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  • 25th Anniversary Mustang GT 5.0

    One of America's most beloved Mustangs, the original 5.0.

    I am the second owner of this car. I bought it out of a junk yard in 1995 after the original owner did an "insurance job" on it. It took me 3 years to restore the car and I have had it since then. I have put over 300K miles on this car with the same engine without any engine work! That's how strong the 5.0 engine really is. I put a beautiful pearl white paint job on it back in 1998. The car was a heart stopper. Mostly all original. I blew the head gasket in it and someone keyed all around the car as it was sitting. Now I don't have the time nor the money to restore this beautiful car again and would like to have a shot for someone to take a look at this car to see if it will qualify on being on the show. I am up in the air with it because it's a piece of me and now it's just sitting and getting worse. I don't want to sell it but storage is costing me a lot of money month and I keep saying I want to restore it which never happens. I wish I made more money so I can fix it and enjoy it once again like I have done for the past 19 years.
  • Love The Show

    Overhauling is the only show on TV that I can watch for hours and watch over and over again and its the only show that brings tears of happiness when the owner sees his or hers car for the first time. Its so wonerful that all of you including your suppliers are like a family. Chip I love that you have brought your son into the show. You are both very lucky to have this experience and oppertunity. If I ever find my 53 Ford Victoria my wife will give you a call. Until then its all about the people thank God for people like you.

  • '89 dodge cummins

    hey there, my name is lexy and my dad has an 89 dodge cummins. he has had this truck since he was 16, almost 40 years ago. 3 winters ago, a tree fell on it and crushed it, and now we have started to completely rebuild it. we haven't gotten too far, except complete sandblasting the bed we live on a farm it would be nice to have another working truck. Also, my brother just earned his drivers license. my dad severely injured his back muscles two years ago, and is still not back to work. on top of that, my mom passed away a year ago this past Monday, and we are still all recovering from that, and the loss of my grandfather. I enjoy your show, and it would be a miracle if my dads truck could be overhauled. it means a whole lot to him and to all of us, and we would really appreciate a little help on it. the cost of redoing it is a little over our budget right now being that there has been no income for our family for almost 2 years. our horses are expensive to take care of, and to have this truck up and moving again would make a tremendous impact on our family so we could have another towing vehicle. thanks, lexy
  • In need to help my dad

    Hi my name is Tina I am writing about my dad Bryan he has done so much for me and a lot more of other people in the past he is getting up to the age 60 and he is rebuilding this truck and he has a messed up back i got 9 years of stuff that i can tell you about him and what he has done for me and everyone else i am going to tell you why i am writing cause i want to do something nice for my dad put it this way for you guys my dad Bryan took me in when i was 9 i am 22 no my real father had us living in a rv till i met Bryan and his wife and son he took me in my sister in off the streets gave us a roof over our heads and gave us a bed to sleep in and gave us a real home to live in he made sure we went to school he help me an my sister so much and he became our family he became my dad he needs help with his truck or his car he has I just want to return the favor to him that he did for me i want to do something nice for him i no he can do it but he is at that age now and it takes a toll on him he helps and helps other people out and in return he gets the shit end of the stick if you no what i mean its like when he needs something in return and he geos to the people that he help the tell him they cant help or they aint got the money to help him right now he has somepeople living with him the girl that is staying with him works who boyfriend stays there watching there kid he don't do nothing when my dad ask him to help him he just sits on his but.. I have a daughter of my own and my dad has helped me when i was in need of it so i am trying to return the favor by trying to get him on this show maybe you guys could help him he really deserves this as much as anyone else so please if you could email me back . I could go on but then your hole page will be filled.... He still does things for everyone else excepted for him self.

    Sincerely Tina
  • '78 Z28 Camaro

    My father has a black '78 Z28 Camaro that he got back in 1991, he raced it as a drag car on a local strip for six years. The car was still running good and had a lot left in it but then he met my mom and couldn't find time to race anymore. Before he knew it, he was married, bought a house and had me. As you can imagine racing takes time and money, something that my dad never had because he always put his family and friends first.

