Season 4 Episode 16

Famous Last Words

Aired Monday 11:00 PM Feb 25, 2001 on HBO

Episode Recap

The Homeboys and Redding haven't forgiven Hill for stopping their war with Morales and Pancamo. Drugs are planted in Hill's pod, he asks to be put in the Hole but McManus sends him back to Em City so everyone will believe that he snitched on them again. When Supreme promises to kill Redding if he doesn't, Hill agrees, buying time until he kills Supreme by telling Poet to slip eggs (Supreme's food allergy) into his meal and Supreme has a fatal reaction in the cafeteria. Redding and Hill mend fences, but Hill declines the offer to rejoin his crew. Colonel Galson has an unpleasant meeting with his daughter, who wants her stepfather to walk her down the aisle. On Redding's orders, he tries to kill Morales while they repair an elevator, but Morales pushes him into the shaft, sending the car crashing down onto him. Wounded by being forced to resign from his church and Kirk's attempts to undermine and humiliate him in childish ways, like stealing his towel from the shower, Cloutier takes Mukada's advice of working with his followers in manual labor. Kirk, Hoyt, and the other bikers brick him up behind a kitchen appliance. Meanwhile, back in solitary; Hughes overpowers Smith with a sock containing a showerhead to Smith's head, christens himself Gamba Kufu acting President of The Republic of Huru (formerly solitary). He picks fellow prisoner Penders as his vice-president because of Pender's experience in the riot years ago. When Glynn tries to break through to him, Hughes offers to surrender in exchange for a hug. As he prepares to knife Glynn in the back, Penders saves him. After being stabbed during a struggle with SORT members, Hughes dies in Glynn's arms, exactly as his father did. Drunken, regretful Glynn writes a letter of resignation, but Floria tears it up after he leaves. Murphy and Tim lose the third basketball match. A sober Omar follows Tim around work every day, worshipping and annoying the heck out of him. When Omar defends Tim's unfortunate surprise appearance on "Up Your Ante", an argument with Guerra causes Omar to smash another Latino's head through the tv. When Tim tells him he's going back to solitary, Omar kicks Mineo in the crotch and nearly kicks Tim's head in. Tim still pledges to not give up on him, geez, what'll it take? Vern gives a blood sample for Jewel's paternity test, exploding into rage when Robson tells him of Beecher's parole. Vern promises to do all he can to stop the parole, Said does his best to protect Beecher. Beecher urges Said to face and accept his part in the death of Adebisi. Beecher dreams of a life outside Oz with Catharine and his kids, but his parole is denied for another year, the first in a series of stunning loses for one of the worst lawyers ever. Too bad for B/K fans, the part where he kissed Catherine was most likely not a dream. When Vern and Robson taunt Beecher in the library, Said stabs them, exclaiming, "Adebisi lives!" Em City finally gets HBO and the inmates are glued to the set, enjoying G-String Divas and Sex and the City. Upon Cyril's return from PC and Ryan kissing Gloria, Ryan has second thoughts on the bomb. He pleads with Connelly to change his mind, finally stealing the bomb, but Connelly activates it. Ryan tips McManus off, Em City is evacuated, the bomb turns out to be a dud. Unfortunately, a guard lights a match near a burner Ryan left on while stealing the bomb, engulfing the kitchen and cafeteria in waves of flame.