Season 1 Episode 4

Capital P

Aired Monday 11:00 PM Jul 28, 1997 on HBO
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Governor Devlin has reinstated the death penalty Jefferson Keene will be the first to be put to death in 34 years. Before he is executed Keane donates his kidney to his ailing sister. Serial killer Richard L'Italien is also executed by lethal injection

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    Ernie Hudson

    Ernie Hudson

    Warden Leo Glynn

    Rita Moreno

    Rita Moreno

    Sister Peter Marie Reimondo

    J.K. Simmons

    J.K. Simmons

    Vernon Schillinger

    BD Wong

    BD Wong

    Father Ray Mukada

    Lauren Velez

    Lauren Velez

    Dr. Gloria Nathan

    Dean Winters

    Dean Winters

    Ryan O'Reily

    Frankie Faison

    Frankie Faison

    Cornelius Keane

    Guest Star

    Eric Roberts

    Eric Roberts

    Richard L'Italien

    Guest Star

    Derrick Simmons

    Derrick Simmons

    Billie Keane

    Guest Star

    Steven Wishnoff

    Steven Wishnoff

    Tony Masters

    Recurring Role

    Leif Riddell

    Leif Riddell

    Mark Mack

    Recurring Role

    Philip Scozzarella

    Philip Scozzarella

    Officer Mineo

    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (7)

      • Very early in the episode where the inmates are talking about Jefferson Keane, a boom mike is visible above Schillinger's head as he is walking down the stairs.

      • Leif Riddell finally gets a credit, but only as Aryan (the Mark Mack appears in the next episode).

      • Crime Flashbacks

        Rebadow is in the electric chair for murder he committed years ago, until the state wide blackout occurs and his death was commuted to life imprisonment.

        L'Italien smothers a woman with a pillow after having sex with her

      • The title of the movie Keane and L'Italien were discussing is I Want to Live!

      • Prisoner featured:

        Richard L'Italien convicted April 3rd 1997, murder in the 1st degree. Sentence: death. (prisoner # 97L641)

      • Derrick Simmons, besides being Billie Keane for 3 episodes, has also done stunts for the show.

      • Nino's henchman D'Angelo is badly injured by Adebisi and Kenny Wangler, is seen in the infirmary, then vanishes for good. I guess Gloria's using him for secret medical experiments somewhere.

    • QUOTES (30)

      • Father Mukada: You want me to call the cardinal to intercede?
        McManus: Yes.
        Father Makuda: Tim, Cardinal Abright is more conservative than Jesse Helms and Bill Buckly all rolled into one. He once gave a speech where he justified the torture of the holy inquisition.
        McManus: That's fucked up!

      • Warden Glynn: You can go see Keane on death row and talk to him. But only about spiritual matters. If I get wind of him or you or any of the brothers startin up shit, I will give him a rabbi!

      • Beecher: What I should do is represent Keane and appeal his murder conviction.
        Rebadow: You?
        Beecher: I'm a lawyer.
        Rebadow: The state disbarred you!

      • O'Reily: I thought Schillinger said you couldn't get high anymore?
        Beecher: Yeah, fuck him!

      • Joey: It makes you wonder what the guy's doin, what the guy's thinking. Sittin on death row, knowin he's gonna die.
        Schibetta: The only difeference between you and him, Joey, is he knows the exact date he'll die.

      • Wittlesey: Has anybody thought about all the protesters we're gonna have outside? Marching around yelling slogans and then the counter protesters yelling at them.
        Healy: Yeah, then we'll have even less parking spaces.

      • Devlin: Jefferson Keane will be the first person executed by this state in 34 years. He's the first because he snapped the neck of another inmate. He's the first because he deserves to die.
        Sister Pete: Jefferson Keane is the first because he's black and he's young. The public is not gonna feel safe if we execute a 70 year old white guy.

      • L'Italien: Warden, there's something I wanna tell you. Something I never told anybody. I suffocated Jennifer Miller.
        Glynn: Yeah, I know. That's why you're gonna die.
        L'Italien: I also suffocated Dorothy Paine.
        Glynn: Who?
        L'Italien: Dorothy Paine. She a waitress up in Council Bluffs, Iowa.
        Glynn: You confessing another murder?
        L'Italien: Uh-huh!
        Glynn: I'll notify the proper authorities.
        L'Italien: Wait.I also suffocated Ethel Peterson and Gertrude Victor. And Mary Rapp. And Christina Trudell and Eleanor Hughes, Linda Lomaz, Lisa Masters, and Lorraine McCarthy and Betty Case and Irene Martin and Amelia Nugent, Elizabeth Phelps and Lucille Upton and Esther Vaughan. Boy, I did.