    For the past eight years, he has worked six and seven days a week at his second shift job. My dad had a deadline for a project for a family member and had to work out in the garage until almost four in the morning countless nights to finish it. He has also missed a lot of family functions over the years, and almost all my school and sporting events. We rarely get to see him anymore and when we do, it's only for a short time because our schedules don't ever line up well. I miss not seeing my dad anymore, probably just like he misses not being able to race due to no time and work needed on the car.

    The car has now sat in our garage for seventeen years and doesn't run anymore and the interior needs re-done. The biggest hold up is the body work. It needs re-painted desperately. His plans for the car are to get it finished and get it back out on the streets and on the strip. On the streets, the car would be a pro street car and on the drag strip as a pro class car. He also plans to have me race it as well in the coming years after he gets it completed. I think my father is very deserving of getting his car finished because he does so much for other people in the spare time that he does have, and often gets nothing back and never requests anything back either.

  • 1971 GMC Truck

    It has always been a dream of mine to pass down the truck my dad gave to me on to my son. My father bought the truck brand new in 1971 from a GMC dealer. It was passed to me as a gift after my High School graduation. Wanting to continue the tradition, I want to pass it to my son on his graduation. However, life got tough and so did the condition of the truck.

    The plan was to restore the truck with him, but as neither of us have been able to make an attempt at it. The truck became my primary vehicle when his mother and I divorced. This is when the truck really seemed to pick up wear and tear over the years; including rust in the doors and missing interior pieces.

    We have always talked about making it a true hot rod with flat gloss competition orange paint, the original look, but modern options for a comfortable ride. Years ago I took out the V6 that was in it and added V8 350 Chevy motor. This was an attempt in the right direction, but it seems nothing else has follow its path. And even that is about shot.

    Already missing my son's deadline of high school graduation, I want to give him the truck for his college graduation. I am so proud of the all the hard work he has done with working full time and putting himself through college and the University of Washington. He is the first college graduate of the family and proving to do extremely well. I feel this would be a great gift to show how honored I am to call him my son as well at passing off the tradition he can share with his son one day.

    I want to share this memory with him and grow many more together.

  • love this car

    I have a 92 Nissan 240sx I've done my best to keep her on the road. Now she fails inspection. The frame is pretty rusted and fails emissions. My family and friends tell me to get rid of it I can't, this car has gotten me threw some tough times. Driving to another state to visit my mom at the hospital while she was having chemo the thought of selling this car brings me to tears. Can you help me.
  • 1964 1/2 Ford Mustang

    My husband and his father started restoring a 1964 1/2 Ford Mustang in the early 90's, his father who was a Ford mechanic for 40 years, passed away in 1993. My husband has not been able to work on the car since his father's passing, he said it just doesn't feel right without his father. Unfortunately, the car has been on the side of our house since 1993. He can't bring himself to sell the car since it has sentimental value to him. I think it would be awesome if you could overhaul it without him knowing. He has not had very good luck lately, he has had an ankle fusion, shoulder replacement (from an accident) and a broken back and neck from an 800 pound pole dropped on his head. Needless to say he has been off work more than he has worked in the last 10 years. He is a great husband and an awesome father to our two children.
  • Scammed Out of Three Grand (Now What?)

    My son is (was) in the process of restoring my dad's 1969 (short box) F100. He is in mechanics at school and was going to work on the motor - only to find the heads were too far gone. We found a business that gave us information that allowed us to let my son to go forward with body work that would get his grandpa's old yeller truck ready for a new motor. He got approved from the bank to get this project moving forward and he gave up the first $3000 to have the business order the panels needed to get phase one of the project done. Long story short, we just picked the truck up yesterday: torn apart, but with new welded floor, panels removed, spots of primer (not sure why), and my son`s $3000 gone with one of the business owners. He is still wanting to complete this rare truck, but now his $10,000 cushion from the bank is $3000 short. We had this company and another fellow say that the body could be retored and painted for $8000. Are we crazy? Do we send it to the scrap yard. Could send pics.
  • My father in law is very poor and very creative

    I gave my father in law a 1997 Mazda 626 in 2007. He loved the car and drove it like he was king. Being the super nice guy he is, he let his daughter and family use it and they destroyed it. The once leather seats are basically foam, to preserve the exterior, he painted it with orange house paint. He legally immigrated to the United States in the 1970's. He worked very hard picking crops his whole life. He is humble and poor, but rich with heart and spirit. You can't leave his home without receiving a gift, most recently we received 18 fertile chicken eggs to hatch. Please overhaul his car, it runs like a champ, but is in serious need of interior and exterior restoration.

