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please help my boyfriend redo his 1976 f150 truck

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    [1]Sep 10, 2011
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    my boyfriend is one of the nice hard working guy you ever meet. he works his but off all the time and get payed crapy. he trys is best to get the one thing that means alot to him other then me is his 1976 f150 truck that his grandfather gave him. so this truck mean alot to him the one thing he want to do befor his grandfather die was to fix it up like it use to be when his grandfather had it. but he didnt get a chance to do it his grandfather past away thurday 9/8/11 so it would mean alot if yall could help him out and make his dream come true so at less his grandfather could look down from havean and see the truck please help him.it would mean everything to him .

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