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  • 1981 malibu clasic

    hi i'm a fan of foose from Puerto Rico i always love muscle cars but never had the chance to build one i have this car for about 4 years ago since my brother past and strangely this car is built the same year my brother was born thats wy im so attach to it i can't work that much on it because of different type of condition that i have hope for the best thank you.
  • 1970 Monte Carlo needs some lovin'

    My husband is a huge fan of the show,he is always saying to me"I wish someone would write into the show for me" Did I mention he has been watching the show since the beginning,therefore, I have heard this way too many has had this car 15 years and really has not had many opportunities to enjoy had a new engine put in,new exhaust,but it needs some new paint,new interior,just could use some overhaulin would mean so much to me to make my hard working,car lover husbands dream come you help?
  • 1993 Nissan 300x spaceship

    I want to turn a 1993 Nissan 300x Convertible into a "Space Ship"?
  • i am a huge fan needing help with my dads 75 ford truck

    i am a huge fan to y'alls show and i was wondering if you can help my dad get his 75 ford truck back on the road its been sitting for 3 years. We haven't had the money to do what we need to do to get it running it would be awsome and very big help if you could please help my dad.
  • Huge fan seeking help with Father's Tribute 77 Vette

    I have always been a fan of the show but thoroughly enjoyed the switch to focus on veterans and emergency response support as my father always contributed to the local firefighters and we have a lot of military members in my family.

    That said, my father has always been a person with a heart that was bigger than the sun. He's always giving unto others even when he hasn't been in the best of health. Every winter he gets out on his skid loader and clears snow from around the neighborhood and doesn't ask anyone for so much as a dime. Haven taken days out of his own life/time just to do something nice for everyone. He's always volunteering to help anyone with anything that he can and rarely asks for anything in return. He's constantly commuting his grandchildren to and from school while trying to help friends and neighbors in between his own personal projects. He constantly stretches himself too thin by trying to help everyone but himself.

    The years have finally caught up with him and his favorite project has sat by the way side. He is the former owner of 2 vintage Convettes, 65 hardtop and 66 convertible, that he had to sell early in his marriage to support his family. Since then he has acquired a 77 Corvette Stingray that has undergone a partial restoration but he has yet to get back to the project. I would love to submit an application for him for your show so that for once, something grand can be done in his behalf. He is currently retired and trying to build a new home for himself and my mother off of his retirement and there just isn't enough to go around to get back to the car. He's a retired blue collar worker (construction ) and I think it would truly be an awesome gift for him should you consider this story to go along with an application for your show.

  • '79 El Camino legend that almost never was

    My husband, Cedric inherited the "love" of cars from his dad (William). Over the years of sharing that love of cars drove him to a "flirtatious affair". Almost on a daily basis, the calls text message pictures, attending car shows (local and abroad) were too many to count. It began with mustering up courage and strength to resist the temptation of buying a car on the way home from work or making a deal over the phone from one he saw in the newspaper on a whim. Many times he surrendered to the desire of owning "that" car.

    My husband introduced his coworker to his dad because of the '79 El Camino he had for sale. He was making payments on the '79 El Camino when he realized the guy sold the car to someone. When my father in law confronted him about it he apologized and told him that he had another one that was the same year but in better condition than the one he sold. Thus, the legend that almost never was.

    When he became ill he gave the car to my husband who had it shipped to our location out of state. William passed away in January this year without realizing restoration of the '79 El Camino. In honor of his dad's memory I'd like to surprise him on his 50th birthday (January 13, 2017) with the restoration project completed.
  • Son, you're gonna drive me to drinkin' if you don't stop drivin' that hot rod Lincoln.

