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  • Fiance's Chevy Z24 died and was gift from grandmother when she passed away... Please help us restore this car for him!

    My fiance Troy has been in the military service for over 16 years, He injured his knee pretty badly (smashed his patella into a few parts) has been going through years of physio and always has the knee pain yet he still works hard providing medical care to anyone who needs it. He is currently a Canadian medic (for the past 8 years or so) He was given this Chevy Z-24 when his grandmother passed away, It was her last car and when she decided to buy it they showed her the level down and she test drove it but said "i want something with more pep!" so they showed her the Z-24 and she loved it. It is very sentimental and he spends all his time taking care of others and myself as i suffer from chronic pain and cannot work. He has spent hundreds of dollars keeping his car in repair in fear of losing it completely and now at the worst of times when he has become broke from keeping it fixed we now need a new engine basically as the head gasket seems to have blown, and I would hate for him to have to get rid of the car he has put so much into. He was extremely attached to his grandmother as she was a really amazing woman and he was the youngest of her grandchildren and only boy of them. She drove until she was 92 (up until 2 weeks before she passed away from kidney failure) the kind of older woman who drove fast but well and safely, complained her 80 some year old friends were too slow on occasion, and always brought a smile to everyone's face when they spent even a few moments with her. My fiance has given so much to the communities he has lived in (moved around for military reasons) and is a big heart'd caring loving man who does everything he can to make everyone else days better. Please is there a possibility that you may be able to help us out and restore his baby to the way it used to be? We live in Canada in a base town (Trenton Ontario) so I don't know if we are out of reach on doing this. But he has done so much for so many and i just think he deserves to see his car restored for him as a huge thank you for everything he does for so many people. Please contact me by e-mail if this is at all possible Thanks.
  • x-marine,&16.5 years caretaker for elderly mother also he took me off the streets & got me cleaned up & off DRUGS

    I have long time friend of 20 yeats that has taken care of his elderly handicapped mother but during this time he found the time and energy to help many friends who were down on their luck and homeless in the area. The apartment complex where his mother lived for 28 years was up for sale and his mothers health was not getting any better so he took this opportunity to move her to the country for her last was one of the few sons that would have taken on such a task. His mother passed at the end of August 2014, now he fights for his real baby, a 96 Chev truck was hit by a drunk driver in the middle of the night. If anyone deserves

  • Vietnam Veteran Marine has done right for his country let us show our appreciation and fix his 1970 Boss 302

    Dennis Smith gave himself to fight for our Freedom. His baby (70 Boss Mustang) needs his attention badly. He suffers not only from agent orange results, serious back injury he has too much pride to ask, so I am, please help him help himself. We live in the mountains not near like a city. Give us a call please at 707-279-1226 if you can help. We are not good at the computer so please contact us 9089 Hwy 175, Kelseyville CA 95451 or 707-279-1226 please let us show him our appreciation.
  • ROCcK Rolls for all ages

    We have 2002 Handicap van that's in pretty good shape. We use it to transport my Dad in hi power wheelchair. We also use it to transport the ROCcK Children's choir to events. ROCcK means Raising Our Commitment to cancer Kids. The choir performs 50 events to help inspire kids of all ages. We have no money for van repairs or improvements. We need permanent/portable benches and a little body work. Can you help?
  • My Pet Peeve

    I beg my fiance'e rid of his car all of broken bend rust not running many you names it! His car is 1983 Monte Carlo with top window need rid of it he stubborn to keep his car. He refused to sell. Help me to pick him. I know hes on disability wouldn't afford himself. He keep his car like for 20 years.
  • Not a fan anymore

    I have been watching the show for a few year . All I see get done are the rich and TV stars. That is all I have to say. Will not and do not watch anymore.
  • this used to an interesting show...

    the bimbos and "hip" "music" detract from the message in a bad way.

    no shop full of working men needs the distraction of skanky women trotting around in the way.

    you can easily see the annoyance on many of the guys' faces...

    the creativity of Chip Foose and skills of the mechanics are amazing!
  • Their Is No One Else More Deserving!

