Season 6 Episode 4

A Failure to Communicate

Aired Monday 11:00 PM Jan 26, 2003 on HBO



  • Quotes

    • (Keller is being evaluated as a resident of Death Row)
      Keller: Beecher's in love.
      Sister Pete: Really? Did he say so?
      Keller: I can tell.
      Sister Pete: And how does that make you feel?
      Keller: I don't know.
      Sister Pete: Come on, Chris, don't bull me. How does that make you feel.
      Keller: Happy!
      Sister Pete: For him?
      Keller: Yes.
      Sister Pete: And for you?
      Keller: Jealous.
      Sister Pete: And what are you going to do with that jealousy? Chew on it?
      Suck on it? Devour it whole?
      Keller: (yelling)YEAH, OKAY. BEECHER HAS WHAT I WANT! I WANT A LIFE! I get executed and he lives a long, old life surrounded by his grandchildren. I WANT A LIFE! You can't expect me not to be a little envious.
      Sister Pete: Sure, I can. If you truly love him, I expect that and more. I'll write in my review that you're behaving normally.