    1964 Lincoln Continental - mechanically done - my son bought this car when he was 15. He is now 20 and in the Marine Corps. We're having fits trying to find someone to do the body work, paint and a few other little things to finish the car. Nothing major. He wants to keep it as close to original as possible. Would be a great car for the show or looking for someone reasonable in Central FL if y'all can recommend someone.
  • 83 Monte carlo

    My fianc has always wanted his car fixed. It is falling apart and financially we haven't been able to fix it. He still drives it to work. Our wedding is in april. I would like us to drive out with his car with just married. Please make his dream come you frm long beach, ca
  • fix my truck 396

    Help my husband got a dodge ram truck from his dad when he passed. Its been 5 years now and it still is not running right. He has put 2 motors in it plus I cant even count how much money besides that. I have talked to him about selling it for what ever he can get and get a new one but he wont part with it. We are going broke just trying to get this thing running. Now we were both injured at are jobs and are now only receiving SSDI which is maybe a third of what we were making working. I saw your show and thought maybe you could help. Now it is just sitting behind the house. The city keeps complaining because we don't move it enough. So every 3 days we have to move it. That is a real pain already got 3 tickets. I understand that this is a part of his father but if we don't do something soon not only will that be his truck but are happy home because we will loose everything. thank-you from desperate broke
  • My brothers blue bronco II

    My name is Bruce. two years ago my brother left me a 1988 Ford Bronco II. This poor thing has been run in to the ground. I have been working on it as much as I can. Every time I think I have found the problem? It will run good for maybe 10 miles? I have put both new fuel pumps on it. after the tank on went out. all new sensors. new breaks new wheel bearings. drove it to work two days ago. ran great to work. then started running bad like fold spark plugs. I am lots I want to get it running in memory of my Brother
  • Volvo 1982


    I am writing because I am interested in being considered, hear my story and be selected for the reconstruction of my husband's car. It is a Volvo 1982, manual transmission and turbo, which has had for 17 years, and his life, says he does not change it for anything, it's yours and nobody takes it away, including his son asks him about the this car and tells him not to. The very pride always goes to his car, when out for a walk in, open the sunroof, brush your hair, lights a cigarette, and let's turn on the radio. I would like to choose it as he has been a man who has fought hard to get ahead in life. His father was in bed for many years and he and his sisters were dedicated to care at night while Mom worked. With his first couple helped in raising three girls, then God gave him the opportunity to be a father of a man who is your copy. After that relationship, he had a daughter with another person and that girl is his worship. It is now my partner for seven years and they have taken care of my two children that he and I have directed as the father of my children does not fulfill his duty as a father. So this wonderful man that God put in my way, who thought much start over and we've walked and struggled to keep going, deserves this and much more. Economically not been able to give the wanted maintenance to his car, he has tried on several occasions the body and fix the upholstery but meanwhile commitment, has failed. Sometimes he tells me, my love is that I have three women who maintain .... joke for their commitment to their children. Since it earns in his workshop auto mechanic and technician will barely enough to pay the pensions of their two children and help with the cost of our home, so long finally fix her car runs again. This opportunity would be the way to thank all the effort, love, dedication and commitment to her family!!


    San Juan PR

    La Isla del Encanto

    Thank You.

  • A OVERHAULIN wish for my hero's "69 Camaro" and A Dream!

    My husband has held on to his first car a "1969" Camaro that he bought when he was sixteen. He dreams to fix it but we have never had the finances for that wish to come true. He has had so much loss in his life, his brother at 27, his sister to breast cancer at 48, his 24 year old niece was killed tragically, his mom who suffered for years with chronic diabetes-visiting her every night for many years until her passing and now taking care of his 92 year old father. Always putting his family first and himself last. Not a night goes by without going to feed his father before he takes a bite of his own dinner. He has also given so many years of devotion to his wife and two children and now a grandchild on the help me to help my husband John find his dream and drive his car again someday.


    A loving and proud wife~
  • My boyfriends '2000 Ford Ranger' needs help

    Me and my boyfriend have been together for a year and this truck has broken down so many times. We try to go on dates, but always have to call his friends for help. Before he got it a tree fell on the bed, not only denting it, but also taking off the tail gate. Since then we've gotten a bright blue bed with a green tailgate. IT NEEDS HELP. He is going into his senior year of high school and college is around the corner and he needs a reliable ride to and from. Please help him!!!!
  • 1987 Buick . is calling for your team.

    Hey I need you're most heartfelt assistance to get my Turbo Buick GN back together and complete. Well not just put back together, but all "Foosed-up", which would be better than new.

    Man, it was during my very last final college exam before graduation, when it was pilfered from the parking lot. I fell apart since that day, like as though, your wife or girlfriend passed away, but it was even worse....