    My husband, in one year, fell off a roof and broke five parts of his pelvic bone and two lower vertebrae. Two weeks after he recovered from that injury and had just gone back to work, he fell down the stairs in our home. He was paralyzed for a day and in the hospital for a week due to equilibrium issues. Two weeks after he recovered from that injury and went back to work, he was driving on a highway and a semi truck was parked on the side of the road (illegally), the wind caught my husband jeep commander and sent him head on into the truck going 65 mph. He broke two upper vertebrae and severed the tendons in his hand. He has been through many surgeries and three years to recover. He is my hero. He has finally gone back to work and though he still struggles with pain he has a smile on his face. After the accident and Rick not being able to work we could only afford a 1997 Jeep Cherokee that we purchased for $2000. My husband loves that car. He was a mechanic for 15 years and had planned on fixing up the car himself but with the injuries he has sustained he is not able. Everyone loves my husband. There is no one else more deserving.
  • Saving "Ol Blue"

    Hello Chip! I'm the proud owner of a 1967 Mercedes Benz 250S. I affectionately call him "Ol Blue" because that is the color. Chip I'm a twenty-six (26) year . Army Viet-Nam veteran. I'm a proud father of four (4) children, seven (7) grand children, and one (1) great-grand child. My loving wife and I have been married for forty-one (41) years. Chip I have loved old cars since I was a child, and for sure couldn't afford one then. It was hard raising a family in the military, especially after the Viet-Nam war ended. I purchased "Ol Blue" from an American civilian in Frankfurt, Germany only to find that he took advantage of me as the car was in bad shape! I kept "Ol Blue" and brought him back to the States trying to save him. As money would permit, I would attempt to make repairs. As it stands, I'm retired now and drawing social security. So, for sure now the money isn't available. Chip, I've watched your show continuously, and I feel as though I'm right there on the set; feeling every bit of the emotions the owners and the inside contact fills when the final "Overhaul" is revealed. I even find myself clapping and cheering at the reveal as if it was "Ol Blue" there under the spot light! Chip, if you and the "A Team" would find it in your hearts to grant my request favorable consideration for an "Overhaul" on Ol Blue, I would be forever grateful to each of you. Thanks in advance for your review.
  • A Last Chance Gift

    This show is just as inspiring as it is fun to watch!

    My answered prayer would be for my mother to be able to see her 1974 Satellite Sebring Plus restored. The car hasn't run in years but the body is still in pretty good condition. The car is still loved by my mother and she has saved it covered in the back yard for years.

    My mother has had the car for nearly all my life (and I am 40). A silly story, she sold her car to her grandson when he was 5 years old, a very pleased child making a very important purchase for a very expensive $5. My mother is almost blind now, with a degenerative eye disease haunting her future ability to watch her grandchildren grow, I would love for her to be able to see, even if slightly, her car restored and more importantly, be able to have her grandson give her a ride in that very same car.
  • Down on hs LUCK!

    20 years of financial struggle to make one mans car dream a reality.

    3 rebuilds, Top 5 fastest aspirated Torana TUFF LJ, Perth Street Car magazine submission life was great for our 3rd child after 20 years. Then tragedy happened during a car event at Powercruise Barbagello's raceway, where I nearly lost my husband after rolling his pride and joy 5 times and ending up on his roof, breaking threw his windscreen to get out. Not much could be salvaged except for the engine, all car panels destroyed!

    This is in his blood, watching your show tonight he said "Only if someone could help me restore my next project HT Holden UTE and not take another 10 years" Life is getting him down without a beast to drive. This was always his outlet away from tough times and I can only wish that he could have a guardian angel out there to help!

    Thanks for reading xx

  • A deserving Grandpa!!!!

