Season 5 Episode 3

Dream a Little Dream of Me

Aired Monday 11:00 PM Jan 20, 2002 on HBO



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    • Prisoner featured

      Li Chen, convicted January 14th, 2002. 4 counts of attempted murder. Sentence: 32 years, up for parole in 20. (prisoner # 02L333)

    • In this episode officer Brass tells Morales that he doesn't care who's idea it was (to cut his acciles tendon), he just wants to know who actually did the deed. But when he finds out that it was Martinez that cut him, he doesn't try to harm him in any way, then he only cares who's idea it was, pretty odd if you ask me.

  • Quotes

    • Penders and Alvarez are training seeing eye dogs
      Hinden: Okay, you see the steaks?
      Penders: We gonna teach the dogs how to cook?
      Hinden: No, we're going to teach them restraint. I'm going to put them on the floor, and you're going to stop them from eating it.
      Alvarez: All right.
      Penders: You gotta be kidding me.
      Hinden: What?
      Penders: I haven't seen a steak in six years. Now, you're gonna throw it on the floor so a dog won't eat it?

    • Keller: Warden! I'm touched you came down to welcome me home! So where's the red carpet and the marching band?

    • Guerra: I got a postcard from my honey. She's in Maui.
      O'Reily: Oh yeah man. You know you can actually climb down into a volcano there? And the women, they got great, great...They got great inner beauty man.
      Guerra: You been to Maui?
      O'Reily: No. I just read it in National Pornographic.

    • Said: Follow me.
      White: Yo, man what's up? Ms. Sally's on the TV man.
      Said: I said come. What were you doing with Poet?
      White: Poet? What? Nothing.
      Said: He wasn't trying to sell you drugs?
      White: Come on. The only titties we were talking about was Ms Sally's.

    • Sister Pete: Did you ever use drugs?
      Schillinger: No Ma'am. Not so much as a marijuana cigarette has ever touched my lips.
      Said: I have. Heroin. Crack Cocaine.
      Beecher: Kareem...
      Said: What? You thought my journey to Allah was easy?
      Beecher: No. It's that when I was using you never said ...
      Said: That is a period of my life of which I am not very proud of.
      Schillinger: Unlike now?

    • Morales: (to Redding) I'm beginning to think you don't know how to die.

    • Pancamo: Hey Petey. Don't get used to running things. I'm still fucking breathing.

    • O'Reily: Hey Jia.
      Kenmin: Your mother's a wonderful person.
      O'Reily: Yeah. Well let's make sure she stays that way.
      Kenmin: Meaning what?
      O'Reily: You fuck with her one time you go back into a coma. This time it's permanent.
      Kenmin: Look, you have nothing to fear from me. But Li Chen? He's a different matter. He's one sick fuck.

    • (about Ryan O'Reily's mother)
      Cyril: I like her.
      Ryan: Yeah, well she likes you too Cyril.
      Cyril: You want to trade?
      Ryan: Trade? Trade what?
      Cyril: I'll give you my most prized possession if you give me her.
      Ryan: We don't have to trade Cyril. We can share her. You know that.

    • O'Reily: Who are all these numbnuts who play the lottery?
      Busmalis: I played the lottery.
      Beecher: Me too.
      O'Reily: Like I said. Numbnuts. Out of 51 numbers, you got to pick the right number not once, but six times in a row.
      Busmalis: I say it is possible to win.
      O'Reily: Jesus Christ, Busmalis. You'd have a better chance of getting struck by lightening.
      Busmails: Approximately int thousand people a year win a million dollars or more in North American lotteries. In contrast, less then a hundred people a year hit by lightening.

    • Rebadow: What are you doing?
      Busmalis: I've started a writing campaign to protest the possible cancellation of Ms. Sally's Schoolyard.
      Rebadow: This one's signed by Stanton.
      Busmalis: Yeah. He's a good guy, that Stanton.
      Rebadow: He's in solitary.
      Busmalis: Alright, so I fudged a few.
      Rebadow: Wangler, Abebisi. Groves. Groves?
      Busmalis: Okay I fudged them all.

    • Velez: I want you to shank me. I don't know how you came up with the idea but it fucking rocks. and I see what it's done for you. And mostly I see how Morales is. Him talking to you before like he's taking the high road, being powerful and generous. But behind his eyes he's running scared. I want to follow you.
      Alvarez: You want to follow me?
      Velez: Join your gang. You're the next wave, and I want to be your lieutenant. Shank me.

    • Schillinger: (After having raped Peter Schibetta on the table) Oh yeah, pool table's working good now

    • Schibetta: I need this toaster repaired.
      Aryan: Hold your Calvins, Bocce Boy, I'm in the middle of something.
      Schibetta: I got lunch coming, these jokers can wait.
      Schillinger: We don't wait for wops.
      Schibetta: You know, Vern. Someone's gonna have to teach you some manners.
      Schillinger: Yeah. Well it won't be you, prag.
      (Peter tries to attack Schillinger with a shank, but is grabbed by the other Aryans and dragged to the pool table)
      Schillinger: (dips hand into tub of grease) You know, I always wondered - was Adebisi's dick bigger than mine? You be the judge!

    • Beecher: I haven't seen him in months. I'm a little anxious. How do I look?
      Rebadow: Anxious.
      Beecher: I was hoping you were going to say f*ckable.

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