      • Sister Pete: I want my job back?
        Warden Glynn: Okay.
        Sister Pete: I don't have to beg?
        Warden Glynn: If it'll make you feel better, beg.
        Sister Pete: I just want you to know that I still disagree with you on the death penalty.
        warden Glynn: Even for a cyst like L'Italien?
        Sister Pete: Leo, thou shalt no kill. The Bible makes that pretty clear. You cannot take a human life for any reason.
        Warden Glynn: Yeah, but the Bible also says, "An eye for an eye." Which says to me that if you kill, you die. Seems to me God's talking out of both sides of his mouth. Maybe he's just as confused about the death penalty as the rest of us.

      • Hill: (narrating) First, the inmate's given Sodium Pentothal, the same anasthetic used in hospitals for major surgery. Then, a massive dose of Pancuronium Bromide, that paralyzes the diaphragm. Then, Potassium Chloride to stop the heart. Don't try this at home, kids.

      • L'Italien: I'm here because I love women. I love every woman I see. Tall ones, thin ones, fatties. It's true. You know, I once worked a circus for the summer, and I fucked the dwarf while the fat lady watched us. I fucked trailer park trash in West Virginia, I fucked rich girls up the ass in Aspen, I fucked PhD's, retards. You know, once I fucked an amputee with both legs missing.
        Father Mukada: Fucking them isn't the same as loving them.
        L'Italien: You sound just like a shrink I had once in juvie. She tried to tell me that I hated women. I showed her.
        Father Mukada: You fucked her?
        L'Italien: And her daughter. Then I snuffed them both.
        Father Mukada: If you love women so much, why do you kill them?
        L'Italien: Because when you love someone, they own you, they possess you. I will not be possessed.

      • Father Mukada: There's a big difference between wanting to fuck a woman and wanting to kill her.
        L'Italien: Is there? Have you ever been laid, Father?
        Father Mukada: No.
        L'Italien: Then what would you know about pussy? What would you know about anything

      • Warden Glynn: L'Italien, the Supreme Court refused to hear your appeal.
        L'Italien: Rehnquist is a fag.
        Warden Glynn: Be that as it may, your execution is scheduled for tomorrow.
        L'Italien: Tomorrow? Well, my schedule's clear.

      • Jefferson Keane: Hey.
        L'Italien: Yeah?
        Jefferson Keane: How you doing?
        L'Italien: OK. You?
        Keane: Not bad, for a man about to die.
        L'Italien: Yeah, you go tonight, huh?
        Jefferson Keane: Yeah. You?
        L'Italien: Next Thursday. But I'm on appeal.

      • (Officer Wittlesey and McManus are watching the protestors through a window)
        McManus: Is the Governor here yet?
        Officer Wittlesey: No, I haven't seen him. But a pro death penalty marcher just took a swing at Sister Pete.
        McManus: Is she okay?
        Officer Wittlesey: Evidently, she just kicked him in the balls. I take it you're not gonna watch the execution?
        McManus: No. How about you?
        Officer Wittlesey: No. I can't stand watching flowers die, let alone another human being.

      • McManus: Gloria, doctors are supposed to be healers. You're supposed to help keep people alive. You're not supposed to kill them.
        Dr Nathan: You really see this as a killing?
        McManus: I don't want you doing this.
        Dr Nathan: You what?
        McManus: I don't want you doing this!
        Dr Nathan: Look, Tim, we've only been going out a couple of weeks. Where do you get off telling me what I can and can't do?
        McManus: Wait, wait, wait. (grabs her arm)
        Dr Nathan: Don't grab me! You'd better take some time off, Tim. You hang around this prison so much, you're starting to act like them.

      • Jefferson Keane: Dad, I need you to do something for me.
        Mr Keane: Anything son.
        Jefferson Keane: I need for you to talk to Billie.
        Mr Keane: He's turned into a fag.
        Jefferson Keane: You don't know what it's like in here. You don't know the things they do to you, the loneliness. Talk to him.
        Mr Keane: I raised you three all alone. Your sister, she's gonna make something with he life, especially with what you've done for her. But, when he leaves, what's Billie gonna be?
        Jefferson Keane: Your son, my brother, forever.

      • Jefferson Keane: Hey, Pop. How's Grace?
        Mr Keane: Doctor says she recuperating faster than expected. That's some rocking kidney you gave her.
        Jefferson Keane: So how you doing?
        Mr Keane: I'm still a little turned around by all this publicity, you know. Having a microphone shoved in my face everytime I leave the house. We been getting lots of letters and cards, mostly nice. One guy from Iowa, he sent $100 cash. Your Aunt Tillie said I had to send it back.
        Jefferson Keane: Did you?
        Mr Keane: No fucking way.

