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My Malibu

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    [1]Oct 26, 2011
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    Hey Chip, i'm writing to you asking if you can makeover my Malibu. I'm a 28yr old Chicago Police Officer that got hurt in the line of DUTY. I've watched your showfor years nowand even though your show stopped airing JUN 2008, I've always wondered if you and the (OVERHAULIN) FAMILYstill do makeovers. I know you guys usually pick old school cars that need a lot of work. My case is a lil. differentI have an 09 Chevy Malibu, It has hail damage from one oursummer stormsin the Windy city and other minor damages. I'mwriting to you becauseI have my first baby on the way and not being able to return to work anytime soon, it would begreat if you and your (OVERHAULIN) FAMILY can bless me and my family this year.

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