What is surprising is the decision of Sgt Scream to send in his best man in a possible one way mission. Seeing how Angel is already a bit messed up from a suicide attack, Scream decides the best way to “fix” his soldier is to face him in a even more dangerous situation. The home front is not boring this episode but still rather slow. Average, very average episode.
  • In a world that usually show people of faith as sex fiends or mentally unstable, it is refreshing to see a real "Angel" come on the scene. It is refreshing to see that even in the midst of total choas, there are those sincerely trying to do good.

    Corporal Shaver is an unhinged medic. He has seen too much bloodshed as a result of combat. He loses all focus here in an attempt to save lives. However, since the war is so harsh, all his efforts ulimately are in vain.

    Angel, on the other hand, tries to do some good everyday. He does what he is assigned to do. The great aunt that raised him commits suicide back home. He is told that she blamed him for all that was going on in the world. As sad as that is, he still tries to do good. The fact that he identifies his evil aunt with the evil woman who bombs a truckload of army supplies is not lost on the audience.

    Sometimes those that society may label as good are not so good after all. And those that society never focuses on may have the most to give of all.

    Excellent episode.
  • This was a great episode - I would have scored it higher if we'd had more time on the homefront.

    I know that the writers had to deal with Vanessa and Sergio, but this didn't seem to be the episode to do it in. The Angel/Shaver story was so powerful, we either should have had nothing from the homefront, or we should have had a lot more.

    The hostage story was very intense. I'd say it was "wonderful" if not for the result. I pegged Shaver for a red-shirt from the beginning, though I liked the character and would have been happy for him not to have died. The episode, though, shows the futility of war from so many angles, it would have been hard for him to have pulled through ok.

    The episode showed the seeming randomness of who the enemy is - is it the little boy with the soccer ball, or the man with flowing white robes, or the cross woman? It could have been anyone, and the choice to use the woman was satisfying - not obvious, but not unrealistic. The insanity of the suicide bomber was illustrated, too. She killed one, many be two soldiers, wounded several more ... but the dead were mostly Iraqis. The actions defy logic.

    It showed the stresses some soldiers come under. While there are soldiers from my town in Kuwait, living in what must be relative peace, there are soldiers out there seeing gunfire every day. The role of the medic in any war was painfully illustrated, with the conflicting loyalties of medical professional and professional soldier highlighted.

    In the end, it was all for naught as the boy died, the hostage was killed by friendly fire (or by the father - does it matter by whom?) and Shaver had enough and met his maker - if there is a maker to meet. And Angel? I'm not sure how he came out of all this. I hope they deal with it carefully over the next few episodes. Did he atone for anything in his actions?

    As for Vanessa, it is good to see her character coming around. I'm not an alcoholic and have not known one who went through AA like she is, so I'm not sure how realistic her apologies are - they seem true to life, though. Her meeting with the principal was, I think, a real boost for her, seeing that others like her have turned themselves around. There is hope for her - except for Dim's accidental missive. That could end her recovery. I hope not, I like Dim and Vanessa and hope they work it out.

    Sergio's storyline is one I want to see a lot more screen time for. I want to see him get right to the edge of doing just what he has said he won't do, and then grabbing himself by the balls and hauling himself out of it. Or, the other woman has a sudden epiphany and backs out at the last minute, leaving Sergio to wonder what he would have done. But to get there, we need to see more of it. These 30 or 60 second snippets are just not enough.

    I won't even mention Bo - his appearance was inconsequential, though the scenes foretell a larger story for Bo next episode.

    All in all, a great episode, with only a few disappointments. I'm glad I'm watching.
  • Shocking and powerful

    I've been waiting a few weeks for a powerful episode like this one! If I hadn't missed the first 2 or 3 episodes, I would say with confidence that this has been the best one so far.

    First, I was glad that we got to learn more about the character Angel. Usually, he's so calm, but during this episode, we saw his pains, struggles and frustrations.

    Second, this episode was gripping! I found myself scared for Shaver and Angel and in pity of the father and his son. Never before has a television show caused me to involve so many of my emotions.