    About a week later, most of the car was recovered and I just couldn't let it go.

    I promised myself that I would do my best to piece this back together, and I started to make good progress. I had acquired a complete, running car, almost identical to mine, but it was really running rough with a lot of miles on was owned by this old man that had just moved up from Texas.

    Anyhow, Ive come to discover that my car that was recovered abandoned, needs a little more work and parts that I had not anticipated. These fuckin car thieves, took everything that did not have serial numbers on it, and I knew one day, that I would see some beat up regular Regal, made into a fake GN.

    And I did shortly thereafter, but thats another chapter in this story.

    Back to my car, since then, I was very busy workin with my father and his business, and my income did not reflect it. Low on funds, and no time, my car kept getting put on the back burner. Then, my father decided to cease the business operation, and found myself out of work, and a small problem with the law enforcement, landed me in jail. I have somehow managed to keep it and it is still undercover in a secret location storage unit.

    Now in a blink of an eye, its been almost 20 years since it was registered. I cant seem to let it go, because not only did I always want one, and thought I would never be able to afford it, but it was a great thanks to my older brother, that had purchased it from the dealership, brand new back in 1987... and after 5 years, sold it to me for no money down and monthly payments to him. I hate to see it continue to sit, even though it is being preserved and kept hidden out of view, but the value of it has maintained very high, and has been on its upward trend for a long time now. I need you and your great team, to perform the magical touches in operating on my 87 GNAT.

    It has been calling for your team and to be on your show, (my car is screaming) "help me, help me"...

    "Please let me be on your show"....


  • Ford F-150

    Your expertise makes vehicles better than when they were first built. If possible, it would be a blessing if you were overhaulin' my son's 1996 Ford F-150 V6. Jamie came to visit us while i was on active duty in the USMC stationed on Oahu, Hawaii. The day before flying home on January 17, 1999, Jamie drowned on the North Shore. we flew him back to Cali on January 23, 1999. It was one of the sadist days of our lives! tami and i have had the truck ever since. we hope to never let go of it. The truck is in pretty good condition, and if you were to overhaul it - we would be able to hold on to a piece of his physical memory for a long, long time. Sure hope you would take this overhaulin' adventure into consideration. It would truly be a blessing to our family.
  • Awesome 1969 Ford Thunderbird with suicide doors in need of fixing up

    Please help my husbands dream come true. He is desperately looking for help to fix up his black beauty. Please email him at if you want pictures and details, I will be forever grateful.
  • I Crave, Gasoline . . . !

    Man you guys make some sweet rides! Show after show I'm blown away. You know, I'll probably never have my second favorite car, a 67 Mustang Fastback, and that's okay I suppose. My neighbor bought one and beefed it up when I was still riding bicycle around 1969 and I've loved them ever since.

    What I'm really wondering about is this: Ever since the PT Cruiser came out they remind me of an old panel truck from the sixties. Even closer in form to the old panel is the Chevy HHR. I've always wonder why Chevy hasn't made an HHR into a four wheel drive panel truck, slightly jacked up rig for off-road use for outdoor enthusiasts. Hunters, campers, and outdoorsy people would love it! Then it hit me why Chevy hasn't done it yet - Chip Foose needs to show them the way! I'd love to see you build one for the show. I v

    can only imagine what an HHR would look like . . . Foose-afied! Ok sure I'll humbly take the first one.
  • Help Me; says a 1965 convertable TR 6!!!

    My closest friend, Dennis has a car that is in desperate need of a make-over. His TR 6 would be worth the work in your show, and I would like to enter it to surprise my friend with a lovely appreciation gift. He took me and my family into his home, and kept us from a homeless situation in the streets of Los Angeles. He has a heart of gold, and has many situations of kindness. He deserves a pleasant surprise, and since he owns several classical cars, yet cannot acquire the funds to fix them, I thought it would be cool to contact you for help. Please help...
  • Cuda Man in the Desert

