Season 2 Episode 7

Animal Farm

Aired Monday 11:00 PM Aug 24, 1998 on HBO

Episode Recap

Wittlesey finds Beecher drunk in his pod but Sister Pete gives him a one-time break, by sending him to the infirmary instead of the hole.

Vern and the Aryans rape Cyril and Ryan tries to get him transferred to Em City but McManus refuses to do so, unless he admits to conspiring with Cyril to kill Dr Nathan's husband, a deal Ryan refuses. Ryan takes another course of action to protect his brother by starting a fight with him which gets Cyril sent to the hole.

A new law requiring sex offenders to register with the local authorities passes in the Senate and at the same time former priest Robert Sipple (a child molester) is released from OZ. Father Mukada refuses to help Sipple, find a job despite Pete's requests.

After Coushaine's strenuous objection to the new law, Hill and Wangler speculate on his possible sex crime.

Hill asks Vern and Miguel about ways to escape.

In exchange for getting back in the kitchen, Ryan helps Adebisi understand Shirley's letters. She promises to him oral sex on her birthday, but when he arrives, she rejects because he is black. Retreating into a haze of drugs, he begins pushing Pierce and Wangler away.

Pancamo returns from the hospital.

New arrivals Hoyt, Jarra, and Nappa make waves.

Antonio Nappa wants revenge on Adebisi for Peter Schibetta's rape. He takes control of the Italian gang and works with Burrano to begin random drug testing and Adebisi, naturally, tests positive. Sister Pete warns him that he'll go to the psych ward if he can't stop using.

Ryan tells Adebisi whose idea it was for the random drug testing and Adebisi snaps and is only stopped from killing Nappa, in broad daylight, by Jarra. Jarra, a fellow African, tells him he is better than the rest. Adebisi begins to listen to his words and share his beliefs which causes him to see hallucinations of tribal dancing.

Hoyt gets a job at the post office and helps to raise money so Rebadow's grandson (diagnosed with leukemia) can go to Disneyworld. Every group in Em City contributes and McManus and the guards agree to match what the prisoners gave. Rebadow wires the money to his mother and ask that she say it was an anonymous donation, since they all think he's dead and not in prison.

A new CO is sent to Em City and Rivera has an old gang tie to El Cid. El Cid tells Miguel the only way he will ever gain acceptance from him is by digging out Rivera's eyes. Later, Alvarez smuggles a scalpel into his pod.

Unable to deal with his guilt of lying for Diane, McManus transfers her to Unit B.

Said tries to help Beecher with his alcohol addiction.

Poet returns to OZ.