    The last scene was shocking and powerful!
  • The best episode

    I am a full grown man and i nearly started crying i don't cry during sad movies with my girl friend. this was the BEST EPISODE ever. King is my fav. carractor now. Thank you for all of the people that made this show. Please if you havent seen this episode see it emidiatly
  • A surprise attack by an Arab woman ends with a US soldier taken hostage by a grieving father. He demands that his son (hurt in the attack) be treated. Angel and a medic go inside after Scream browbeats Hunter. By the end, things have turned ugly.

    Like most of the series, the primary focus of this episode isn’t the events occurring in Iraq but the people involved in the war (both in the war zone and at home). The episode spends a fair amount of time at home keeping the various storylines occurring there alive. Admittedly, I thought that Bo’s scenes were largely unnecessary and could have been better in another episode. They didn’t add anymore than we already knew and in my opinion moved his plotline back instead of forward.

    On the other hand, Frank’s wife and Doublewide’s husband were both well-placed and I appreciated seeing both move forward. I am glad that the writers decided against simply putting Sergio into an affair. The pressure is certainly there and seeing him fight against it really works well to balance out the plot with Bridget. My only question now is if he will see the woman again or not.

    Bridget offers a totally different look on the same problem. Again, I have to give kudos to the creative staff with this character. I could see an honest effort and desire to make things right and moving one day at a time. She really seems to be on the road to fixing things (on her side at least) and then that disastrous email comes. For a character I really didn’t care for at the series start, I find myself really wondering if Bridget is going to make it or not.

    Of course, the major character development occurs in the war zone with Angel. I think we got a great look at what makes him tick and how deep his faith really goes. Up to this point, I always thought the character was too simple and really more filler or background than anything else. He was brought to life here incredibly well. The man is in all kind of spiritual and moral pain trying to pay back debts he not only can’t but really shouldn’t have too. By the end of the episode, he seems so broken that I wonder what he is going to be like by series end.

    Sgt Scream also opened up a bit more in this episode than we’ve seen him before. His loyalty to his men and understanding of people really came out. The man is still a mystery, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he stayed that way to the end. I don’t think he is on his way to breaking, but I do see a confrontation coming between him and the Lieutenant. Personally, I welcome it as Hunter has done little to warm my feeling for him in any way.

    Finally, I would like to mention the medic who played prominently in the episode. To date, I think he was the best supporting character they’ve introduced. I understand that things pretty much had to end the way they did but damn I hated to see it. Under any other circumstance, he seemed like a likeable (sane) guy. After eighteen months of patching up soldiers and civilians, I can’t blame the guy for going over the edge some.

    Overall, I thought this was a great episode. You certainly didn’t feel warm and fuzzy at the end, but then again you’re not supposed to either. Most all of the soldiers offered insight into themselves and some pretty important messages about war were offered up for thought. My only regret is the fact that there are only two more episodes left.
  • PaulCornelius - you are a putz!

    Why do you bother to write reviews and continue to watch the show if you don't like it?!? Here's a novel idea...turn off your television and read a book!
    As a member of the military, this show is probably the closest to reality that I have ever seen. I'm looking forward to the last few shows of the season and on to the next season too!
  • Average effort for this series

    A little stagnation set in with this week's episode. Bloodied up Iraqis getting angry. Can't separate the innocents from the enemy. Kids vs. grannies as terrorists. Hostage situation. Dogooding soldier driven to suicide. Disillusionment for all. Sort of business as usual--or even cliched. Which, of course, may indeed reflect the reality of the "war" in Iraq. The trouble is that cliches are deadly for a weekly series. Watch out, guys!

    The one character that has given the series a little lift recently, Mrs. B., wasn't even to be found this week. Her brief AWOL storyline worked quite well, I thought. Bad move dumping her back into obscurity in Iraq, because the rest of the "homefront" stories are wearing thin. I've seen enough of the "whore with a heart of gold" scenerio playing out with Vanessa. And everytime a Bo segment airs, all I can think about is how much better that particular plotline was portrayed in The Deer Hunter. And the would be affair developing between Sergio and Anna is the ultimate boring cliche.
  • Great episode, not enough Mrs. B tho

    i thought this episode was awesome. That was a shocker at the end. Left me and my girlfriend speechless for 5-10 minutes after it happened.

    The only reason it isnt a perfect score is no Mrs B. She is gorgeous, I love her. She is a good actress too.