Season 4 Episode 10


Aired Monday 11:00 PM Jan 14, 2001 on HBO
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McManus introduces "the Cage" in lieu of the hole for Em City inmates. Omar is released from solitary only to stab Guerra and return in record time. Alvarez is recaptured and returned to solitary. Dr. Nathan returns to work. Leroy Tidd wants to become a Muslim to get close enough to kill Said. Schillinger makes friends with an incarcerated Reverend. Keller teases beecher about his cute brother, Keller's old friend arrives and Beecher returns the favour. Chinese immigrants are housed in Em City and become pawns in the war between Morales and new inmate Redding.moreless

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  • Oh so painful

    Oz is a show where you expect twists. In an environment where you need to hold the upper hand, inmates are constantly looking for some way to achieve it. Alliances, bribery, double-dealing and scheming are all things we epect (and love) about Oz.

    In the series to date, the show's writer(s) have done this with great skill. The ability to maintain and intertwine storylines of a vast number of characters is impressive to say the least. At times the show may seem unbelievable, but it never seems unreasonable.

    Unfortunately this episode introduces a twist in that detained Chinese boatpeople are to be temporarily housed in the roughest section of a maximum-security prison, a place where vicious murders happen regularly. As expected putting innocents in amongst the Oz population leads to trouble, but hey, we could have guessed that, right?

    If not for the fact that missing this episode would leave certain holes in the Oz storyline, I'd recommend missing this episode.moreless
  • Why bring this new silly, forced storyline?

    Lots of new character in this episode. They will probably help move to story forward. What will happen to Vern? Will he join the lord and Jeremiah aka Luke Perry. (I am sorry, but the new preacher will need a lot more screen time to make me forget he is Luke Perry). The animosity between Beecher and Vern is on hold for now. A good thing if you ask me. I had to stop watching the DVD’s for a while because of the violence in the “triangle of pain”(Vern, Beecher and Keller, of course). I can deal with physical violence, but the psychological violence/torture going on between those three is hard to deal with. But now Vern is turning religious, awaiting a grandchild and temporary unaware of his son’s death. Beecher and Keller just look like teenagers in love plying the jealously game with their ex-lover. I wonder what the new guy Ronnie will do to the story. The last new comer, Redding is a man who as seen life, mostly criminal, and lived thought a lot of pain. He will be an interesting leader and will probable shake things up a lot. And probably won’t be as despicable as Adebisi was. My big concern with this episode is the arrival of the illegal Chinese immigrants. It just feels too artificial to me. It is as if the writers needed something to happen. It is force, we see the writers pulling the string. Plus, the Chinese don’t fit, they talk in English with their wives (please, why so scared of subtitles) and worst of all, the phoney Chine accent is just irritating. I would conclude by saying that this episode started very well, like the beginning of season 4, but the last part brought a lot of dark clouds that could ruined the end of the season.moreless
Scott William Winters

Scott William Winters

Prisoner #98P204 Cyril O'Reily (episodes 11, 13-56)

Ernie Hudson

Ernie Hudson

Warden Leo Glynn (episodes 1-55)

Rita Moreno

Rita Moreno

Sister Peter Marie Reimondo (1997-2003)

J.K. Simmons

J.K. Simmons

Prisoner #92S110 Vernon Schillinger (1997-2003)

BD Wong

BD Wong

Father Ray Mukada (episodes 2-46, 49-56)

Lauren Velez

Lauren Velez

Dr. Gloria Nathan (1997-2003)

Brian Bloom

Brian Bloom

Prisoner #01B784 Ronald "Ronnie" Barlog

Guest Star

Ken Leung

Ken Leung

Bian Yixue

Guest Star

Stephen S. Chen

Stephen S. Chen

Liung Jiu Pinghao

Guest Star

Zeljko Ivanek

Zeljko Ivanek

Governor James Devlin

Recurring Role

Blake Robbins

Blake Robbins

Dave Brass (Season 4-6)

Recurring Role

Sean Dugan

Sean Dugan


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Prisoners featured

      Jeremiah Cloutier, convicted December 27th 2000, embezzlement and petty larceny. Sentence, nine years, up for parole in five. (prisoner # 00C966)

      Burr Redding, convicted January 11, 2001, murder in the first degree, seven counts of attempted murder. Sentence: life, without the possibility of parole. (prisoner # 01R289)

      Ronald Barlog, convicted January 12, 2001, car theft. Sentence: thirteen years, up for parole in six. (prisoner # 01B784)

    • Do you really think that the Reverand whose crime was embezzelment would have been sent to Oz, a maximum security prison?

  • QUOTES (21)

    • Omar White: They called me a drug abuser, man. I ain't no drug abuser. Truth be told, I treat my drugs better than most.

    • Glynn: We have an emergency. And everyone, including you, will bend.
      McManus: You mean bend over.

    • Said: I killed Adebisi in self-defense. The court exonerated me.
      Redding: No doubt. But motives are less important than outcome. He's dead, and you're not.

