Season 5 Episode 3

Dream a Little Dream of Me

Aired Monday 11:00 PM Jan 20, 2002 on HBO

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  • Ordinary

    Well. It's great Keller's back!!! Can't wait to see him in ''action''. O'Rileys brothers are not at their best, but I'm waiting to see what will happen with all that mom is working in OZ thing. Cyril is cute, in his own way of being, and I feel very bad for his condition - that conversation with Ryan about trading his mom was pretty touchy. Anyway. Peter Shibeta. I liked him since the beginning, I'm kinda mad he appeard only a short time, and had a very dramatic experience. And now it happend again! That kinda sucks. He would have been another great character, but if the writer didn't wanted that. What can I do, besides accepting it. And Vern! OOOOh... he's so dispicable. I can't imagine a more hateful, unmerciful, bad and cruel human being. He sould have died. Not Adebisi.