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  • A little out there...

    My fiancee' has a 2005 Chevy Cobalt. It is purple, yes purple! It is also a mess. The interior looks like a cyclone has been through and left enough debris to make a child's fort (and not a nice one!). It also has stained seats and a layer of dirt everywhere. How does that even happen? I love the gas mileage but I hate riding in that messy thing. The exterior is not only purple (yes again purple) but he has had a few minor run-ins with poles and such. He just loves your show so I thought would at least try and reach out to your expertise for help. Help us?
  • oh boy---I have been rusted

    I am 68 and have bought a 68 Ford Bronco Half Cab Project Vehicle for my wife. I could REALLY use your help on this project as I have had 4 back surgeries, had prostate cancer, elbow/arm surgery and most recently Merca Infection in my right arm. My wife just recently as asked to resign from her job so now we have to pay big bucks for her insurance since she is only 61. This lady has been through hell with sitting in hospitals, etc during all of my hospital stays,my recovering for months at a time, etc, etc. I was able to fix my Dads 65 Chevy C10 Stepside but it took me about 4yrs & $7,000 to do it and she has been my biggest supporter. I would like to see her Ford Bronco fixed up as with my age, health issues, & lack of funds I am fearful it will not get done in time for her to enjoy it. She always puts everyone else ahead of herself but she is beginning to get wore down as she is really taking losing her job of 31 yrs pretty hard. Your help would be an answer to our prayers as we don't have many resources in Wyoming to try or go to.
  • to the point

    over 400,000 miles a 1986 full size costume bronco wagon /truck 5.0 EFI, all original parts love the truck to the point need I help. it feels like it wont's to fall apart but keeps on going .CENTRAL OR, I WANT TO KEEP THE TRUCK. IT'S A GREAT RIDE, FUN!
  • 1966 Ford F100 All Original

    My wife has bought a 66 Ford F100 from her boss. To my surprise its all ORIGINAL. It still has the original motor. All the knobs, sun visors you name it, it's all there. She loves the old rustic look and wood bed BUT I know she would love it better if it was restored. We've been working on it little by little but sure would LOVE it if you could know it's a long shot but it doesn't hurt to try. Thank you for reading this.
  • pine tree fell on the vehicle crushing the

    1996 Acura Integra, a beauty, unfortunately while rebuilding the engine a pine tree fell on the vehicle crushing the dream/finances my boyfriend had in fixing it up. Unfortunately no car insurance was on the vehicle at the time and our homeowners denied to cover. Now due to finances and time constraints/travel with his job the Integra's home is in our driveway awaiting for TLC. I know it crushes my boyfriends heart every time he walks past it. Requesting assistance to complete a dream!!!
  • For my dad

    Hi, my name is Selena. I know this a dream to have a car built... But in life you dream big and see what happens. This is my first time doing this and I live with my dad and my sister he is a single dad that would do anything to keep us happy and he was ripped off by my mother when I was younger I've had a hard life but since I have my dad it's been pretty easy. He use to have a Mustang but my mom stole are money she would always do that....... I want to give the chance to my dad to have a fast built Mustang it would put a huge smile on his face he spends his money on me and my sister he spoiles us the best way he can. So please give him this great opportunity I love my dad and I just want him to be happy and know there's hope in the world for being a single dad with two teenage girls... Living with him. Thank you for reading. Contact 905-351-9929. Or 905-684-4896
  • 1971 Chevy Truck needs help please......

    My boyfriend bought a 1971 Chevy truck and had it shipped from CA to NJ. He has been slowly working on the truck to restore it. He was busy working a lot of hours each week to pay bills and didn't have much time to work on the truck. We lost some time working on the truck since we both went thru cancer treatments at separate times. On top of that he was laid off from his job right before being diagnosed (which actually was a blessing in itself). He wants to at least get the rust taken care of. I would love to get his truck restored since that is one thing that he really wants to get accomplished. Its is a great truck and I hate to see it go to waste. Save the truck please!!!!!
  • Little Brothers Old Pontiac needs Help.

