Over There

Season 1 Episode 3

The Prisoner

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 10, 2005 on FX

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  • This was an exciting episode, but I agree with other reviewers that some tactics used were not well-thought out.

    It has been a few weeks since I saw this episode, so I'm working from memory - forgive me if any details slip my mind.

    This episode follows my favorite this far (5 episodes into the series). It was a good follow-on to Roadblock, but the two need not have been connected. Each stands on its own pretty well.

    This was a very exciting episode, but I agree with reviewers who have said that some things done just make no sense. Our heroes should have guarded the perimeter of this small village - they could have prevented the insurgent attack completely if they'd intercepted them well outside the village. The air attack on the buildings seemed like overkill (though I'm sure soldiers under fire would welcome any help from the air at any time). But though these things do not hold up under scrutiny, they nonetheless added to the tension.

    I'm willing to forgive these issues in exchange for the character development. I have a feeling we have not seen the last of Ryan. He could be a very interesting recurring character, though I'm not sure how our heroes and he might cross paths again credibly. I was especially thankful that Dim got some education from Ryan, and in doing so, we got some from him. His revelation that his greatest fear is something happening to his stepson sheds new light on his relationship with Vanessa and even with the painfully brief goodbye he and Eddie had in the first episode.