    My boyfriend has been working on his 1970 383 Cuda since high school (Class of 1977 Palm Springs High). He's a printer by trade and raised his three children by himself here in Palm Desert, California. The Cuda was garaged for many years - not having the money to put into it. About two years ago his kids help pay for new tires and moved his Cuda to a garage next door to his print shop so he could start work on it. It's been a long two years with a lot of love and money going back into it. For Christmas we were able to go through the Classic Industries catalog (much loved around our home) and buy lots of little parts that he needed. He's had the brakes and exhaust completed but know that the transmission needs an overhaul and trying to save up for the paint job could be impossible. We are a Mopar family all the way! He wants all original parts back on and the original orange paint job - it's been primer black for about 20 years. I can't think of a more deserving, selfless man who appreciate help with his beloved Cuda.
  • Worthy Hardworking Father, Husband, and Grandpa

    My dad is the best man I know. He works 60+ hours a week, a loving husband to my mother for 26 years, a devoted father to his three children, the best grandpa my nephew could as for, supports and shelters all of us, went back to school and payed for his college education and pays for my State college currently. He takes care of all 5 of us under his roof. He feeds us, makes sure that everyone is taken care of and never asks for anything in return. If anyone deserved to be overhauled it would be my dad Lloyd. He has been a car enthusiast since he was a young boy. He has owned a 1970 Chevelle Malibu ever since he was a late teen and he was born in 64, so it's been nearly 30 years. His Chevelle has always been his baby, he has saved money for it ever since I can remember. With all of his responsibilities of being the head of our household and financial strain to keep our family together he has always had to put his dream of getting his car fixed on hold, for us. Its time that I do something for him and get him overhauled! He works hard, he deserves it. He even spoke of GIVING UP and SELLING his Chevelle. That broke my heart. When I asked him why, he responded by saying he has put so much money into it he can't afford to keep doing it. This made me feel like this was my fault because my father is paying for my CSU- Long Beach education and I know that is not cheap. To think that my father has to give up on his dream for me to achieve mine just kills me :((((( The car runs great, it would just need your cosmetic expertise with paint and interior. He's even got new tires and rims. My fathers dream is almost complete, but with your help he will get everything he truly deserves!!!! So please Overhaulin', make my dad's dream come true!!!<3333
  • My husband needs help with making a dream happen

    My husband is a dedicated man, father and brother who is very well deserving for him to be selected for an Overhaul. He has a 1966 AMC Ambassador that he started restoring a few years ago. Unfortunately, his mom had a heart attack and was in a coma for a month. God let us have another 2 years with her then she became ill and spent her last few months in the hospital and last few days on hospice until she passed away the day before Easter in 2013. She loved to ride in the Ambassador and told him to never get rid of it cause it was her favorite car. Finishing this car would be in honor of Diane Scott, my mother-in-law that treated me more like a daughter. He has gone through a lot with losing a sister, brother and now his mother over a period of time. Please select his Ambassador for an Overhaul. Thank you and God bless you.
  • Make my husband's dream come true

    My husband is served as an MP and then 23 years in civilian law enforcement. He Loves cars and watches Velocity day and night. In 2012 his father died. He was able to get his Dad's 1967 Cougar. He wants so badly to restore it , but with his medical and medicine bills we struggle making it on my nurses salary and his disability. He had hope to get it painted this year when he got some money from the estate, but taxes took it. Please make his dream come true and help him to restore his car before his health declines too far for him to enjoy it.
  • Dedicated Husband/Father is the gearhead of the century - 1970 GTO

    Hi Overhalin. My husband has a 1970 GTO. He has had that car for well over ten years, before we met. The car has always taken the back burner as over the last ten years, he met me :) We bought a house, got married, and had two small boys. He watches every car show out there. He is the epitome of a gear head. He especially loves Overhaulin. He buys parts here and there and works on it all the time as we can afford it. That is his dream car, we go to car shows all the time and he ends up talking to anyone that owns a GTO for half an hour at least. He is a blue collar guy that works very hard and does very little for himself.

  • Future Marine and his pride n joy 1986 GMC Sidestep

    Hi, my son is18 years old and has always wanted to be Marine since he was 5 years old. His dream is coming true, as he leaves for basics in July of this year. Two years ago he found the truck of his dreams, which has become his pride n joy. He has worked hard to pay for his truck and to fix things on it here and there. As parents we have tried to help him when we can but that hasn't been a whole lot.