    My little brother has a 1967 Pontiac Tempest that he would like to restore .He has had it for life was a single parent .He raised his he got married and him and his new wife raised her two grand lives in Inyokern Ca. And works on the base at China lake. My Brother Francis Scott Key is a good person. He even helped me out when i had a heart has always worked heard .He would would be the first to lend a whole family is in New would love to see him on your show am a big fan OVREHAULIN
  • Momma's 65

    name is Kathy. Mom traded me my 72 Pontiac Catalina for her '65 Ford Galazy Convertible after I got out of high school Looked real nice, even though it had a bad paint job. When I got married the car stayed with me. We didn't have the money at the time to get it really fixed up and we also didn't have a place to store it. It has set outside for years. Being a kid just out of high school, I wasn't very smart and let this car set and it has just been ruined. I would love to have this car fixed up before my parents are gone. I would especially like to have it restored so Mom can see it. It needs to be given some good TLC!!! She told me just today that she would love to be able to ride in this again. I feel terrible about letting this car get so bad. I know this is not a great way to have a car restored, but I would love to do this for my Mom.

    Hi there my name is Tamra, my sons both have cars a 64 AMC Rambler and a 64 El Camino. They both run but need to be completed. My son Cody has the El Camino and just TODAY has taken his oath and after he graduates will be going to Airborne School (then Ranger school) and off to the US ARMY to serve our country. These cars are their connection as brothers but we do not have the money to complete them as I am ill. I WOULD GIVE ANYTHING TO HAVE YOU ALL FINISH THESE CARS BEFORE MY SON DEPLOYS to keep my boys connected and give him an incentive to come home. PLEASE HELP A MOM FINISH HER SON"S DREAMS before one has to leave. DESPERATELY ASKING, Tamra H email
  • "79 z original owner

    Great daily driver! My 280 zx is just begging for someone to to be able to restore it to it's former glory. Been driving it since 1979 and it has never failed me. The interior has been recovered, but original seats, dash, gauges, and we have the original 8track and radio that came in it. Right now it is good, but it could be great!
  • A Military Salute to My Dad!

    My Dad is a hard working, dedicated, loyal, military soul who always provides for his family. He started saving for his first car during his teen years. After digging worms to sell daily and saving each penny of his sale, he was able to purchase his first car, a '67 Ford Fairlane . He has had it covered for years. Daddy was always working, farming, with his military unit, or doing for others rather than spending time on the things he wanted. I would like to give this to my father for the thank you for his service for our country, my life, providing for me, and being here daily for our family. Please honor my father. Thank you, Stacie Keitt
  • I'm the"other woman"!!!!

    He stares at her. He calls her beautiful and classy. He likes to rub her and says she's the best "ride" Her name is "Sheila"

    Help!!! We are close high school friends finally getting married after 20+ years and I want to be "his number 1!" I am "Tina" !!!

    Sheila is ugly, she's a big white beast, spotted at that, her interiors will scratch you to bits and in the southern heat leave your skin feeling as red as her interior!!! He gave her a woman's name but her name is real "Mark VI".

    If I can give the man of my dream his dream, then maybe he'll see what kind of "ride" he'll have with me! He can rub my interior and see how classy "Tina" is!
  • Not a ship for this Sailor...

    My 22 year old son has a 2009 jeep wrangler. A very basic one with 14" in. tires. He is a Petty Officer in the United States Navy and currently on deployment until November 2014. I have his jeep in my garage in SC and want to fix it up for him as a surprise for when he comes home from his year at sea. I have gotten a few quotes for tires, a new top and some body work. Shocked is beyond belief at the cost of these things. I been given quotes from 4,000 to 8,000. I feel in my heart that he is so deserving of this gift for answering his call to serve our great country. I wish I could do this for him. He bought this jeep with a loan from the Navy Federal when he joined the military. Sadly he , because he is paying off his loan, nor I have the funds to fix it the way he would like it. HELP in any way is greatly appreciated. He does not know that I am writing to you. I would love nothing more than to say thank you for serving this great county and present him with his beautiful jeep!

