Season 6 Episode 6

A Day in the Death...

Aired Monday 11:00 PM Feb 09, 2003 on HBO



  • Trivia

    • Father Mukada recites the 23rd Psalm from the King James Version of the Bible. This is an error; Roman Catholic clergy are permitted to use several different translations in their duties, but the KJV isn't one of them.

    • Prisoner featured

      Samuel Gougeon, convicted August 5th 1997. Manslaughter. Sentence: 19 years, up for parole in 10. (prisoner # 97G141)

  • Quotes

    • Augustus Hill: It's a widespread agreement that retarded people are less accountable for their crimes than people of average intelligence. But if so, someone or something has to be held accountable, has to pick up the slack, has to take the rest of the blame, right? After all, these victims still die heinous deaths, and families still grieve. If the retarded person is not fully at fault, than who, or what, shares the responsibility? God? Human nature? Society? Maybe the question is: who isn't to blame?

    • Barber: (cutting Cyril's hair) Homey, you put Repunzel to shame.

    • (Discussing which method is best for Cyril's execution)
      Dr. Nathan: Well, I was wondering if maybe the electric chair wouldn't be the better way to go.
      Ryan: The chair? Why not just feed him to the fucking lions?

    • Redding: Suppose you wouldn't want to trade that service spoon for a telephone, O'Reily? Come on over and join our company.
      Ryan: Yeah, that'd be a dream come true, pissing off strangers at dinnertime.
      Redding: Ain't no money in the kitchen.
      Ryan: That's why my middle name is 'subsidize'.

    • Ortolani: Accidents are the fifth leading cause of death. But you know as well as me, there's no such thing as an accident. That's just some bullshit word we used instead of blaming ourselves, because no matter what damn lie you've been told, we're the leading cause of death. Mankind. And there's no cure for us.

    • Ortolani: Cancer. The scariest fucking word in the English language, and the second leading cause of death. It might be a zodiac sign, bur more likely, cancer will eat your insides up. You know why it's so fucking scary? 'Cause the word itself is a cancer. Just the idea of it can infect you. The stress of it can spread through your spirit. The fear can turn into the disease.

    • Ortolani: Breathtaking. That's a nice way to describe someone or something, right? What the fuck's so good about having your breath taken? Respiratory disease clocks in at number four on our little hit parade and for good reason, 'cause regardless of who takes your breath away, be it four packs a day or just one chick, you're dead just the same.

    • Murphy: Alvarez, you got a surprise visitor.
      Alvarez: My girlfriend Maritza?
      Murphy: No, one Cathy Jo Cutler.
      Alvarez: She's the...
      Murphy: Wolfgang Cutler's grieving widow.
      Alvarez: Right. Well, that's good. Now I can figure out why he left me all his shit.
      Murphy: (mumbling to himself) Yeah, good luck.

    • Sister Pete: Alright. Let's imagine that you could do it over, the visit with Liesel. What would you do differently?
      Robson: I'd talk. Hug her. Yeah. Stroke her hair, but not put her hand inside my pants. What the fuck was I thinking?

    • Johnson: What's up, Perry?
      Perry: There's something I need you to do.
      Johnson: Kill Willie Brandt?
      Perry: Yes. And Leo Glynn.

    • Yood: What, are you nuts? requesting a transfer into Gen Pop. Emerald City especially? That's where Said lived. People there loved him.
      Idzik: Not everybody.

    • McManus I've been thinkin', I wanna set up a meeting between you and Luis Ruiz.
      Alvarez: I hit the motherfucker in the face, I'm not gonna come over for afternoon tea.

    • Ortolani: The third leading cause of death is stroke, or as they like to call it nowadays, brain attack. I'm serious, that's a real medical term but who the fuck among us ain't had their brain attcked? Ain't had some part of themselves shut down, paralyzed, which forces us to keep attacking back.

    • Omar: McManus set this up, I'm gonna whack you for whackin' Said.
      Idzik: Perfect. As the clock runs out, the hands of fate are applauding.
      Omar: What does that mean?
      Idzik: I asked to be put in Em City for one reason and one reason only: to find someone to kill me.

    • Omar: (regarding Idzik) You can't bring that scumbag into Em City!
      McManus: Omar, all we got in Em City is scumbags. Including you!

    • (Keller enters the gym and walks up to Toby, putting his hands on his legs)
      Keller: Toby, there you are I've been looking everywhere for you.
      Beecher: Get the fuck away from me.(He pulls away from Keller's reach)
      Keller: I heard what you've been telling people,do you honestly think I would fuck you over just to get you back?
      Beecher: Don't play wounded puppy. I know who you are.
      Keller: Toby, I love you, I need you.
      Beecher: You're only making this worse.
      Keller: Look, you gotta believe me! I'm innocent!
      Beecher: Okay, let's say I give you the benefit of the doubt, that you didn't do it on purpose. The bottom line is: I belive you would, that you're capable of it. That's the kind of man I think you are, and I wish to God I left you on Death Row!
      (Keller walks away, heartbroken)

    • Ortolani: Not all heart disease will leave you dictionary dead, some will kill you and still leave you livin'. Yeah, we got a whole lotta walking dead in Oz.

    • (O'Reily is trying his damnest not to cry)
      O'Reily: One thing that I didn't tell you, Cyril, there's going to be other people there watching today.
      Cyril: Who?
      Ryan: Oh, let's see, the Warden, Sister Pete, Ma, Dr. Nathan and a few other people you probably won't recognize.
      Cyril: Oh. Are you gonna be there?
      Ryan: No, I want to, but I can't.
      Cyril: Why?
      (O'Reily loses it and begins to cry and cry)
      Cyril: Daddy said, it's not good for big boys to cry.
      Ryan: Yeah, well, you know what? Dad was wrong. Dad was wrong, and I was wrong. We were all so fucking wrong, Cyril. Man, I'm so sorry.
      Cyril: Did I do something?
      Ryan: No. No. Dr. Nathan, she said I got this condition, right, and the only way for me to cure myself is to cry. You know, it's got nothing to do with you. I'm sorry, don't be scared, okay?
      (Cyril farts, O'Reily and Cyril both crack up)
      Cyril: Whoops. I think I got gas from dinner.

  • Notes

    • When Beecher and Keller are in the gym, there is a reaction shot of the bearded biker looking over his shoulder as he lifts weights. This shot is re-used from when Stanton was threatening Montgomery in s5e2 "laws of gravity".

    • Sparks fly when Cathy Jo Cutler visits Alvarez. This is art imitating life as Kirk Acevedo (Alvarez) and Amie Quigley (Cathy Jo) were dating offscreen at the time.

    • One of the books Stella is shelving is Unheard America, the compilation Poet was included in in Season 2. It even has a picture of Poet on the back cover.

    • The song that is being played in the background during the scene where Cyril is about to be executed is called "Save me" by Joan Armatrading.

    • In-joke alert: One of the hospitals Nurse Carol previously worked at was St. Eligius, which was of course the name of the hospital on Tom Fontana's 80's classic, "St. Elsewhere". They also had a serial euthenasia storyline (almost as bad as Oz's), although Melinda Culea was the culprit there.
      Gloria says she also worked in a hospital in Buffalo, NY, which is Tom's hometown.

    • Dino Ortolanti, the first person killed on Oz, returns to make a few brief (very brief) comments.

    • Crime Flashback

      Samuel Gougeon shoots and kills a fellow hunter.

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