Season 4 Episode 16

Famous Last Words

Aired Monday 11:00 PM Feb 25, 2001 on HBO



  • Trivia

    • In the shower room, Cloutier's glasses rests on his bible in one shot but in the next shot it disappears.

  • Quotes

    • McManus: I won't abandon Omar White. I won't.
      Glynn: You stay home a few days, and we'll talk after you've had a chance to think.
      McManus: Okay, but I'm not going to change my mind, Leo, because if I give up on even one of these guys, I might as well just open up a diner somewhere, flip burgers till I die.
      Glynn: You know what? I may join you.

    • Guerra: I always knew McManus was an idiot. Now everybody else does, too.

    • Smith: You better stop this nonsense, and give yourself up right now.
      Hughes: And you better stop your yapping, Smith, or you're gonna find my d*** burrowing towards your prostate.

    • Cloutier: When I took the money from my congregation, I didn't even think that I was stealing. It seemed like I was taking what was rightfully mine. Listen to me. Pride is the worst sin, for it is pride that separates us from God.
      Mukada: Deliverance comes from Jesus.
      Cloutier: Yes, and He has humbled me.

    • Hughes: Hey you stupid fucks, listen up! I hereby declare this unit the Republic of Huru! Huru! Huru! Huru!
      Prisoner: (calling out) What are you fucking crazy!
      Hughes: Until such time, as we can organize free and fair elections, I have assumed command. You shall henceforth, and to which, refer to me as Your Excellency.
      Alvarez: (calling out) Hughes, you're a fucking nut-job.
      Hughes: For that insubordination, Alvarez, you shall remain inside your cell.

    • Connolly: (kicking the home-made bomb) Fucking piece of shite!

    • Beecher: I'm gonna miss you.
      Sister Pete: Don't! Try not to even think of this place.
      Beecher: Well, that'll be hard ... I still have a swastika tattooed to my butt.

    • Sister Pete: I spoke to Schillinger, he said all the right things - he apologised for his outburst, he explained how important the interaction sessions have been for him ...
      Beecher: Yeah well he's lying.
      Sister Pete: I know.

    • Schillinger: (to Beecher) You're not going free bitch! You're not walking outta here and leaving me behind.

    • (Schillinger has just discovered Beecher is up for parole and is going mental)
      Sister Pete: Session's over!
      Schillinger: All this time, you knew you might be getting out!
      Mineo: Alright, Schillin-jer.
      Schillinger: SCHILLINGER!!! GOD DAMN IT! SCHILLINGER!!! Been here nine fucking years, you'd think you'd learn how to say my god-damned name!

    • Hill: (narrating) In 1955, James Dean said to a friend, "my fun days are over". An hour later, his car crashed and he was dead. A self-fulfilling prophecy ... or just bad luck?

    • White: Hey, my man, Mac Daddy McManus. How was your weekend?
      McManus: Umm not bad, I mean it was good, I got a lot of work done, you know?
      White: Work? What, no play? You didn't have like no romantic interludes you know what I'm saying?
      McManus: Well sure, Saturday night I took out this Portugese dancer.
      White: Stripper?
      McManus: No, no, ballet, ballet.
      White: Ballet? Oh man, them ballet bitches too skinny and shit, man, they be looking like teenage boys.

    • Hughes: I hereby declare this the Republic of Huru!

    • (Cloutier is being bricked up inside the wall of the kitchen)
      Cloutier: You're both gonna burn in hell for all eternity!
      Kirk: You shoulda just taken the blow-job when I offered it.

    • (in showers)
      Cloutier: Give me the towel. (Hoyt spits on the towel and steps on it) And so this proves what, that you're stronger than me? In brute strength, maybe, but I got the power of Jesus on my side.
      Hoyt: Well good, have the Lord Jesus get you another towel.

    • Kirk: (about Cloutier) Ever mention why he threw me out of the congregation? Not because I threatened someone - in the name of the Lord, but because I disagreed with him.

    • Hill: (narrating) When someone dies, we look at the last thing he or she said in hopes of finding a summation of life, a deep truth that those of us above life can cling to. Like the novelist Daniel Defoe, "I do not know which is more difficult, to live well, or to die well". In Oz, we do neither.

    • (to Colnel Galson, just before killing him)
      Morales: Be all that you can be, man.

    • Galson: Life's pretty precarious around here?
      Morales: Even more so than in 'Nam?
      Galson: The land mines in Oz are even less visible.

    • Patricia: Hey.
      Galson: Patricia. So what did you want to tell me?
      Patricia: Geez! No how are you, how's your mom?
      Galson: Is it bad news? You're not leaving the corp are you?

    • Redding: Poet told me what you done. I came to thank you and welcome you back into the fold.
      Hill: I accept your thanks, but I don't wanna be back in ... I don't wanna sell drugs.
      Redding: Your choice, I can respect that.
      Hill: Respect? I killed a man today. I caused his death to happen. Even though Allah, was gonna hurt you, even though the mother-fucker screwed me to this chair ... I don't feel good about what I done.
      Redding: Well then Augustus, I raised you right.

    • Hill: Supreme Allah, I remember back on the corner, he used to be crazy-allergic to something. According to his records, it eggs.
      Poet: Yeah, when we be prepping his meals, we gotta fix his shit real special.
      Hill: Not today.

    • Hill: Yo Poet.
      Poet: Don't be talking to me snitch. Far as we're concerned you're a dead man, a ghost.....ghost on wheels.

    • McManus: (to Hill) Alright, I'm gonna put you back in Em City, only with no punishment. This way all your little friends are gonna think that you ratted on them..... again.

    • Poet: Woah, woah, woah, where do you think you're going, Chief?
      Hill: I need to talk to Burr.
      Poet: He busy.
      Hill: I'll wait.
      Poet: He's never not gonna be busy when it comes to you ... snitch!!

    • Hill: (narrating) I've been wondering something ... From the day we're born until the day we die, how many words does the average person say? I mean, we talk and talk and talk, filling up the ozone, secretly hoping that in all those syllables, we've said something worth remembering. Deep down, we know the truth ... most of what we say is trash.

  • Notes

    • The inmates watch the show "G String Divas". This 2000 HBO reality TV show features the lives of pole dancers.

    • Music in this episode is "Get on top" by The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

    • Special thanks to Gordon Elliot, Robert Iler, Kirk Avecedo (audio cameo).

    • The running time is 63 minutes. This episode was shot as both a season and series finale, with different footage in the event of a series finale. Fontana lost the lease on the set they'd used since the first episode, but managed to find a new location in the nick of time.

    • This episode features nods to several HBO programs ("Sopranos", "G-String Divas", "Sex and the City"), the most amusing being Ryan's claim that he would like to have sex with Sarah Jessica Parker. Dean Winters guest-starred as one of Carrie's many boyfriends in 1999.

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