    My brother has a 1976 CHRYSLER NEWYORKER that needs your attention. The car is all white and is not in the best condition. He has called all around to look for the parts of the car but none or some of the parts are available. This is his dream car and he has had it for a long time now he most definitely needs to be OVERHAULED.
  • 1961 Mercury Montery Conv

    I have a 1961 Mercury Montery Conv that needs some help. I am trying to restore this car. I had a someone work on the car and had the car painted He had my car for 2 yrs and when I got the car back it was in worst condition then I left it. The car was running great when he got it but he let it sit for 2 yrs. He charge me $4,000's Had to pay him that to get the car back. Now I do not have the money to work and having a hard time trying to find parts. The rust is coming back after a year. I have had this car for about 5 years and drove it only about 50 hours. I run a non profit 501c3 that helps the homeless and struggling families I our area. I work everyday. If you could please help me restore my car I would be deeply grateful. Thanks Marc
  • Keep Scramblin'

    My husband loves this show. He has a 1984 Jeep Scrambler that would be a perfect and interesting fit for a re-do. Bob has had this jeep for many, many years, and can never seem to get enough $ together for a very deserving re-do. It still runs, but, man, could it be a sassy ride!

    I love Chip Foose.... He is an amazing artist/designer. Everything he touches turns to gold. If he would like to make my son's dream come true for his 1968 Chevelle we would be totally grateful. He is studying hard to be the 1st college graduate in our family. He is studying Engineering and works really hard and is an amazing son and big brother. He worked two summers to get his car painted and fixed to what a 21 could have done. His car is still just a project car and used it everyday his 1 year and 1/2 as an everyday car while in college. Your show is amazing, your cast and crew are a great team. Chip because of you my son is studying mechanical engineering... THANK YOU!
  • my awesome and godly man DAD

    My dad watches every show that comes out even if its a reru. He has always told me that he wants us to fix up his truck. He has done so many things for people . And I would just like for him to see how it feels for someone to do something important and special to him. He is a Godly man he is a youth pastor and he loves what he does he has been through alot in his life. My aunt was diagnosed with a rare disease while he was dealing with that my grandma which is his mother was rushed to the hospital by careflight. My aunt passed which is his sister passed away in 2011. I just want something special for him because he deserves it. ~sincerely his daughter
  • My Brother Donnie

    I am writing this letter with the hopes you can help in making my brothers dream come true. My brother (Donnie) is the nicest guy you would ever meet and has been a long haul trucker for over 30 years. He is nothing short of amazing, being Mother Theresa on 18-wheels and would do anything to help anyone, at any time without being asked and without hesitation. The only payment he would accept is the gratification of knowing he could help someone. When asked why? He would reply "One day I may need help and hopes someone will be there for He has never asked anyone for anything, but is always there to give you a hand.

    Donnie is 50 years old and in February 2014 he was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer that has spread to the spleen and liver. He has been given ~6 month to a year to live. He has lost so much weight with the chemo that the oncologist said they will refuse to continue chemo if he loses anymore weight and told to get his affairs in order. Donnie is doing everything possible to gain weight, but to no avail. He has dropped 5 more pounds this week. So with that we really don't know what the outcome will be. We do know he is determined to fight this!

    I want to do something for my brother that I know will give him peace and joy in remaining days of his life. He has a 1989(?) Jeep that he would love to get running. This jeep is the most special thing in the world to him as this was a project he and our younger brother David were working on together before David passed away at the age of 40, 6 years ago (April 21, 2008), due to liver failure (we now believe was cancer).

    Donnie and I were talking Friday Night about, well, things you talk about when you come to the realization that your life it coming to an end. And as we all know, with an ailment as such, finances become unmanageable too. Thus he has come to the realization that he will never get the jeep running as he is too sick to work on it nor does he have the financial means to have it repaired. Right now he needs money to pay his rent and utilities. See, Donnie was a Truck Driver, and obviously in the condition he is in, he can no longer drive tractor trailers, thus struggling to keep his head above water. I truly believe I have never seen Donnie cry over anything with his diagnosis except the thought of losing the jeep and never completing his and David's project.

    Again, I am writing you with hopes you can help me in making both my brothers (my only siblings) dream come true. I don't care how the jeep looks, that is not important; I just would like it running. I believe there is a problem between the flywheel/transmission/engine all working together. The flywheel does not seem to engage or line up properly. In addition, the entire wiring harness needs hooked up, not to mention, it has sat in my brothers driveway for 6 years now. He has worked and worked on but just can't seem to figure it out.