      • Miguel: Hey, Father. Where was God when my son died?
        Father Mukada: Same place he was when his own son died.

      • Father Mukada: They're gonna start a psychiatric evalution on you.
        Miguel: What, they think I'm gonna bug?
        Father Mukada: You cut yourself all up.
        Miguel: So? I did it for the baby.
        Father Mukada: What do you mean you did it for the baby?
        Miguel: You tell me that I gave the baby life, right? That he's my responsibility. But, with the baby being sick, I don't know what to do. I ain't a fucking doctor.
        Father Mukada: And slashing you face did what, huh?
        Miguel: That's between me and God.
        Father Mukada: Oh, Miguel, you tell the shrink that and you're gonna be in here till you're 90 years old.

      • Hill: Clemency? That's a fancy word for mercy. You see, the Governor can commute a death sentence. He has the power to just pick up the phone and say no. But to me, the only time the Governor shows clemency, is when he don't make that call. Because, life in prison without parole is a fuck load worse than death. Death is parole. Death is the real mercy.

      • Billie Keane: Look at your jig hair. Come on, let me braid it for you.
        Jefferson Keane: Nah. It's all right.
        Billie Keane: Come on, I'll make your hair look so nice they won't wanna kill you. Come on, come on. I saw Pop on TV yesterday.
        Jefferson Keane: Yeah?
        Billie Keane: Talking about you, talking about our family. Sorry I ain't who you want me to be. I like being queer.
        Jefferson Keane: I love you, Billie. Allah loves you.
        Billie Keane: But Dad don't.

      • Augustus Hill: Hey, some say there are five stages of death. Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and finally, acceptance. The moment when you say to yourself, "I'm gonna die and there ain't shit I can do about it." Oh, yeah, in Oz, we know all about that. We know all about acceptance.

      • Dr Nathan: Jefferson Keane's sister's has kidney failure. They think she'll die.
        McManus: Oh, this is just great. Well, life just keeps getting better and better. I fucked this up from the get ready. Ortolani's dead 'cause of me and Keane's gonna join him.
        Dr Nathan: You think you're responsible for that bad boy being on death row? Timmy, and I mean this in the nicest way possible, you're one fucked up guy.

      • Augustus Hill: You swat at a fly, step on an ant, squash a cockroach and you don't think much of it. In fact, killing a bug gives you a sense of accomplishment. ******* ant was ruining ruining your picnic, cockroach was crawling through your kitchen cabinets, you put an end to their disgusting, miserable little lives and make a better world for everyone. Only, for everyone you kill, more appear. Bigger, uglier and meaner than before.

      • Ryan: Heard you talked to Keane even though I said don't.
        Beecher: Yep!
        Ryan: That took some balls. Starting to grow some balls, Beecher?
        Beecher: I had balls a long, long time ago, and I thought I could get 'em back by saving Jefferson Keane.

      • Beecher: So, I'll go to McManus, tell him what might have happened in the gym, get him to investigate.
        Rebadow: You can't.
        Beecher: Why not?
        Rebadow: You, say anything and they'll kill you.
        Beecher: They who?
        Rebadow: Exactly.

      • Beecher: Sir, have you heard anything about Jefferson Keane being set up?
        Schillinger: Oh, yeah! The hacks made him a gladiator, even got the whole thing on videotape. Wouldn't you love to see that?
        Beecher: Yeah. If we can get a hold of that videotape, he wouldn't be executed.
        Schillinger: What are you talking about? Another n*****'s going down. I'm glad.

      • Beecher: Were you around when the last person in the state was executed?
        Rebadow: I was the last person in the state executed.
        (flashback scene where the power went out during his execution)
        Beecher: So you're saying that your life was saved by the 1965 blackout?
        Rebadow: All the electricity in five states, gone. To this day they don't know if the shortage kept me alive or if I cause the power to go out.
        Beecher: And you had no after effects?
        Rebadow: Sure, that's when I first met God. He shook my hand, smiled and said, "Bob, play the oboe."
        Beecher: The oboe?
        Rebadow: The oboe.
        Beecher: And do you?
        Rebadow: What?
        Beecher: Play the oboe.
        Rebadow: No. I don't have the lips for it.

      • Schillinger: So the state's gonna let Keane choose which way he's gonna go out. Me, I'd take hanging.
        Mack: What about lethal injection?
        Schillinger: That's for pussies.
        Groves: They say that lethal injection causes no pain. How do they know? Did someone come back from the dead and say they didn't feel anything?

    • NOTES (0)

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • Officer Wittlesey: No. Can't stand watching flowers die, let alone another human being. Closest I ever came was Bambi.
        McManus: Bambi?
        Wittlesey: Yeah. My ex was a big hunter

        This is in reference to the young roe deer in the 1942 film by Walt Disney.