Season 2 Episode 8

Escape from Oz

Aired Monday 11:00 PM Aug 31, 1998 on HBO



  • Quotes

    • Devlin: The celebration of Ramadan is at the center of Islamic worship. Therefore, I am pleased, in the grand tradition of this holy time, to bestow clemency on a prisoner. Kareem Said has been an outspoken critic of our administration but political differences aside, he has been an outstanding member of the prison population. Even after suffering a heart attack last year, he's continued to work with prisoners of every race and color, especially the young, to instruct them, to guide them to better lives. So, I hereby grant Kareem Said a full pardon and I wish him well in his new life.
      Said: Finally we meet, face to face.
      Reporter: Mr. Said, how do you feel?
      Said: How do I feel? I feel joyless. My brothers remain behind, imprisoned, suppressed. I don't just mean my Muslim brothers. I mean every single man that will sleep here tonight, that was cut off from everything that he loves, cut off from his own self. You know, as the word went around that the Governor was gonna give somebody clemency, I saw a rift develop as each inmate wished himself to be the chosen one. The longing to be free became as palpable as the food that we eat. But it is a meal that I am being served right now and I am Muslim and Allah does not allow me to swallow certain things. Allah does not allow me to take scraps from the hand of a man such as this, a man who is corrupt and immoral, a man who denigrates the gift of clemency just as he violates the principles of justice, a man that gave the order that caused the deaths of eight people. And so, Governor Devlin, because even the cost of freedom can be too high, I REFUSE YOUR PARDON!