Season 1 Episode 8

A Game of Checkers

Aired Monday 11:00 PM Aug 25, 1997 on HBO

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  • What a way to end the season! "A Game Of Checkers" is truly the climax of season 1...

    In this episode, the situation in Oz boils over and the prisoners take control of Em City. It is interesting to see the prisoners be divided into groups, when Kareem Said forms a council, consisting of Ross, Adebisi, O'Reilly and Alvarez. The inmates take 8 prisoners and make a list of demands. Kareem Said is the only one with a gun, so he is considered a threat by the other inmates. It doesn't take long for Adebisi to run out of heroin and as he starts stirring up trouble whilst looking for drugs, he and his group are tied up, leaving just Ross, Alvarez and O'Reilly to deal with Said. Augustus manages to convince Jackson Vayhue to take the wounded cello player out of Em City. Tim McManus puts his own life in danger, when he trades himself for two wounded prisoners. The already chaotic situation goes from bad to worse, when Governor Devlin orders a SORT Team to take back Oz and basicaly gives them the green light to shoot at anything that moves. If this show were still on TV, the level of curiosity at the end of the episode would be simply unbearable.