    I know with the jeep running, Donnie will be able to rest in peace just knowing that in heaven he can high five David and let him know their project is complete.

  • No sad story here, Just need help with my baby

    My baby a 2003 Chrysler Sebring is having some major issues. Not needing a lot of work, but would like to keep her running, and looking good. The dash is popping out, the motor is having some issues, and the paint is ugly. I would love to have her fixed up a little. Please help me make her beautiful again. I would love to have the WOW factor done on for your time.........
  • My Dads 1958 Chevy Pickup

    It's sating in the field because no one has the money to restore it. I learned to drive in it. My Dad bought it brand new in 1958. I was 2 yrs old. I will not sell it. I've had offers. But I said no. I would like to have it restored for all the grandkids.

    And by the way I love your show.
  • Prank my Son, husband and my sons friends:)

    I would love to get my son back for some of his mischievousness over the years of growing up. I have a 67 Camaro with original seats, motor and transmission that needs overhaulin. My son would love to have my car along with his friends who have tried to buy it since they were all 16. I just laugh at tell them I will eventually get it restored probably when I am 90 and then they can drive me around town. like driving miss daisy.

    we moved to our farm about a year ago and it has been sitting in the barn along side my grandpas 65 Custom GMC truck that needs redoing as well. I think they would all flip including my husband if both of them disappeared but I think the Camaro would be the biggest upset to them.. My husband had a 69 Z28 that we sold like dummies when we started having kids and just cried when it drove off. I found my Camaro about 13 or so years ago, had to go up to a door,amidst huge dogs and knock to see if they would sell it.. I was scared to death but was determined to buy it. My husband wouldn't get out as he has been bitten so it was up to me. but I wanted that car and I got it, we started to restore it then my daughter turned 16 and wanted an 68 mustang for her first car and so we finished it as it only really needed painting then my poor Camaro just got put aside. I would love to send you some pics too..

    Please come to TEXAS and please consider us for a show.. it would be so much we have a crazy fun family too:)
  • 25th Anniversary Mustang GT 5.0

    One of America's most beloved Mustangs, the original 5.0.

    I am the second owner of this car. I bought it out of a junk yard in 1995 after the original owner did an "insurance job" on it. It took me 3 years to restore the car and I have had it since then. I have put over 300K miles on this car with the same engine without any engine work! That's how strong the 5.0 engine really is. I put a beautiful pearl white paint job on it back in 1998. The car was a heart stopper. Mostly all original. I blew the head gasket in it and someone keyed all around the car as it was sitting. Now I don't have the time nor the money to restore this beautiful car again and would like to have a shot for someone to take a look at this car to see if it will qualify on being on the show. I am up in the air with it because it's a piece of me and now it's just sitting and getting worse. I don't want to sell it but storage is costing me a lot of money month and I keep saying I want to restore it which never happens. I wish I made more money so I can fix it and enjoy it once again like I have done for the past 19 years.
  • Love The Show

    Overhauling is the only show on TV that I can watch for hours and watch over and over again and its the only show that brings tears of happiness when the owner sees his or hers car for the first time. Its so wonerful that all of you including your suppliers are like a family. Chip I love that you have brought your son into the show. You are both very lucky to have this experience and oppertunity. If I ever find my 53 Ford Victoria my wife will give you a call. Until then its all about the people thank God for people like you.

  • '89 dodge cummins

    hey there, my name is lexy and my dad has an 89 dodge cummins. he has had this truck since he was 16, almost 40 years ago. 3 winters ago, a tree fell on it and crushed it, and now we have started to completely rebuild it. we haven't gotten too far, except complete sandblasting the bed we live on a farm it would be nice to have another working truck. Also, my brother just earned his drivers license. my dad severely injured his back muscles two years ago, and is still not back to work. on top of that, my mom passed away a year ago this past Monday, and we are still all recovering from that, and the loss of my grandfather. I enjoy your show, and it would be a miracle if my dads truck could be overhauled. it means a whole lot to him and to all of us, and we would really appreciate a little help on it. the cost of redoing it is a little over our budget right now being that there has been no income for our family for almost 2 years. our horses are expensive to take care of, and to have this truck up and moving again would make a tremendous impact on our family so we could have another towing vehicle. thanks, lexy
  • In need to help my dad

