Season 6 Episode 8

Exeunt Omnes

Aired Monday 11:00 PM Feb 23, 2003 on HBO



  • Trivia

  • Quotes

    • Seamus: Hey, Skillinger.
      Schillinger: (irritated) Schillinger!

    • Ryan: What's it called when a son kills his father?
      Naema: Patricide
      Ryan: Yeah, "patricide", I like the sound of that.

    • Keller: Toby, I couldn't face the rest of my life living here without you. Don't you see? I did what I did out of love.
      Beecher: If you love me, then leave me alone.
      Keller: I.....can't.
      Beecher: Listen to me, listen to me. I loved alcohol, I loved heroin. I had to put them behind me because they were poison...death. You are death....let me live.

    • Hill: So, what have we learned? What's the lesson for today? For all the never-ending days and restless nights in Oz? That morality is transient? That virtue cannot exist without violence? That to be honest is to be flawed? That the giving and taking of love both debases and elevates us? That God or Allah or Yahweh has answers to questions we dare not even ask? The story is simple. A man lives in prison and dies. How he dies, that's easy. The who and the why is the complex part. The human part. The only part worth knowing. Peace.
      (These were the last lines said in OZ)

    • Alvarez: I'm so tired. I'm tired of trying. I'm tired of the walls, the lies.....the fear....the death....I'm so tired.

    • Keller: (actual last words) Beecher Don't. (then he thows himself over)

    • Kenaniah: (upon Vern's stabbing) That mothafucker's DEAD!

    • Seamus: I don't wanna die alone.

    • Keller: I kill because I have to, I kill what stands in my way, like the Aryans.
      Beecher: What? What about the Aryans?
      Keller: Well, they're no threat to us anymore, I took care of that.
      Beecher: How? How'd you take care of it?
      Keller: Nevermind. Kiss me

    • Schillinger: (to Beecher) You're a dead man Sweetpea (Beecher stabs him with the "prop" shank) That cocksucker.

  • Notes

    • When McManus is telling Kelsh about conditions in the hole, clips of prisoners being thrown in are shown. The clip of Keller urinating is from A Word to The Wise(season 4 episode 6), and Ryan freaking out is from Straight Life(season 1 episode 5).

    • Busmalis's Lawyer from the Alliance for Prisoners Rights, Noel Behn, is named after a writer friend of Tom Fontana. The real Noel Behn was a writer who wrote several episodes of Homicide:Life on the Street. He passed away in 1999 and the Oz episode Napoleon's Boney Parts is dedicated to his memory.

    • Hill: Peace...

      The final words spoken on Oz.

    • There was some footage of this episode that didn't make it to the final airing, but is on the extended cut on the DVD. One scene involves Seroy forcing Robson to have sex with him. It turns out Robson let this happen so that Seroy could get AIDS. Then, he tells both Schillinger and Seroy that he's HIV positive (Seroy hits him in the face out of anger) and taunt Schillinger with his blood,laughing as he moves to Unit F (The AIDS ward). Another scene is after Busmalis is sent to the hole, Murphy goes to Rebadow and tells him about his new cellmate, but Rebadow doesn't care since he's had so many cellmates, he doesn't even remember them. Hell, he says he may not remember Busmalis in a couple of years. Another scene is after Beecher confesses to Sister Pete what his options are of turning Keller in, he goes to the maze and thinks about what to do. The last one is Ryan O'Reily thanking Naema for setting up the pod banging in "A Day In The Death..." If this footage made the final version, the last episode would've been better.

    • An interesting footnote to the Torquemada/Miguel plotline is that Bobby Cannavale previously played a character named Bobby on the NBC dramatic series Third Watch. Kirk Acevedo guest-starred as a childhood friend of his who directly led to Bobby's death. Since Miguel basically gave his life over to Torquemada, you could say that this was Bobby's revenge.

    • This is the Oz series finale, and to tie up loose stories (or at least some of them...), the episode ran 100 minutes.

  • Allusions

    • The title of this final episode reflects a stage direction from the Shakespearean era. It is Latin for "All (or "Everybody")
      leave" (or "All go out"). The End?