  • 1966 Inline 6 cyl front bench seat Ford Mustang.

    I have a Mustang that I would like to restore for my daughters 16th birthday Jan. 5th. 2014

    It was sold to me from a friend who needed money for his second daughters birth 18 years ago. He new I would never sell it and sold it to me for a cheap price when he could of easily got more. My plan was to have it ready this year finally for Mustangs 50th birthday, however I was injured at work put on disability and then let go due to my injury. Now both reasons to restore are only a dream now. The cars status is partially on it's way, stripped down to shell and every piece inventoried and boxed. I also have purchased all master hardware sets for every part of car already.

    Steve Alva

  • 1993 Buick skylark custom 3300 survival

    I have a 1993 Buick skylark that I have been bring back to life for a few years and need to know if I am waisten my time and money. I know it is not a muscle car but it is very special to me. I do not see very many on the road and nothing looking like mine does. It has the cast iron block and heads and it runs like new. I have a question is it worth continuing to restore it like I am. I have put it in a few car shows and have one. But some say it was a throw away car of the 1990 error. What would you suggest I love cars even the odd ones.
  • 1964 Lincoln continental

    Hello I am the daughter of a hard working man and it would mean so much to him as to my family if you would even consider helping my dad. Our family is the number one thing for him but so are his cars and he recently got a Lincoln continental that he has been trying to fix up but with him working and trying to give us an amazing life he really hasn't found the time for it and honestly not even the money, My dad is very brave and you will never see him cry but i just know if you can help us make his dream come true he might even cry yes a grown man like him, he has worked his whole life trying to give us everything that we have ever wanted but it seems like we never give back to him as much as we actually need to. If you would help us get his car fixed I know he will be so happy because he deserves a break once in a while something that feels like the lottery for him because if his car is fixed up he will feel like he won the lottery and he will get that feeling that everyone wants to feel ''Joy''. My father is a happy man but this will just be way beyond he has ever imagined so if you can help us please contact me at my email and i will surely answer if you can help us i will be so grateful. Thank you
  • 1971 Mach1 Mustang needing restored Location: US. Johnson City TN

    Hello My name is Amber from Johnson City TN. My father has a 1971 Mach1 Mustang he has been wanting to restore for quite some time now id have to say since he was my age back in his 20's he now has children and grandchildren. My father still has not completely gotten it restored. He has done little by little over the many years but I know it would be a dream come true for him to see this thing restored in his lifetime! I would like to enter him to have this antique beauty restored! :) thanks! if you need to contact me please contact via email: i will respond and will give you more contact info ;) thanks!
  • Who pays for the work done on the cars on Overhauling?

    Who pays for the work done on the cars on Overhauling? Everyone on the show that gets their car Overhauled looks like they, or the family, has enough money to get the car done themselves. I'm sorry for criticizing; I do love the show, but I can't believe that there is that much generosity without someone profiting from it. Why not do someones car that struggles every week just to make ends meet? Someone in poverty?
  • 1968 Chevy Camaro Z28 all original, all matching numbers, original bill of sale, original owners manual, 40K miles -

    Hello. My husband has his first car still that he garaged when he went into the Navy during Vietnam. It has been garaged ever since. He has served in 2 wars and retired an E-9, USN Master-Chief,

    His dream has been to get this car back on the road. But, now he is a disabled vet and older and just unable to do what he knows this car deserves. He adopted (with his ex wife) a few years ago two toddlers that were being abused by their birth parents and almost died. Child support has taken the funds he would otherwise be able to use on his dream car and rightly so. However, it puts his dream on hold for at least another 12-15 years and I think he is wondering if he has that long to wait. If he does, well, he surely son;t be able to do it himself.

    So, he has listed it for sale.

    It breaks my heart. He just wants to drive it one more time and if it sells he will never get that chance.

    Here is what I know: it is all original, has only 40K in original miles, all the numbers match, the engine block plate matches, he has the original bill of sale and original owner's manual, it has the bigger engine in it (sorry, I am not really good at specs), he has it on craigslist and ebay I think. It is the burnt orange with the stripe, interior is original and no cracks, no tears, etc... There is very small rust around theback window that I have heard collector's tell him was typical for that car and that year. Other than that - it is seriously clean. As you can imagine, he is a little OCD from over 21+ years in the military. LOL.

