Season 1 Episode 3

God's Chillin'

Aired Monday 11:00 PM Jul 21, 1997 on HBO
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After two deaths (Ortoloni and Johnny Post)have occurred, in OZ Warden Glynn meets with gang leaders Said, Jefferson Keane and Schibetta, who tells them either the violence stops or he will lock the prison down. Keane converts to Islam.

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  • O'Reilly rats out Keene leading the corrupt correctional officer to set up a hit on Keene all caught on video.

    This episode is shocking and disgusting. Again great stuff by HBO showing the corrupt stuff than can happen in a prison.

    The lowlife O'Reilly decides to rat out Keene for conspiring to murder Ortalani. O'Reilly tells this Healy one of the corrupt correctional officer.

    Healy and the other white racist cops decide to set up Keene. They lock up Keene with two thugs with orders to kill all the while videotaping this.

    Keene murders the two thugs and sees that the whole thing is caught on tape. Of course the videotape will be edited in a way that makes Keene look like a murder.

    Wow just wow. This is why OZ really is the crap hole of America even the correctional officers are corrupt as heck. The Warden and McManus are either too stupid or too lazy to figure it out.moreless
Ernie Hudson

Ernie Hudson

Warden Leo Glynn

Rita Moreno

Rita Moreno

Sister Peter Marie Reimondo

J.K. Simmons

J.K. Simmons

Vernon Schillinger

BD Wong

BD Wong

Father Ray Mukada

Lauren Velez

Lauren Velez

Dr. Gloria Nathan

Dean Winters

Dean Winters

Ryan O'Reily

Derrick Simmons

Derrick Simmons

Billie Keane

Guest Star

Benny Nieves

Benny Nieves


Guest Star

O.L. Duke

O.L. Duke

Paul Markstram

Guest Star

Steven Wishnoff

Steven Wishnoff

Tony Masters

Recurring Role

Steve Ryan

Steve Ryan

Officer Healy

Recurring Role

Skipp Sudduth

Skipp Sudduth


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • When Alvarez stabs the knife into his hand, you can clearly tell it's a prop knife because the blood squirts from the handle and there is no blood on the blade.

    • Prisoner's featured
      Ryan O'Reily convicted on July 12th 1997, two counts of vehicular manslaughter, five counts of reckless endangerment, possession of controlled substances, criminal possession of a weapon and parole violation. Sentence: Life imprisonment, up for parole in 12. (prisoner # 97P904)

      Kenneth Wangler convicted on July 6th, 1997, murder in the 1st degree. Sentence: 20 years, up for parole in 6. (prisoner # 97W566)

      Miguel Alvarez convicted on February 3rd, 1997, of assault with a deadly weapon, criminal mischief in the 2nd degree. Sentence: 15years, up for parole in 2. (prisoner # 97A413)

    • Crime Flashbacks

      Ryan O'Reily plows his car into two road workers and a parked car while under the influence.

      Kenny Wangler shoots another kid over a jacket.

      Miguel Alvarez vandalizes the car of a man who scratched their car, before beating him and slashing his face

    • In the press conference scene, the shadow of the boom mike operator (and also the boom mike) appear clearly on the wall as the cameras are flashing, several seconds later the mike is visible at the top of screen.

    • In the scene where Keane is trying to convince Ryan to repent for Ortolani's murder, a boom microphone is clealy visible in the top right of screen.

  • QUOTES (28)

    • (reflecting on his childhood) Ryan: Yeah, I learned the alphabet the hard way. DEA. HIV. IOU.

    • Augustus Hill: God knows he's perfect and we're not and we can never be but he expects us to be, and he punishes us if we're not. You know what I'm saying? God is the ultimate gangster. The supremo boss, you know what I mean? Forgiveness, live by his code. Deadness, if we don't. Yo, he never has to talk to us face to face and he never has to explain exactly why he does what he does. Know what I'm saying? N***** sits up there in Heaven somewhere, drinking a cappuccino, chilling... (starts singing) Got the whole world in his hands, he got the whole world by the balls.

    • Miguel Alvarez: showing pictures) There he is, that's my boy.
      McManus: Congratulations.
      Miguel Alvarez: Thanks. Look at that, he's beautiful, right?
      McManus: Yeah, he must take after his mother.

    • Hill: Here's a pop quiz; name the seven deadly sins? Come on, you saw that Brad Pitt movie. Lust, yeah, well, everybody gets that one. Gluttony, sure. Greed, yeah. Envy, sloth, anger or to be a little more technical, wrath. What else? What else? Let me put it this way, if you think you know the answer and because of that, you think you're better than everybody else, then you're guilty of it.

    • Goldstein: Jeremy Goldstein.
      McManus: Tim McManus.
      Goldstein: Thanks for taking the time out of your busy day.
      McManus: Well, I want these murdes solved as much as anyone.
      Goldstein: I'm sure you do. Interesting place, Oz. I haven't been called (kike) this much since prep school. You don't have a problem with me being Jewish, do you?
      McManus: No, not at all.
      Goldstein: I mean, you don't think of me as a Christ killer or anything like that?
      McManus: Well, I'm not even really sure that Christ died.
      Goldstein: Good, fair enough

    • Gov. Devlin: McManus, when you look at me, what do you see?
      McManus: A man.
      Gov. Devlin: You've heard of Mount Olympus, right? Mount Olympus, ancient Greece, where the gods lived?
      McManus: Yeah!
      Gov. Devlin: Well, this is a heirarchy, even among the gods. Mercury was lesser than Apollo, Apollo lesser than Zeus. Now, you run your cellblock and you think you're a god. Glynn, runs the whole prison and he thinks he's a greater god. Well, guys, I'm Zeus. I'm omnipotent. I must be obeyed or my thunderbolts will strike.
      McManus: You're not Zeus, you're a politician.

