Over There

Season 1 Episode 3

The Prisoner

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 10, 2005 on FX

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  • Why are they ruining an otherwise great show???


    This was easily the worst of the series. What in God's name are the producer's thinking?

    It was nothing but a collection of liberal anti US military clap trap. They had the interrogators doing things that made Gitmo look like a vacation resort.

    And (spoiler) why in God's name would we drop a bomb on the stingers???? Think people! How on earth would we ever know if we had actually found them if we blew the place to smitherines??? Wasn't the whole point to make sure we had regained the weapons so our helo's would be safe? So we take one guys word that their on this farm and then bomb it into the stone age?

    That's got to be the stupidest thing we could possibly do. Not to mention of course we have to have the evil American soldier betray the 'noble insurgent'!

    We would of course raid the farm, only kill the people with guns, and take and count every single stinger so we would know for sure that we have them all back and its safe to fly again.

    I hope as the previous reviewer said, this one was an abberation or this series will be very short lived.

    And the firefight was rediculous. We don't call in a bomber strike to take out 2 guys on a fricken roof. Why would they sit in place all night never once thinking about obvious tactics like using a grenade launcher, flanking the enemy, etc. Instead, they stay frozen in place all night waiting for daybreak even though they are the only ones with night vision goggles. Why on earth would you wait till the sun comes out to fight in that case???

    Once again, find someone who actually knows something about small arms combat as a technical advisor. This is getting downright embarrassing.