    He has been offered $50K as is but chickened out a couple years ago but he said he just wasn't ready to part with it.

    He has firmly decided that she must be sold to someone that will give her TLC and love.

    I would love for that car to be restored, redone, whatever term is correct so he could drive her once more.

    I don't know what your terms are, but, I know if it was restored, running and he could drive it once more - he would sell it to you if he could not keep it.

    It is known around these parts very well. So many people he knew tin the 60's and 70's ask about that car. It was known as the fastest car in Henry County. Word is guys would drive in from Chicago and the Quad Cities just to race it.

    There are so many reasons this car and my husband deserve to hit the road again, even if only for one last ride.....

    Hope to hear back from you.

    Thank you for your time.


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  • 1980 chevy farm truck

    my name is Nathan young my best friend Jarmey Bever has a 1980 chevy truck . Last year he called me to take it to the scrape yard the truck belonged to his dad mike mike was hit by a grain truck while jarmey and his dad were out jogging and mike was killed. I do not have the heart to get rid of this truck so I told beav to let me fix it up but im way over my head and im asking for some help I will loose al respect for myself if I cant fix this truck for jarmey he works his ass off and realy deserves this truck he want to give it to his son when he turns sixteen is what mike was going to do with it plz help me
  • 30 years now stage 4 cancer

    1942 Ford Truck Parts (Clinton )

    My Husband has had all the parts for a 1942 Ford Truck as a project for 30 years and it was his dream to put together oneday. He now has stage 4 cancer and we are selling to someone who would like to have the same dream. We would love to have a buyer with a soft heart to promise to come show him once they complete the project. Please make us an offer. Melba 601-708-4283. Our sleep patterns are so upside down due to my husband being so weak, and I try to get rest when he is sleeping, so please leave a message if I don't answer and I will call you back.


  • My Marine "Too Tall"

    My son spent five years in the USMC as an Aviation Crew Chief. Too tall for the other fields of work, he is 6'6" tall and originally wanted to do infantry and was told he would put himself and buddies at risk because of his height. His last station is New River outside Jacksonville. He needed a car when he moved there and a friend had a 1989Cadi- Bram white with a red velvet interior. The car is in pretty good condition but the engine and other under the hood parts are just old. He just got out of the Corps and is planning to attend college in NC for a while. I know he does not have the funds to fix the car up and I am afraid it will just quit. There is so little benefit, because of government regulations, to help Vets who have served here and abroad. I was hoping you guys could help this Vet. not just because he is my son but because he is a good man and has reached out and helped buddies and their families these past five years to the point he is pretty broke. I told him God has a plan! and I believe that. When I have told James to not just give money away he says to me,"If I learned nothing else from you and dad, I learned it is only money and friends come first". My husband is a Pastor with the United Methodist Church in Texas and we love him very much. Thank you for your time Respectfully Kandace Lea
  • 64 Chevy Bel- Air needs a make-over......

    My fiance is a father of four who is really ill. He has had at least seven surgeries this year alone to try to repair the botched surgery he had at a hospital in 2010. He was a welder and nuclear power plant tech, who was able to provide for his family, but after the botched surgery he is on oxygen, a cane, and sometimes he needs a wheel chair because he has no energy. I bought this car thinking I could fix it up and give it to him, not realizing how much of an expense this would be. So can you guys help a lady out and fix this car so I can give my sweetie a dream car.
  • Single dad's '63 Nova II totaled by a drunk driver - Please help!

    Brian Greenberg is a GREAT GUY. Hard working, full time single dad who is now forced to ride his bike to/from work each day to support his teenage son. His beautiful pride and joy - a '63 Red Nova II - was totaled by a drunk driver and he can't afford to repair. Currently being housed by Ron Campbell, at Orange Coast Auto Body/RV in Fountain Valley, CA - Brian doesn't even get to go visit it very often Breaks my heart! I would love if you guys could change his life and get him and his beauty back on the road.

    I am A member of the Vietnam Veterans of America chapter was given a 1966 corvette. We would really like it if you could make this car one of your projects so we can raffle it of for charity. We take this money and help other veterans that need our if you can see it in your hart to help

    vet's in east Texas ,we at #987 appreciate it more than you can believe. We all love your show.