    I'm sure you get lots of request for help, but i'll try anyway. My husband is a great guy, he is also my caregiver, and care for three fostered grandchildren. I suffer from Lupus and RA, my man is always taking the time to ensure my needs are met, although it leaves him little time for himself. We also have 3 grandkids that CPS took away from my gaughter that we are currently raising. My husband has a 1963 Ford Falcon he bought several years ago, it needs alot of body work. I wish you could help him.
  • We desperate need your help!!!!

    My husband made a mistake of buying a 1978 Corvette in an auction without knowing the condition that it was in. The car didnt even drive straght when we took it out of the auction!!. Because he doesnt know about mechanics, he assured me that his dad will help him. The same day he called his dad, his mother told him his dad had terminal lung cancer. I dont have to tell you that between chemo and radiation, his dad couldnt even travel to see the car. Because we live in Social Security my husband has been trying to fix the car himself, which ALWAYS end up worst that when he started. We are already $12,000 in debt for repairs that we owe and cant pay and the car is still a mess. I hope you find it in your heart to help us,

    God bless you

  • my grandmothers 996 dream

    my dad bought a 996 2002 Porsche, he always wanted to take is mom out in a convertible unfortunately before my dad can get the car to look awesome his mom was diagnosed with stomach cancer and she died a few weeks ago, now my dad has also been diagnosed with colon cancer . the car sits in the garage my dad seems like he lost interest in driving that car, he is going through chemo therapy for the next four month I would like to see this car overhauled with some nice wide fenders and stuff like that. I never seen in your show a Porsche been overhauled , I think my dad would like driving the car again if you guys overhauled it, my dad is a good father awesome friend always giving a helping hand's to his friend when they need help fixing their car, he served his county for thirteen year in the active armed service and now for the past 19 years he has been providing security at are borders as a border patrol agent please overhaul his car I know it would lift his moral, thank you guys , if you met my dad you would like him allot he is just a god honest caring person that has gone through a lot in such a short time. he would be a great addition to the Foose family
  • 1976 Land(crusher)Cruiser needs a miracle

    My son (Christian) was struck by lightening in 1995 when he was eleven while at his first football practice, it was a miracle he survived. He was never able to compete on the football field again. His grandfather (Charlie) passed away two years later and left Christian a 1976 Landcruiser to him and it's his pride & joy. It is still stock with the exception of a paint job Charlie had done on it in 1979 and in very good condition, but this classic truck needs a miracle or the elements will have won the battle. We would love for Christian to be able to drive a completely restored Landcruiser in honor of his grandfather and the twentieth anniversary of his being struck by lightening on 8/17/1995. We need another miracle, can you provide it for him? This would send Christian on to a positive future knowing this family treasure is once again in top condition!
  • I Drive Your Truck

    My dad gave my son Dustin a 1979 Ford f150 step side truck when he was in high school. Dustin would drive it to school when he had the money for gas, he would take it out on the weekends, he was proud of it and still is. Dad worked on the truck and done some work to it, he wanted diamond plate on it, so he put some on the bed, dad didn't have a lot of money to put into the truck, but what he did come from love. My dad is a Vietnam Veteran, he raised me and my brother and had always been a hard worker and he passed away in February of 2013 and the first song my son heard when he got into the truck to go to the grave yard was I DRIVE YOUR he just started to cry, he told me the other day in a message he wished he had the money to fix it up right and I told him one day he would, that things take time. I know my son would be very appreciative if someone would help him out and make his dreams come true, I'm sure if my dad were still here he would have helped my son all he could but God had other plans for him.

  • My mommy needs help!

    Not sure if you all travel for the show but i do have someone who really does deserve for something like this to happen to them, My mother, She has worked hard her whole life and she has a big heart, she has helped out family so much and put herself in so much debt because she has and now i really want to do something for her, She is a mechanic for the railroad services and she has a 97 dodge ram 1500 thtas being held together with ductape and zip ties, I have asked before but i am here again a few years later trying again lol, Please consider her for this, This is a person who really needs it, No bullshit!


