Season 4 Episode 7

A Town Without Pity

Aired Monday 11:00 PM Aug 23, 2000 on HBO



  • Trivia

    • Prisoners featured

      Eli Zabitz, convicted April 1st, 1996. Aggravated assault. Sentence, nine years, up for parole in 6. (prisoner # 96Z858)

      Raymond Browne AKA Mondo Browne, convicted April 10th, 2000, murder in the first degree. Sentence, 27 years, up for parole in 11. (prisoner # 00B563)

    • The shaving cream on Said's face changes position when he is talking to Adebisi in the bathroom.

  • Quotes

    • (All the gay inmates are being transferred out)
      Officer Howell: Let's go, ladies!
      Keller: (to Pancamo) More white guys leaving Em City.
      Pancamo: They may be white. But they ain't guys.
      Keller: Still. It's getting awfully dark around here.
      Pancamo: (noticing that they are surrounded by black inmates) True.

    • Adebisi: If I wanted to, I could crush you like a cockroach.
      Said: Yes, but you won't because I am the only one who speaks the truth to you.
      Adebisi: Your truth, not mine.

    • Sister Pete: Tobias, aren't you going to stay and talk about this?
      Beecher: If there's nothing to be done, what is there to talk about?
      Sister Pete: Your anger.
      Beecher: Sister, you do not want to see my anger. My anger is massive, all-encompassing.
      Sister Pete: I'm not afraid.

    • Keller: How are your daughter's teeth?
      Zabitz: Every one is now a pearl.
      Keller: I'm glad. It makes me happy that you were able to provide dental care before you die.
      Zabitz: Die?! I'm not going.. Jesus, Keller!
      Keller: Shh.. Shh.. Son, you'll be joining your ancestors.
      Zabitz: If you gonna do it, why tell me?
      Keller: So you can get your affairs in order. And to watch you sweat.

    • Chris Keller: Adebeisi and Said hand in hand...
      Ryan O'Reilly:It's the end of the fucking universe.

    • (Adebisi accepts Said's plead to 'join' Adebisi in his current crusade)
      Adebisi: I have waited for this moment. Now I can raise you as my equal. Together, there is nothing we can't do. Nothing. Nothing!
      (The entire Black community of Emerald City begins chanting 'Nothing' louder and louder)

    • Said: Conditions in Emerald City are deteriorating rapidly. Something has to be done to stop Adebisi.
      McManus: Hey, why are you coming to me? Talk to Querns.
      Said: I have. Querns is willing to turn a blind eye to what Adebisi is doing as long as order is maintained.
      McManus: Then talk to Glynn.
      Said: I tried that, too. He seems indifferent. Distracted because of his election campaign. No. It's up to you and me.

    • (McManus enters a meeting with fellow unit managers and the Warden)
      McManus: Hey, sorry I'm late. Emerald City is a shithouse!
      Glynn: McManus.
      McManus: There's garbage all over the place.
      Querns: Oh, and in Unit B you can eat off the floor.
      Glynn: Enough!
      Querns: The motherfucker's jealous of me.
      McManus: (Bewildered) Jealous?
      Querns: That's right, jealous.

    • Schillinger: McManus, we got to talk.
      McManus: Make an appointment with my secretary.
      Schillinger: This is serious
      McManus: Yeah, I can tell. You got that Schillinger scowl going.
      Schillinger: Your precious little dream, your Emerald City, is now a ghetto. You been there lately? Crap all over the floors, drugs everywhere, the lack of primary colors.

    • (Beecher lunges at Schillinger from Sister Peter's Office)
      Beecher: I'm going to kill you, motherfucker!
      Schillinger: Well, I guess you heard the good news about Hank.
      Beecher: Cocksucker! You fucking cocksucker!
      Sister Peter Marie: Take him to Em City!
      Beecher: (Pointing at Schillinger) You wait! You fucking wait!
      Schillinger: Wowee! Got quite a temper, hasn't he?

    • Father Ray Mukada: It only takes one man to change the way things are.
      Keller: Yeah? Well, I'm not that man.

    • Keller: You never have, have you?
      Father Ray Mukada: What?
      Keller: Fucked a fellow priest.
      Father Ray Mukada: No.
      Keller: Ever wanted to?
      Father Ray Mukada: No.
      Keller: Oh, come on. You share a bathroom together. You walk in and some seminarian's tight, little ass is hanging out.
      Father Ray Mukada: (Grinning) Keller, I see what you're up to.

    • Schillinger: (about Zabitz who has just pleaded for protection) Jesus. I thought Jews were supposed to be tough.
      Robson: Hmm, that's just the Israelis.

    • Keller: Hello Eli. You know, this room really isn't that safe. I got stabbed here once myself.
      Zabitz: Fuck, Keller, no! (Robson enters) Oh, thank God. Get him!
      Robson: Schillinger wants you dead.
      Zabitz: What? Fuck!
      Keller: Robson, this is my kill.
      Robson: Take a fucking walk, Keller.
      Zabitz: Please don't kill me! Please!
      (Zabitz has a heart attack and dies, Keller kicks the body and shrugs at Robson)
      Keller: Later.
      Robson: Later.

    • Said: You're a slut, Beecher. You'll sleep with anyone.
      Beecher: So?
      Said: So, how does that sex make you feel? You feel better about yourself?
      Beecher: No, worse.
      Said: Then why do it?
      Beecher: Because at least I'm feeling something. I'd prefer to be happy, but self-hate'll do in a pinch.
      Said: Don't hate yourself.
      Beecher: Why not? My son's dead because of me, my daughter's a mess because of me and Keller.....Keller doesn't love me. But I tried this new detergent, it really seems to get the whites clean.

    • Stanislofski:(after Howell gives him a handjob) It was never like this in Gulag.

    • Lawyer: I didn't create the system, Moses. I just wallow in it.

    • Miles: (admiring his self-portrait) Picasso, bend over.

    • Ryan: Blow me.
      Howell: Again?

  • Notes

    • Crime Flashbacks

      Cook Eli Zabitz throws hot food on the chef who insulted him.

      Mondo Browne hides the torso of a woman in a meat locker.

  • Allusions

    • In the final scene of the episode, where Devlin is shot during his announcement, Clayton Hughes enters dressed exactly like Robert DeNiro's character, Travis Bickle, in Taxi Driver. This includes the mohawk as well.