Season 5 Episode 3

Dream a Little Dream of Me

Aired Monday 11:00 PM Jan 20, 2002 on HBO

Episode Recap

Miguel Alvarez is recovering nicely in the hospital from yet another stab wound. 7 lives down, 2 to go. Glynn tells him that if the knife had gone in just a little to the left, he'd be dead. This ticks Alvarez off but, true to his word, he promises to not retaliate. Morales promises Miguel that the Latinos won't hurt him. Seeing how well Miguel's program worked, an inmate named Velez wants to be part of his never-die revolution. Miguel says sure with one condition: kill Guerra.

Busmalis forges dead prisoners signatures on protest letters against the cancellation of Miss Sally's Schoolhouse. Miss Sally is now drawing the numbers for the Superball lottery, which --Holy segway Batman!-- gives Rebadow an idea! He pays Brass a dollar to go get a lottery ticket with the numbers that God gave him to raise the money for his grandson's treatment.

Dave could use some luck of his own. He's still down about that whole "I can't walk properly ever" thing and McManus offering to shoot some hoops with him? Not a big help. Plus Morales still refuses to tell him who cut him in the first place.

Jia Kenmin returns to Oz after being knocked out by Cyril and professes to be a changed man. He shows his change by talking to Ryan and Cyril in one of Sister Pete's ever-helpful interactions, but Ryan ain't buying it. Cyril however is, because.. well, you know. Cyril and Jia embrace which is cute but unnerving and then Cyril sings with his mother which produces much of the same emotions in me. The O'Reily's are all happy until Suzanne's next students come along-- Well, if it isn't Jia Kenmin and his new friend Li Chen! The two speak together in Chinese so I don't understand them, but they glare in English so I can only assume they're up to something. Ryan agrees with me.

While Pancamo's in the hospital, Peter Schibetta's taking care of the Italian's business. Pancamo warns him not to get too comfortable. Petey says he isn't, he's just running the drugs, the kitchen and the partnerships. Sounds like getting comfy to me.

Redding and Morales make a pact to start working together turning them into (in the words of Officer Murphy) "one big happy tit factory". This image makes me laugh, but it's late and I'm not very mature.

Schibetta tries to get support to fight the Aryans but finds that he's lost some respect in people's eyes after becoming Adebisi's one-night girlfriend. Said tells him that he will always be Adebisi's bitch, and the rest of the Italians agree, waiting to rumble until Pancamo's out of the infirmary.

Hey, where's Unit B's pool table? The Aryans can't look properly menacing without pool cues. Schillinger goes in search of it and finds Peter Schibetta instead. Petey tries to be all tough, but all it gets him is a bunch of laughing Aryans and an ass full of Vern. Man, first Adebisi, then Schillinger, this guy just can't get a break.

Penders, the guy who saved Glynn's life wants a job in Glynn's office so he can stay out of trouble. Glynn tells him to get lost because seeing him would remind him of Clayton.

Governor Devil reinstates the death penalty with a new restriction, which I'll call the Giles Clause: An inmate can only choose to die through electrocution or lethal injection. And on that happy note, Here's Keller! Beecher's all excited to see Keller and Keller's all excited to see Beecher but neither one seems to get their way, as Keller isn't being sent to Em City, he's being sent to Protective Custody. Why, you ask? Well, here's agent Taylor of the FBI to explain it. Turns out, there was a witness to one of the homosexual murders Keller committed. Taylor says that PC's just his temporary home until he's shipped off to Death Row. Man, this guy's ticked, maybe because Keller called him Spanky?

Katherine McClain (or as I think of her, substitute Keller) comes with Holly to visit Toby. They get all snuggly-wuggly and I get all vommity-wommity. But that's not the worst relationship tonight-- that honour goes to Keller and Howell flirting up a storm in PC. I know the man needs comfort but Come ON! I already had to put up with a million episodes of Howell and O'Reily...now this? Man, Tom Fontana hates me. Keller and Beecher are denied time together by Glynn who refuses to offer any kind of reward to Keller.

Robson is taunting Said by doing that whole "I'm going to copy what you say right after you say it" game. That's a great tactic. If you're six. It works on Said, however, who just keeps getting angrier and angrier. In an interaction with Schillinger and Beecher, Said also admits to doing drugs before he found Allah. You can't think about drugs without thinking of Omar White-- and there he is. Poet tries to give White some drugs but Kareem "McGruff" Said crushes 'em. Said tells McManus that helping White isn't helping curb his anger, but McManus says to keep trying, mainly because he's tired of doing it himself. Said asks White what he's passionate about, and he says being a singing cowboy. Hey, whatever gets you through the day, Omar. Omar gets signed up for singing lessons with Suzanne Fitzgerald but refuses to sing and then goes crazy when he's told to. Maybe he doesn't so much need singing lessons as anger management lessons. Just a suggestion.

Hill and Redding continue reminiscing about Hill's mother and Redding's regret in not going to a Martin Luther King rally with Hill's parents. Hill realizes he has to give up on ever having a chance with his soon-to-be-ex-wife.

Kirk hires some guy named Gunner to smother Cloutier, who still looks like a baked ham. Dr. Nathan gets to him in time and Gunner gets thrown in solitary. Hoyt tells Kirk about his vision of Cloutier, but Kirk tells him he's crazy. That night, Cloutier appears again in a snazzy suit and tells Hoyt to kill Timmy Kirk or he'll be back. Hoyt stabs Kirk with a crucifix (oh! the irony!) while Cloutier smiles. Smiles as much as a baked ham can. When Dr. Nathan comes to check on him, though, he ain't smiling. He ain't smiling because he ain't there. He's up and disappeared. He has risen...?
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