    Hi my name is Tina I am writing about my dad Bryan he has done so much for me and a lot more of other people in the past he is getting up to the age 60 and he is rebuilding this truck and he has a messed up back i got 9 years of stuff that i can tell you about him and what he has done for me and everyone else i am going to tell you why i am writing cause i want to do something nice for my dad put it this way for you guys my dad Bryan took me in when i was 9 i am 22 no my real father had us living in a rv till i met Bryan and his wife and son he took me in my sister in off the streets gave us a roof over our heads and gave us a bed to sleep in and gave us a real home to live in he made sure we went to school he help me an my sister so much and he became our family he became my dad he needs help with his truck or his car he has I just want to return the favor to him that he did for me i want to do something nice for him i no he can do it but he is at that age now and it takes a toll on him he helps and helps other people out and in return he gets the shit end of the stick if you no what i mean its like when he needs something in return and he geos to the people that he help the tell him they cant help or they aint got the money to help him right now he has somepeople living with him the girl that is staying with him works who boyfriend stays there watching there kid he don't do nothing when my dad ask him to help him he just sits on his but.. I have a daughter of my own and my dad has helped me when i was in need of it so i am trying to return the favor by trying to get him on this show maybe you guys could help him he really deserves this as much as anyone else so please if you could email me back . I could go on but then your hole page will be filled.... He still does things for everyone else excepted for him self.

    Sincerely Tina
  • '78 Z28 Camaro

    My father has a black '78 Z28 Camaro that he got back in 1991, he raced it as a drag car on a local strip for six years. The car was still running good and had a lot left in it but then he met my mom and couldn't find time to race anymore. Before he knew it, he was married, bought a house and had me. As you can imagine racing takes time and money, something that my dad never had because he always put his family and friends first.

    For the past eight years, he has worked six and seven days a week at his second shift job. My dad had a deadline for a project for a family member and had to work out in the garage until almost four in the morning countless nights to finish it. He has also missed a lot of family functions over the years, and almost all my school and sporting events. We rarely get to see him anymore and when we do, it's only for a short time because our schedules don't ever line up well. I miss not seeing my dad anymore, probably just like he misses not being able to race due to no time and work needed on the car.

    The car has now sat in our garage for seventeen years and doesn't run anymore and the interior needs re-done. The biggest hold up is the body work. It needs re-painted desperately. His plans for the car are to get it finished and get it back out on the streets and on the strip. On the streets, the car would be a pro street car and on the drag strip as a pro class car. He also plans to have me race it as well in the coming years after he gets it completed. I think my father is very deserving of getting his car finished because he does so much for other people in the spare time that he does have, and often gets nothing back and never requests anything back either.

  • 1971 GMC Truck

    It has always been a dream of mine to pass down the truck my dad gave to me on to my son. My father bought the truck brand new in 1971 from a GMC dealer. It was passed to me as a gift after my High School graduation. Wanting to continue the tradition, I want to pass it to my son on his graduation. However, life got tough and so did the condition of the truck.

    The plan was to restore the truck with him, but as neither of us have been able to make an attempt at it. The truck became my primary vehicle when his mother and I divorced. This is when the truck really seemed to pick up wear and tear over the years; including rust in the doors and missing interior pieces.

    We have always talked about making it a true hot rod with flat gloss competition orange paint, the original look, but modern options for a comfortable ride. Years ago I took out the V6 that was in it and added V8 350 Chevy motor. This was an attempt in the right direction, but it seems nothing else has follow its path. And even that is about shot.

    Already missing my son's deadline of high school graduation, I want to give him the truck for his college graduation. I am so proud of the all the hard work he has done with working full time and putting himself through college and the University of Washington. He is the first college graduate of the family and proving to do extremely well. I feel this would be a great gift to show how honored I am to call him my son as well at passing off the tradition he can share with his son one day.

    I want to share this memory with him and grow many more together.

  • love this car

    I have a 92 Nissan 240sx I've done my best to keep her on the road. Now she fails inspection. The frame is pretty rusted and fails emissions. My family and friends tell me to get rid of it I can't, this car has gotten me threw some tough times. Driving to another state to visit my mom at the hospital while she was having chemo the thought of selling this car brings me to tears. Can you help me.
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