Season 4 Episode 16

Famous Last Words

Aired Monday 11:00 PM Feb 25, 2001 on HBO

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  • Beecher meets with the parole board; Schillinger finds out about Beecher's possibility of parole.

    This was my least favorite OZ episode in the entire series. The Tobias plotline, without giving any spoilers, was absolutely retarded. Season 4 part two had a couple of embarassing moments, and this was definitely one of them. You could tell it was kind of thrown together.

    Said's plotline is more interesting, as Beecher notes that he is beginning to let out his "inner Adebisi". This episode is Claire Howell free which is also great.

    McManus has his pledge to never give up on Omar tested yet again. When the Aryans hear about Beecher being up for parole, they decide to take matters into their own hands.
  • Incredible

    So far, I think this episode is the best of all Oz episodes. It was incredible!! All that action going on, I was asking myself, omy god, what's next?! I can expect at anything to happen. But that's Oz. I probably have to accumstome with all those impredictable moments (you never know what will be next). That's why I loooove so much OZ.. And that Becheer sequence was amazing.. I totaly have bought that dreaming thing. I really thought it was reality :|. Nice job!! And Said.. I don't recognize him, never imagined that the death of Adebisi will shook him this hard. Schilinger, well, that's Schilinger. He can never change, no matter what. And he proved this, in this episode. Anyway. This episode was amazing. No other words for it.