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Least Monstrous Inmates

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    I watched this show, and I realized that several inmates weren't that bad. Here's mylist of the least monstrous inmates.

    1. Kareem Said

    2. Tobias Beecher

    3. Bob Redabow

    4. Nino Schibetta (Only gang leader that was a respectable, decent human being.)

    5. Augustus Hill

    6. Jeremiah Coultier (The only member of the Christians who wasn't a sex offender or child murderer)

    7. Arif

    8. Cyril O'Reily (He was so innocent and sweet, and didn't deserve what happened to him. He was mentally challenged, and was in OZ because of his brother)

    9. Agamemnon Busmalis

    10. Bian Xuehua (Wasn't technically an inmate, just a confused refugee)

    As for the most monstrous inmates, this list was a little easier to comprise. These are the worst of the worst inmates.

    1. Vern Schillinger

    2. Simon Adebisi

    3. Chris Keller

    4. Timmy Kirk

    5. Wolfgang Cutler

    6. James Robson

    7. Jaz Hoyt

    8. Enrique Morales

    9. Ryan O'Reilly (Caused more deaths than anyone on the show, would be higher if he didn't care for his brother)

    10. Yuri Kosygin

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    There are a lot of inmates who are less bad that they could seem at first, and that's why I would not say that Beecher is one of the less monstrous. Beecher gives me the feeling that all the moral code he seem to have is just an amount of empty words and nothing more.

    There are even many inmates that are not monstrous at all and not even seem so, just to make some extremely easy examples Augustus Hill, Rebadow, Busmalis...

    I think the most evil and despicable inmate is Timmy Kirk. Somethimes I think he is even worse than Devlin...

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