    We would love to see him get his truck fixed up. He loves your show and watches it all of the time as he dreams of what his truck could be. Please help my son with his pride and joy 1986 GMC truck. Body wise it is not to bad of shape only a little rust. the engine is what needs most work. As a great surprise I would like to see maybe an American Flag painted on the tailgate. He extremely patriotic and extremely proud of the Untied States of America. Please help my son! From a very proud mom of a future United States Marine.
  • Fiance's Chevy Z24 died and was gift from grandmother when she passed away... Please help us restore this car for him!

    My fiance Troy has been in the military service for over 16 years, He injured his knee pretty badly (smashed his patella into a few parts) has been going through years of physio and always has the knee pain yet he still works hard providing medical care to anyone who needs it. He is currently a Canadian medic (for the past 8 years or so) He was given this Chevy Z-24 when his grandmother passed away, It was her last car and when she decided to buy it they showed her the level down and she test drove it but said "i want something with more pep!" so they showed her the Z-24 and she loved it. It is very sentimental and he spends all his time taking care of others and myself as i suffer from chronic pain and cannot work. He has spent hundreds of dollars keeping his car in repair in fear of losing it completely and now at the worst of times when he has become broke from keeping it fixed we now need a new engine basically as the head gasket seems to have blown, and I would hate for him to have to get rid of the car he has put so much into. He was extremely attached to his grandmother as she was a really amazing woman and he was the youngest of her grandchildren and only boy of them. She drove until she was 92 (up until 2 weeks before she passed away from kidney failure) the kind of older woman who drove fast but well and safely, complained her 80 some year old friends were too slow on occasion, and always brought a smile to everyone's face when they spent even a few moments with her. My fiance has given so much to the communities he has lived in (moved around for military reasons) and is a big heart'd caring loving man who does everything he can to make everyone else days better. Please is there a possibility that you may be able to help us out and restore his baby to the way it used to be? We live in Canada in a base town (Trenton Ontario) so I don't know if we are out of reach on doing this. But he has done so much for so many and i just think he deserves to see his car restored for him as a huge thank you for everything he does for so many people. Please contact me by e-mail if this is at all possible Thanks.
  • x-marine,&16.5 years caretaker for elderly mother also he took me off the streets & got me cleaned up & off DRUGS

    I have long time friend of 20 yeats that has taken care of his elderly handicapped mother but during this time he found the time and energy to help many friends who were down on their luck and homeless in the area. The apartment complex where his mother lived for 28 years was up for sale and his mothers health was not getting any better so he took this opportunity to move her to the country for her last was one of the few sons that would have taken on such a task. His mother passed at the end of August 2014, now he fights for his real baby, a 96 Chev truck was hit by a drunk driver in the middle of the night. If anyone deserves

  • Vietnam Veteran Marine has done right for his country let us show our appreciation and fix his 1970 Boss 302

    Dennis Smith gave himself to fight for our Freedom. His baby (70 Boss Mustang) needs his attention badly. He suffers not only from agent orange results, serious back injury he has too much pride to ask, so I am, please help him help himself. We live in the mountains not near like a city. Give us a call please at 707-279-1226 if you can help. We are not good at the computer so please contact us 9089 Hwy 175, Kelseyville CA 95451 or 707-279-1226 please let us show him our appreciation.
  • ROCcK Rolls for all ages

    We have 2002 Handicap van that's in pretty good shape. We use it to transport my Dad in hi power wheelchair. We also use it to transport the ROCcK Children's choir to events. ROCcK means Raising Our Commitment to cancer Kids. The choir performs 50 events to help inspire kids of all ages. We have no money for van repairs or improvements. We need permanent/portable benches and a little body work. Can you help?
  • My Pet Peeve

    I beg my fiance'e rid of his car all of broken bend rust not running many you names it! His car is 1983 Monte Carlo with top window need rid of it he stubborn to keep his car. He refused to sell. Help me to pick him. I know hes on disability wouldn't afford himself. He keep his car like for 20 years.
  • Not a fan anymore

    I have been watching the show for a few year . All I see get done are the rich and TV stars. That is all I have to say. Will not and do not watch anymore.
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