Season 2 Episode 8

Escape from Oz

Aired Monday 11:00 PM Aug 31, 1998 on HBO

Episode Recap

Karl Metzger is Em City's new supervisor as Diane is transfered to Gen Pop.

Busmalis and Rebadow's tunnel is almost complete but Mark Mack and another Aryan saw them digging the tunnel and force them to give up their pod or they will go to the CO's. Mack gets to pods switched after showing his Nazi tattoo to Metzger. The two Aryans are making their escape when the tunnel collapses on them and kills them because Rebadow and Busmalis loosened the support beams.

Poet is giving a job in the morgue as a punishment from McManus. Hill discusses possible escape plans through the coffins with Poet, Wangler, and Coushaine.

Sipple, a sex offender returns after being unable to find a home. Sister Pete convinces Glynn to let him stay in Oz at night. Father Mukada hires him as an assistant and he helps with the last righst for a dying prisoner. He meets with his victim and is later crucified by Vern and the Aryans in the gym.

An uncomfortable Gloria examines Shirley.

Miguel gouges out the eyes of Rivera on orders from Hernandez. Feeling guilty and ashamed for what he did, he hides in Father Mukada's office and takes him hostage.

The prison goes into lockdown as the COs search for Miguel.

Rivera needs an immediate transfusion, but only Ryan has his rare blood type. Ryan agrees to give blood as long as Cyril is transferred to Em City. Ryan confesses to Preston's murder out of guilt, and a need to stay inside to protect Cyril.

Miguel decides to commit suicide, but a vengeful SORT team barges in, beating him as he is taken to solitary.

Keller returns from the Hole, rejecting Beecher completely. As Operation Toby draws to a close, Metzger takes Beecher to the gym, where Keller and Vern wait. Keller tells Beecher he never loved him, and he owed Vern for Vern savng his life when they were both doing time in Lardner together years ago. They break Beecher's arms and legs. Later in his cell Keller is remorseful for what he did, while Beecher fumes in his full body cast.

The news of Beecher's attack is discussed and McManus get suspicious of Metzger.

Nappa takes over Adebisi's drug business as he decides to go back to his African roots. Adebisi becomes joyful and happy and finds inner peace, but appears completely cut off from everyone else.

Fed up, Wangler and Pierce agree to work for Nappa. Wangler kills Jarra in the kitchen.

Adebisi is accused of the crime and is sent to the psych ward, in a cell beside Peter Schibetta.

Said, surprises his fellow Muslim brothers and the rest of the prisoners by refusing Gov Devlin's pardon.