  • please take a moment

    My husband has a old wood bed Chevy truck. He doesn't know I'm writing, so I can't tell the year, but its just like his late grandfathers. It has a motor from a more powerful bought 5 yrs ago (he's an avid viewer & was so excited about remodeling)

    1 yr after marriage I awoke with a powerful headache. After losing our home (now living with family) my husbands smile has slowly disappeared. I have a rare disorder that, the drs say, should take me within a year. "Vascular ehlers-danlos"

    My husband joe works constantly in dreams of building our log cabin on our property, totally rejecting the inevitable, but he stares down the driveway at that old truck he's had for yrs. He had just begun working on it when this illness came on.

    All I want is to see "that smile" one more time. He is a good man. He works hard, he hides his worries and has lost his personal dream of having this "hotrod truck" only to replace them with dreams of how to save me.

    He doesn't go out, he doesn't drink or have any fun. He works at least 10 hrs a day then he just lays with me, as that's all I can do at this point.

    Our dreams aren't talked about much now, so this is the only thing, I know, that would make him GLOW. (I want to see that smile!) He's only 33 and deserves something for all of the work he is doing to pay for the medical bills. I know I'll never see our dream home, he won't face this. But I can leave him with something for I have no way of surviving the time it takes for a log home.

    This would leave him in awe.

    Please reply

    I can do very little for fear of organ rupture. THIS would be MY one hope to surprise a man that asks for nothing.

    If I've written the wrong show (he watches them all) then can you help me find the right one?

    With hope and my deepest respect

    Leslie Finney
  • A disabeld vet needs help

    I need help with my 88 dodge daytona cs turbo 1 I am a disabeld vet and spent time in NAM.
  • Chip surprise.

    My husband love the show, I wish you had a show that would give a car away. He's loves old school cars. He had several cars before and all he does is watch and laugh with happiness Chip helps a lot of people, I exspecially love the episode where Chips old family truce was overhaulded. He was joyed and happy his father really pulled it off and Chip deserve everything they did to his truck. We love each show, keep up the great job. Again if the company is every giving a car or truck away please call me. Sincerely Tracy xoxoxoxoxoxo 330-338-6894 Akron, OH
  • MomsDream4Raymond

    I am a single mom to one child. I have raised my son alone. His father left when he was 13 yrs old and never left anything for him. My brothers have always thought the world of My son and one of them sold him his 1997 Ford F150. There were times when he thought about selling it to help me with bills but I knew it would be a decision he would later regret. It's been sitting out in the elements for a few years and it is showing the signs. He's afraid his dream will never come to pass. He and I have gone through hell and back with his 2 knee surgeries, my own surgeries while medical bills keep piling on. I cannot help him right now. He's babying the truck he loves it so much and tonight he is cleaning out the garage to make room for the truck and hoping that no more damage will come to it. Can you help make his dream possible? He does not have much but what he does have he takes great pride in it and handles his things responsibly. He's a great guy. Quiet. Full of life. Full of vision. I can't give him much except possibilities right now. Is this possible?
  • 64 Chevelle 2dr wagon

    My husband found this car in a barn. The guy that owned the car said many years ago his son overheated the car and stuck a water hose in the radiator to cool it down but the motor was not running and it broke the block, He wasn't sure what year it was but the plate on the back was from 1970. the car had a 327 4spd in it and it's exactly what my husband says a hot rod should have. he was raised by his grandma & grandpa who both passed away within a few months of each other. They were married 77 years, and his mom and us took care of them until they passed on. Now we are trying to get a place ready for mom,who is 76 years old and still working at our local library doing genealogy for anyone she can help. I work in a factory full time and my husband works as a commercial manager for AUTO ZONE Monday through Saturday. My husband loves fixing cars,but here's the problem. He is always fixing other peoples cars and never has time do work on his. The Chevelle is a pretty solid car, and as guy that used to have a body shop he is really excited about finding this car. Years ago he used to build race cars for Dana Mecum and his dad Eddie Sr. When he told Dana about the car Dana said he could'nt believe it. He said he knew they made some 2dr wagons in 1964 but could not remember ever seeing one. This would be a great car for your show ,just for the simple fact, when's the last time you seen one! My Husband now has cancer and we dont know if he is ever going to get this car done. And I would like to know if you could Please help me get this done . For him. Thank you so much

    you can call us at 765-669-1223

  • A little out there...