    Thank you:

    Bill Callahan
  • old beat up ford

    old bet up ford f150 .... doesnt sound attractive at all but my husband helps tons of friends and family hauling things around. we even use it to scrap metal for extra money. i will never meet another person as helpful and as generous as my husband is. any time anyone asks for help my man is there no questions asked and never never asks for money. we believe one day our good deeds will pay off. last month he helped habitat for humanity and is currently helping a friend redo all the floors in their house due to water damage and will be re roofing my parents house before it completely caves in on my parents next pay check. i know people feel bad they cant pay us for the things we do for them but its not even money that we want just pay it forward. i believe my husband can fix houses and cars and although the people who cant and ask my husband to do it for them will eventually have a skill to help us or someone else down the road. i know we dont have a classic vehicle but i think it will mean alot.
  • Next Heartfelt story...

    My husband is 54 years old. (16 years my elder) He and I married 3 years ago and he became instant Dad to my 4 daughters, now 17, 13, 11, and nearly 8. He supports them in every way, working very hard hauling chassis for motorhomes. He has an old red sixty-something mustang in our basement/garage that he intends to restore. Every time he puts money away for his project, it ends up being needed for something else, usually pertaining to the girls. I admit, it is in poor shape, with parts and pieces not all attached, but it would be a wonderful way for us to repay all he does for us if you would help us restore it for him. Thank you for your consideration, we would love to hear from you!

    ~Thankful Girls in Michigan!
  • Angel ( My Husband)

    My husband has a1986 Trans-Am sunroof-top original miles 65,000. This car was given to him for a graduation gift from his dad. This car is sitting in the back yarn and every once in a while my husband will crank it up. I would love to have this car overhauled for my husband.. To see his face light up again like the first day he got it would mean the world too me. my husband is 48 yrs of age .. lost his dad 3 months ago. If I could give him the world I would. Thank You
  • Hero's Restoration

    My husband has a 1955 Chevy Pickup that needs restored. My husband inherited this pickup from his late uncle who bought it brand new at the time. My husband is a police officer and gives so much to the community and our family, that I would love to give back to him. He is the hardest worker at everything he does, but just doesn't have the time and money to do this project. Please consider this. ~A wife that would love to give back to her husband.

    yes my dad has a trike we would love to see you trick out,he is 48 and well broke his neck on the job they let him go after 28 yrs with nothing he is allways sad and un happy but he loves his trike it is hard to ride but he tries and does but very short this is something you have never done beore would love to see you would make him so worked very hard to raise us with no help allways did with out if we could we would pay or it but we cant so we are asking for your you
  • A father of 5 deserves to drive!

    Your show is awesome!! I love watching how you bring those beauties back to life!!!! When I first met my husband he drove a 56 Chevy 210! It was beautiful! I had three children from a previous marriage, and he stepped right up to the plate like a home-run hero! We have two children together for a total of FIVE! Well I am trying to figure out the best and cheapest way to restore his car to surprise him when he gets home from deployment. Our last child is about to graduate high-school and we are hoping he makes it home in time!!!! Anyways, this year will be our 20th wedding ann. and we will be apart, but I am searching for a way to make him feel he may not be everyone's hero (although everyone serving in the Armed Forces should) he is my hero!!! I would love to show up in his restored car for his you can not help can you please suggest a place that will not charge me an astronomical price? Thanks!!!
  • 1 In 10 Gem

    My Father has a 1940 Series 62 4 Door Caddie Convertible. He has had this car for years and started to restore it a couple different times. I have watched him restore cars and boats over the years. This one he just can not master which it is a master collectors car. A friend of his was doing the bulk head piece between front seats and rear of the car. He restored it with wood work, leather, and a clock on this piece and looked amazing. The gentleman passed away and family members cleaned out the house and either kept it or threw it away. Although the piece which is an important part to structure and support of the car was far to beautiful to be tossed like rubbish still it disappeared. This has placed a huge damper on the restoration of the car as can not find this piece or anyone to remanufacturer it do to only 10 of these cars or less were made. I want to see this beauty restored to the classic and watch as she shows off her gorgeous features like she was designed to do so.
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