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Father Son Dream and a MG car bother servered the US Navy total of 30 years

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    I'm not really sure if this is even the site to do this. But I watched your show a lot when time allows. I Dad has 75-76 MC that he in received from his father after his passing away. I since that this was a lost chance that these two never got the chance to work on this car together and have that time. Im not to mechanical myself of I would jump all over this chance to spend time with my step father to show his how much I car and respect the things he does for people. A little about us Edward the my step grandfather was a great man loved like loved the navy and loved his kids and was there to help any war-Vet with whatever he could he was also president of his local vets groups like the VFW and other ones. Now about my step father. First thing you need to know this is a great man to me and I love the guy hard to tell him that but I doubt anyone that gets to know him over time will come to the same conclusion. Second he joined the US NAVY at 18 and served with honor and pride and severed his time riding under the waves keeping a listening ear and a watchful eye for USSR and making sure they didn't get the chance to bring harm to country and people he loves. After 22 years of severing on submarines he retired and now works for a Lab that provide people to work on these same submarines and prepping them for confrontations that skill prowls the waters off our sea coast and the waters of the artic. About the time he has free he spends it helping vets like his father before him did and becoming the Sub Vets- President where he raises money for vet and other thing and breakfasts. Every Year we hold a picnic on the Point Loma submarine base where we get the last few vets left from ww2 . Korea , Vietnam and more to tell there storie and get in touch we friend who they haven't seen for awhile and mourn the ones lost. This Car needs overhauled these guys deserve it for the time to put in 30 years my step grand father and 22 years my father and the years after the still spend helping and taking care of these soldiers from the greatest generation that need help no. Hope this was the right place to post this. Thanks Chris Griffin 619-750-5332

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