Season 4 Episode 7

A Town Without Pity

Aired Monday 11:00 PM Aug 23, 2000 on HBO

Episode Recap

Ryan, who is secretly having an affair with Howell, asks her to kill Nikolai. Cyril gets back from the infirmary. Querns prepares to bring Nikolai back into Em City because nothing can be proven about the cell phone, and he sees no reason to keep Nic in PC if he cannot give any information to implicate Ryan or Hoyt in anything illegal. Querns warns Ryan about anything happening to Nikolai when he gets back to Em City, Ryan will be held responsible. Nikolai asks for a bubble bath before he is sent back. Howell shows up to help him enjoy himself by giving his bath a happy ending and a rubber ducky, then she throws a hairdryer in the bathtub, electrocuting him. She and Ryan exchange knowing winks as a curious Cyril looks on.

Moses learns his appeal has been denied, and an appeal to a higher court would take a year. Sick of the racial taunts, Moses begins chipping a hole in the wall between his cell and Miles'.

Keller and Schillinger separately plan to kill Zabitz, Keller because of Zabitz causing a rift between he and Beecher and Schillinger because Zabitz wants more cash and protection from Keller or he'll snitch. When Keller and Robson confront him in a storage room, their turf war is solved by Zabitz's fatal heart attack. Said catches Beecher with yet another man, as Beecher uses sex to numb his pain. Beecher rips into Sister Pete for her recent disappearing act. Hank gets vacation money from Vern after being freed by a technical error by the police. As he plans to kill Vern, Beecher pays Pancamo to kill Hank. He later has a change of heart after a visit with Holly and a talk with Said and attempts to stop the hit but is too late. Pancamo promises the body won't be found "for a million years".

Rebadow returns from the Hole, apologizing to Busmalis, but falls to the floor before Busmalis can shake his hand. He goes to Benchley Memorial hospital for removal of a brain tumor. Busmalis begins another tunnel.

Hill is shaken after after a lengthy interrogation by McGorry about Gergan's murder.

Supreme Allah threatens Arif, who then begs Said to retake his role as Muslim leader.

The gays are transferred to Unit B. Adebisi tapes wild sex and drug parties in his pod.

When Pancamo and Morales demand their share of drug money, Adebisi reveals they (along with the rest of the Italians and Latinos) are being transferred to Unit B and replaced in the drug play by Supreme Allah and Poet. McManus and Said make plans to take back Em City. Said grants Adebisi's longtime wish of a partnership. Adebisi forces him to swear on Allah that he's sincere and the Homeboys and a reluctant Said begin a vistory cheer that rings throughout Em City.

Lenore shares her fears of Clayton's increasing anti-Devlin attitude with Glynn. At a press conference, a Travis Bickle-esque Hughes (complete with Mohawk) shoots Devlin.
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