    • Schillinger: I'm just sick of all this horse-s**t. I want to concentrate on the birth of my first grandchild. You know, I just want a little taste of happiness.
      Robson: Vern, you're starting to scare me.

    • Glynn: I'm going to sleep on this couch tonight.
      Floria: Do you think that's wise?
      Glynn: You know, this may sound odd, but sometimes the walls around Oz make me feel safe.

    • Redding: They say since Adebisi died, you've been running the homeboys.
      Poet: That's right, man. That's right.
      Redding: They also say you been doing a shit job.

    • Barlog: So I guess I'm on the bottom?
      Beecher: Unless you want to be on top.
      Barlog: No, no. I'm good with the bottom.

    • (talking about Keller's friend Barlog)
      Beecher: (to Keller) He's cute. Does he like to fool around?

    • Keller: Beecher. That your little brother I saw you with in the visiting room? He's cute. He fool around?

    • Cloutier: Do you believe in Jesus Christ?
      Schillinger: Yeah. Of course.
      Cloutier: That's good. I want to ask you another question, Vern. I'd like you to answer me honestly. Are you happy?
      Schillinger: Sure.
      Cloutier: Honestly? All your life, you've thought that your way was the right way, the best way, the only way. And yet, as a result, your wife is dead, one son dead, the other missing, and you are stuck in this miserable hellhole. How could any man be happy? Let the joy of Jesus Christ fill your heart. Let him who suffered take away your suffering. Open up to the Lord.
      Schillinger: Get your fucking hand off me.

    • McManus: Now, when you violate a rule, instead of sending you to the hole, we're going to stick you inside that cage. In full view of your adoring public. Any questions?
      Keller: Mr. McManus, sir, how big is your penis?

    • (playing chess)
      Keller: My esteem for you has risen 69 percent. But tell me, as one manipulative turd to another, did you fuck Howell for the sex, or to get her to do some other kind of nasty?
      Ryan: Just the sex. (moves piece) Check.

    • (about Cloutier)
      Keller: He's one of them TV evangelists.
      Rebadow: One of them? Before the scandal, he was bigger than Falwell.
      Busmalis: He cured my sister of leprosy.
      Rebadow: Liar.
      Busmalis: Pneumonia?

    • Norma: I don't think it matters what we do, as long as we do our best.

    • Glynn: Busmalis is driving me crazy - he's the worst assistant I ever had. He gets numbers wrong, he screws up appointments. I'm hosting the regional conference of the Warden's Association next week, and he has managed to mangle every detail.
      Sister Pete: So, get another prisoner to assist you.
      Glynn: Who? How many drug dealers can use Excel?

    • Hill: (narrating) When Christopher Columbus landed in the new world, a Catholic priest was right alongside him. From then on, the priests kept coming over to this continent, trying to convert the Indians. Trying to get them to kiss the crucifix, to stop smoking peyote, to cover up their nakedness. The Indians responded with great enthusiasm: They maimed, tortured and burned the priests, and then offered the bodies up to their own gods.

    • Nathan: God help me, I love Ryan O'Reily.

    • Guerra: You put something in Alvarez's food.
      White: Like what?
      Guerra: I don't know, rat poison or something. Look, the point is, you kill him, Omar, I'll see you get all the fucking tits you need, huh? What do you say?
      White: No.
      Guerra: No? Why no?
      White: I just don't like you.

    • White: Shit, he called me a drug abuser, man. I ain't no drug abuser. I mean, truth be told, son, I treat my drugs better than most.

    • McManus: Burr, I think it's important that you grasp how things work around here.
      Redding: I grew up in the ghetto, Pops died when I was ten. I had to quit school, support my family by doing some 'a everything, from shining shoes to shooting crap. I went to Vietnam, where they taught me how to kill small children and women. I've been in all kinds of penitentiaries, from Arizona to Alabama and back. And I say all this, not out of pride or out of shame, I'm just wanna make sure that you grasp that I grasp how things work around here.

    • Augustus: (narrating) Any convert, whether he goes from communist to capitalist or from six packs a day to smoke free, ends up condemning his former practices. Because those beliefs didn't work for him, they can't work for anybody. His vision becomes narrow, blinded by the light. Whether he's transformed into a Hindu or joins AA he becomes a fanatic. If you ask me, it's the fanatics, who fuck up the world. It's the fanatics, who think they got god on their side. But the rest of us, we don't need divine light. In the darkened night all we want is enough light so that we don't stub our toe on the way to the toilet.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Busmalis tells Glynn that Barry Levine is on the phone, Glynn tells him it's Barney Levin, both of which are most likely and in-joke regarding the name of Executive producer Barry Levinson.

    • Special thanks to Gordon Elliot, Robert Klein, John Carpenter, William Baldwin.

    • Crime Flashbacks:

      In his office, Jeremiah Cloutier places money embezzled from his followers into a bag.

      Ronald Barlog is arrested as he works in a chop shop.

      The cops and Burr Redding's men pick each other off outside Burr's drug warehouse. Burr shoots the last cop as he crawls away.