    My fiancee' has a 2005 Chevy Cobalt. It is purple, yes purple! It is also a mess. The interior looks like a cyclone has been through and left enough debris to make a child's fort (and not a nice one!). It also has stained seats and a layer of dirt everywhere. How does that even happen? I love the gas mileage but I hate riding in that messy thing. The exterior is not only purple (yes again purple) but he has had a few minor run-ins with poles and such. He just loves your show so I thought would at least try and reach out to your expertise for help. Help us?
  • oh boy---I have been rusted

    I am 68 and have bought a 68 Ford Bronco Half Cab Project Vehicle for my wife. I could REALLY use your help on this project as I have had 4 back surgeries, had prostate cancer, elbow/arm surgery and most recently Merca Infection in my right arm. My wife just recently as asked to resign from her job so now we have to pay big bucks for her insurance since she is only 61. This lady has been through hell with sitting in hospitals, etc during all of my hospital stays,my recovering for months at a time, etc, etc. I was able to fix my Dads 65 Chevy C10 Stepside but it took me about 4yrs & $7,000 to do it and she has been my biggest supporter. I would like to see her Ford Bronco fixed up as with my age, health issues, & lack of funds I am fearful it will not get done in time for her to enjoy it. She always puts everyone else ahead of herself but she is beginning to get wore down as she is really taking losing her job of 31 yrs pretty hard. Your help would be an answer to our prayers as we don't have many resources in Wyoming to try or go to.
  • to the point

    over 400,000 miles a 1986 full size costume bronco wagon /truck 5.0 EFI, all original parts love the truck to the point need I help. it feels like it wont's to fall apart but keeps on going .CENTRAL OR, I WANT TO KEEP THE TRUCK. IT'S A GREAT RIDE, FUN!
  • 1966 Ford F100 All Original

    My wife has bought a 66 Ford F100 from her boss. To my surprise its all ORIGINAL. It still has the original motor. All the knobs, sun visors you name it, it's all there. She loves the old rustic look and wood bed BUT I know she would love it better if it was restored. We've been working on it little by little but sure would LOVE it if you could know it's a long shot but it doesn't hurt to try. Thank you for reading this.
  • pine tree fell on the vehicle crushing the

    1996 Acura Integra, a beauty, unfortunately while rebuilding the engine a pine tree fell on the vehicle crushing the dream/finances my boyfriend had in fixing it up. Unfortunately no car insurance was on the vehicle at the time and our homeowners denied to cover. Now due to finances and time constraints/travel with his job the Integra's home is in our driveway awaiting for TLC. I know it crushes my boyfriends heart every time he walks past it. Requesting assistance to complete a dream!!!
  • For my dad

    Hi, my name is Selena. I know this a dream to have a car built... But in life you dream big and see what happens. This is my first time doing this and I live with my dad and my sister he is a single dad that would do anything to keep us happy and he was ripped off by my mother when I was younger I've had a hard life but since I have my dad it's been pretty easy. He use to have a Mustang but my mom stole are money she would always do that....... I want to give the chance to my dad to have a fast built Mustang it would put a huge smile on his face he spends his money on me and my sister he spoiles us the best way he can. So please give him this great opportunity I love my dad and I just want him to be happy and know there's hope in the world for being a single dad with two teenage girls... Living with him. Thank you for reading. Contact 905-351-9929. Or 905-684-4896
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