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Champions, tag teams, stables etc.

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    OVW Heavyweight Champion
    *Mike Kruel (July 28, 2007 Won from Paul Birchall)

    OVW Television Champion
    Shawn Spears (July 13, 2007 Won from Cody Runnels)

    OVW Southern Tag Team Champions
    TJ Dalton & Jamin Olivencia (August 01, 2007 Won from The James Brothers**)

    OVW Women's Champion
    ODB (June 1, 2007 Won from Katie Lea)

    Tag Teams

    Ox & The Hammer - Justin LaRoche & Charles Evans

    Terminal Velocity - Chet The Jett & Steve Lewington

    The High Flyers - TJ Dalton & Jamin Olivencia

    Los Locos - Raul & Ramon

    The James Boys - KC James & Cassidy James

    The Major Brothers - Brett Major & Brian Major

    Cryme Tyme - Shad Gaspard & JTG


    Gothic Mayhem - 'Platinum' Pat Buck (Leader), Johnny Punch, Roni Jonah and Melody

    Team America - Michael W. Kruel, Vladimir Kozlov, Mr. Stronko, Roucka, Belgium Brawler, Raul and Ramon

    The New Generation Hart Foundation - Teddy Hart & Harry Smith and Nattie Neidhart

    * - Vladimir Kozlov won the title from Paul Birchall earlier in the day, then "gave" the belt to Mike Kruel under protest.

    ** - Though the James Boys were the "official" tag team champions, Cryme Tyme had never lost the titles back to them.

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