Season 6 Episode 4

A Failure to Communicate

Aired Monday 11:00 PM Jan 26, 2003 on HBO



  • Trivia

    • Crime Flashback

      Jahfree Neema kidnaps his young daughter from a day care center.

    • Prisoner featured

      Jahfree Neema, convicted January 10, 2003. Kidnapping, assault. Sentence: 7 years, up for parole in 3. (prisoner # 03N679)

    • I think it's interesting to note that in the previous episodes involving the production of Shakespeare's "Macbeth," Father Meehan played the lead role of MacBeth. However, in this episode, Ryan's mother implores Ryan to help her find a lead to replace "Shibetta," who never played the lead in this play. Although it's not made very clear, Peter Schibetta did have the lead role of Macbeth. In one episode we see him come in for an audition. In a deleted scene we see Ryan yell at his mother for giving Schibetta the role of Macbeth.

    • How nice for Clarence that, after being framed for Harrison Beecher's murder and led away by guards, he was apparently given no harsh sentence and only 3 episodes later can stand around gen pop to shoot the breeze with Keller.

    • After committing murder to get out of Vern's grip, why would Franklin Winthrop so happily go along with Keller's seduction? And doesn't anyone know better than to go in a storage room with Keller, as he has not only been stabbed in one but has also broken a lover's neck?

  • Quotes

    • Lopresti: Okay, Cyril, time for another fabulous ECT treatment.
      Cyril: What's ECT?
      Lopresti: Jesus, why is it every time, I got to tell you what ECT means?
      Mukada: That's because electroshock causes memory loss.
      Lopresti: Oh.

    • (Officer Johnson, a black CO, has just been called to the cell of Cutler and Robson)
      Officer Johnson: (into radio) Base one, we got an 823 in B. (to Robson) Well, ain't that a kick? One of you actually went and lynched yourselves.

    • (Wolfgang and Stein are reading lines for the play)
      Fitzgerald: Hmm, well, see, Macbeth is conflicted about the implications of his act.
      Cutler: And I'm supposed to let this bitch take care of things for me?
      Stein: You can't seem to do it yourself.
      Cutler: Watch it, buttercup.

    • Urbano: Hey, Robson. How's that bitch thing coming?

    • (Pender is trying to convince Omar to join him in his class action against OZ)
      Glynn: I understand you want to speak with me.
      Penders: Omar, who's out there? What's going on?
      White: Okay, you let me out of solitary, right, back to Em City? And I, I won't sue with Penders.
      Glynn: That's all I get in the deal?
      White: Well, what more do you want, man? Look around, I ain't got ... I ain't got much to offer.
      Glynn: Here's an idea. I put you back in Em city and you don't mention a word of this conversation to anyone, not a fucking syllable.
      White: Oh, no, fuck the syllable, I mean, not even a fucking letter, okay?

    • Nappa: One day in 1876, Alexander Graham Bell uttered through a wire, "Watson, come here, I want you". 130 years later, we're talking through satellites. Strange, huh, that before hanging up we say, "Keep In Touch", when there's never any touch involved. No contact. Just cables and frequencies. Still, to get an "I Love You" call in the middle of a shitty day, that makes a cellphone seem miraculous.

    • Keller: Winthrop.
      Winthrop: You're Keller, right?
      Keller: Mmm hmm!
      Winthrop: I heard plenty of stories about you.
      Keller: Yeah? I've heard a couple about you myself, there's one in particular that interests me.
      Winthrop: I interest you?
      Keller: Fascinate is a better word. Meet me later, storage closet, Unit B.
      (later in the closet)
      Keller: That story I heard, the one that fascinates me?
      Winthrop: Yeah?
      Keller: That's the one where you killed Beecher's father.
      Winthrop: No! No! No!
      (Keller breaks his neck)

    • (Keller is being evaluated as a resident of Death Row)
      Keller: Beecher's in love.
      Sister Pete: Really? Did he say so?
      Keller: I can tell.
      Sister Pete: And how does that make you feel?
      Keller: I don't know.
      Sister Pete: Come on, Chris, don't bull me. How does that make you feel.
      Keller: Happy!
      Sister Pete: For him?
      Keller: Yes.
      Sister Pete: And for you?
      Keller: Jealous.
      Sister Pete: And what are you going to do with that jealousy? Chew on it?
      Suck on it? Devour it whole?
      Keller: (yelling)YEAH, OKAY. BEECHER HAS WHAT I WANT! I WANT A LIFE! I get executed and he lives a long, old life surrounded by his grandchildren. I WANT A LIFE! You can't expect me not to be a little envious.
      Sister Pete: Sure, I can. If you truly love him, I expect that and more. I'll write in my review that you're behaving normally.

    • Keller: Hey, all we've been doing is talking about legal shit. How you doing? With your father gone and now Said. (Beecher starts welling up) Hey, it's okay. I'm sorry. Toby, what's it like ... being free?
      Beecher: It's uh ... the zoo, the soccer field. We're outdoors constantly, you know? Spending time with my kids, real time. It's little things, you know, like helping them with their homework, going to PTSA meetings.

    • Nappa: (narrating) The printing press changed the world forever, and for the better. Bibles got printed in vernacular rather then Latin, bringing God out of the dark ages, out of dark corners, for ordinary folks like you and me. But imagine old Gutenberg at a newsstand today. Think he'd be proud of paving the way for "Juggs", "High Times", and "Soldier of Fortune"?

    • McGorry: Your press pass says that your name is Lemuel Idzik. Is that, in fact, your real name?
      Idzik: Who could make up a name like that? Yes, Idzik.
      McGorry: I'm Detective McGorry, Homicide. I need to ask you some questions.
      Idzik: I did it. I killed Kareem Said. What more is there?
      McGorry: You'd be willing to sign a confession?
      Idzik: Yes. You write out the words and I'll sign it in my best penmanship.
      McGorry: After I've read you your rights, I'll want you to tell me what happened.
      Idzik: Here's all I'll say ... I had to kill him before night-fall.

  • Notes

    • Clips shown as background during Nappa's monologue includes various prisoners using and abusing the computer (Rebadow, Keller, porn, etc.) and a shot of Ryan chatting during the infamous cell-phone-in-Oz storyline of early season 4.

    • The unflappable mob boss Antonio Nappa returns to narrate in his own unique style. Also dropping in are McGorry, last seen investigating a dirty cop's elevator shaft death in season 4, and Officer Brese, a seasons 1-3 recurring guard who has apparently gone from cynical and blase to alcholic and unemployed.

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