Season 6 Episode 6

A Day in the Death...

Aired Monday 11:00 PM Feb 09, 2003 on HBO

Episode Recap

Back in Oz on a parole violation, Beecher wants absolutely nothing to do with Keller. A heart-broken Keller makes a pact of friendship with, of all people, Vern.

With Stella's lumpectomy nearing, Rebadow apologizes to her for his selfish behavior regarding her cancer. She sends him away due to her fear that his negativity will damage her chances of recovery.

Lemuel Idzik asks to be transferred from Unit J to Em City. McManus complies and rooms him with Omar. Idzik asks Omar to kill him.

Detective McGorry has been replaced by a new, no-nonsense investigator who, on Devlin's orders, cuts off Glynn's attempts to fully investigate the murder of Mayor Lowen. Glynn remains suspicious of Officer Adrian Johnson and learns that Devlin's assistant went to school with Johnson. Instead of turning on his friend, he tips Johnson off and Johnson kills Brandt.

Mentally scarred by Cutler's abusive ways, Robson enters a rape support group.

Miguel gets a visit about Cutler's possessions from Cutler's widow, Cathy Jo. McM decides to set up a meeting between Miguel and the parole officer he punched out. Alvarez, Guerra and the other Latinos carry Morales' coffin out of Oz.

Gloria discovers one of her nurses, Carol Grace, had worked for two prior hospitals, with a body count of 8 dead men, and deduces that she must have killed Martinez, Morales, and another man at Oz. Carol is dragged away by the cops.

Burr is unable to get any prisoners interested in telemarketing. Meanwhile, the gangsters are getting pissed because Arif isn't paying them for the book-binding. Their efforts to deal drugs again are thwarted by the Sicilians. Burr bullies Christian prisoner Gougeon into destroying the book-binding equipment. Arif gets the Muslim money back via the insurance check, and Burr persuades him into keeping silent about the possible sabotage.

Per Gloria's advice, Ryan decides to give Cyril the electric chair instead of the more unknown and potentially painful lethal injection. They decide to tell Cyril that he is just going in for a special session of ECT. As the execution draws near, Ryan shaves Cyril's head and keeps a braid of his hair as a memento. Not knowing he is about to be executed, Cyril eats fluffernutters as his last meal and visits with Ryan and Suzanne. After Em City's prisoners beat on their plexiglass cell doors in a protest spearheaded by Jahfree Naema; Ryan, visibly moved by their gesture, goes to the meditation maze since he can't be with Cyril in his final moments. Cyril is led to the chamber, strapped down, his friends and Li Chen's family in attendance At the very last second before the switch is thrown, Glynn gets a call from the governor. Suzanne and Sister Pete are overjoyed, Ryan is in disbelief - the execution has been stayed! Ryan is later seen holding a bible, looking upward and giving thanks.
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