Season 5 Episode 5

Number 1 Camaro

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jun 05, 2008 on Velocity
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Number 1 Camaro
Chip and the A-Team overhaul Ken's 1967 Camaro, with the help of his wife Sandy.
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  • Vent Window??

    My only problem with this episode is that it calls the Camaro a 1967 but shows a beat up 1968 and finishes with a 1967 beauty.
  • I AM GASOLINE! Absolutely love the show & all the hard work that Chip & the A-Team put into it! I have always loved Camaro's & this one rocked! It's hard to believe any of these cars are the same ones that they stole in the first place! Awesome job!moreless

    I must be watching re-runs because according to this website there has not been any recent new episodes. But all the episodes I have seen are just amazing! I would absolutley love to get my husbands 1978 Transam overhauled like this Camaro was! It doesn't even look the same! None of the cars do!! He calls me the Frog, so if it could be turned into "The Bandit" with some extras that would be totally awesome. It's black but without any decals. It would definitely have to be painted for that with some body touch up as the last person must have glazed it because the paint is just cracking like there's no tomorrow. He put on the new headers that were given to him with the car, but it just doesn't seem to run quite right. He wants to put a bigger motor in it and be able to lift the front tires off the ground. That's his dream, but his dream will die with him unless someone like Overhaulin' takes his car and makes his dream come true. But like I said I don't know if the show is still airing new episodes, if it is, please pick me! Chip and the A-Team do such an awesome job in such a little amount of time! It's absoultely amazing what they do! The cars aren't even the same! I never thought my husband could ever turn me on to a car show but this one rocks! I AM GASOLINE!! LOL! YOU ALL ROCK!!!moreless
  • Excellent show, great car, awesome hot wifey!!! Everything a guy could want, the perfect combination for a winning show!

    I really like that not every car project starts with stealing a car. '67, '69, and '70 1/2 were the ultimate Camaros. I love to watch the progression of the project car as it goes through the whole Foose process. Chip's drawings are the perfect way to hook the viewer into the show, and of course a gorgeous blonde hottie doesn't hurt either. I would love to know the budget and costs associated with these builds. The final look of the cars is impressive and I'm sure the project cost is too!

    My compliments to Chip and the A-Team... and Say Hi to Sandy for me! ;-)moreless
  • Number 1 camaro...err...duster? Wha??? Something sounds fishey here...as in barracuda.

    Alright, I realize this episode is over a year old, but I don't see things in real time as I travel a bunch internationally. I love 67 and 68 camaros above all. That is one gorgeous car though...nice job as always. Now I do have an issue with the "start up" scene at the end.

    First a little history though. Like I said; I love 67, 68 Camaros. In fact, I'm partial to GM cars in general. I've owned and built some rare specimens including, but not limited to a '70 SS 454 Monte Carlo and a '69 SJ Grand Prix with the Pontiac HO 428 4 bolt. Not common cars, either one.

    I'm currently doing a resto mod 64 1/2 mustang coupe (Mar '65 built date). The plan is to convert a Rangoon red 170ci 3spd manual car into a Rangoon red and white GT clone, with some updates. 347 stroker, T-5 and coil over/rack and pinion front susp/steering. Of course Disc brks all around.

    That said, I've had my share of Dodge/Plumouth muscle cars. '70 340 duster being my fave. One thing I hate about the old mopars is that "ZZhiiizz-zzhizz-zzhizz-zzhizz-whirrrrrr" of the starter as it slowly winds that wonderful engine over.

    That is a sound that only a mopar starter can make. Funny thing. At the end of the number 1 camaro episode, during "start-up"...I heard my slow, whiney, 340 duster starter instead of my old fast-kickin' chevy starter.

    Please tell me that you guys really liked that type of starter. So much that you modded one to fit a chevy. Or did I miss something...did you put a mopar motor in there? Or is that starter actually an aftermarket that is designed like the mopar one because of it's torque capacity? All of the above would disappoint me (cuz I HATE that sound) But, I would be far more disappointed with you if you simply used a sound byte from a mopar and thought nobody would notice.moreless
  • Liked the Car.... And Love the show..

    Right here we go.... I'm in Australia, I'm FORD fan... Saw what you did to this Camaro and now you got me hooked... Really thought NOTHING could beat Top Gear in the UK, but they only really drive 'new' cars.... They don't or can't do what you do, don't think anyone could.... Still love my Fords, BUT..... That car is the 3rd most beautiful i've seen.... '67 GT 500 is first and always will be.... 2nd is the 2008 GT 500 KR.... But would really like to say Congratulations to anyone involved... Special Hello to Chip, YOU ARE the MAN!!!! You make ANY car look fantastic.. Can NOT praise you enough, So i won't....

    Hope this gets through to Chip and ALL the A-TEAM...

    Thank you all for doing what you do....

    Cheers.. Craigmoreless

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