    • McManus: You are creating a lot of the tnesion that we're dealing with right here.
      Gov. Devlin: How am I doing that?
      McManus: Well, you ban smoking, you ban conjugals, bit by bit you're stripping these men of their basic human needs.
      Gov. Devlin: This is a prison, these are criminals, the whole point is to strip them of their basic human needs.

    • Keane: We must repent for what we did to Ortolani and for getting Johnny killed.
      Ryan: Repent? You kidding or are you high?

    • Augustus Hill: In Oz, sometimes the things you can't touch are more real that the things you can. For instance, fear, hatred, loneliness, are more real to me than shank, and a soul everyday can grow into something you can almost hold. How fucked up is that? In shithole like this, to first and finally see the face of God.

    • Augustus Hill: And God said, let there be light, and there was light. But, that's easy for God to say, he was God. But for the rest of us, finding the light takes time. A lifetime.

    • Groves: I've been reading a lot since I got here about different faiths, and yours is pretty nifty.
      Father Mukada: Catholicism is nifty?
      Groves: You have that whole mystical transabstentiation thing going.
      Father Mukada: That's right. The Eucharist becomes the body of Christ.
      Groves: So, you're actually eating his flesh and drinking his blood?
      Father Mukada: That's right.
      Groves: Now, how can I not get behind a religion like that?

    • Schillinger: Where you been prag?
      Beecher: Nowhere sir.
      Schillinger: You're fucked up.
      Beecher: Yes, sir.
      Schillinger: I don't want you doing drugs, sharing needles. Understand?
      Beecher: Yes, sir.
      Schillinger: Litsen you bitch, I catch you so much as snorting fucking lint, I'm gonna beat the shit out of you.
      Beecher: Yes, sir. But you can do whatever you want to me. I don't care.
      Schillinger: Yeah, 'cause you're high.
      Beecher: 'Cause God is everywhere and God is holding me in the hollow of his hand

    • Ryan O'Reily: How's my appeal coming?
      Beecher: It...
      Ryan O'Reily: You've been crying?
      Beecher: No.
      Ryan O'Reily: Aww! Sure you have. That's okay, man, I cry too, sometimes. Look, you'd have to be brain dead not to. But I got a cure for the blues, homey. Let's get high. (he pulls out a marijuana joint)

    • Beecher: I spent my life dealing with the law, finding ways over, under, around it. And when I needed it to be there for me, the system snapped back into the face. I was a good lawyer, I was. I was a lot of things a husband, father, son, brother and friend. And then I made a mistake, a huge, huge mistake, but one mistake. And as a result, God took everything from me.

    • Beecher: Since I got to OZ , I've prayed more than the night before my bar exam, even more than the day my son fell off his skateboard. Either God's hearing has gotten bad or he's ignoring me.
      Sister Pete: No, listen. First of all, quantity of prayer doesn't mean anything, and secondly, maybe he has answered you only it's not what you expect.
      Beecher: God Almighty, creator of all things, including a loophole?
      Sister Pete: Tobias, what do you ask for when you pray?
      Beecher: To get outta here.
      Sister Pete: Ah! You don't need God for that. You just need a good lawyer.

    • Sister Pete: So, my assistant got paroled. That's what's wrong with this place. You finally break in an assistant, he learns your rhythms , he's good at the job and then boom, the parole board decides he's ready to rejoin society. Meanwhile, I'm left with a stack of untyped progress reports.
      Beecher: Sister, I'm glad you thought of me for this job. I really wasn't suited for factory work.
      Sister Pete: Listen, when I heard you knew Microsoft Word and Lotus, I knelt down and praised Jesus.
      Beecher: I'm glad he heard you, he hasn't been listening to me.
      Sister Pete: Oh! Yes he does, he listens.

    • Schillinger: Hey, sweet pea. How was church? You feeling all sanctified and pure? Get undressed, we're taking a shower.
      Beecher: I already took a shower.
      Schillinger: Oh, that's okay. When I'm done you'll need another one.

    • Augustus Hill: (narrating) They say confession is good for the soul. You go into a confessional and you can tell a priest anything, anything and he can't repeat it. You go into an interview room with your local PD and say what you've done, well, the cops will tell the DA and the papers and everybody else. So you do some deed and you want to clear your conscience and still get away with it, well, tell your mama or tell a priest.

    • Father Mukada: Why did you come to confession?
      Ryan O'Reily: The truth?
      Father Mukada: Sure.
      Ryan O'Reily: I figured when I was done I good sneak a smoke.

    • (Keane sets his mattress on fire)
      McManus: You wanna tell me what the fuck you did that for?
      Jefferson Keane: I was bored.

    • Augustus Hill: To belong you gotta be able to deal. You gotta share power and you gotta share pain.

    • Schillinger: O'Reily, that's Irish, right?
      Ryan O'Reily: Yeah, you got a problem with that?
      Schillinger: I run the Aryan Brotherhood.
      Ryan O'Reily: And you're doing a hell of a job.

    • Ryan: I gotta be interrogated by Burrano again. Like I know anything about Johnny Post.
      Rebadow: They cut off his **** off and stuck it in his mouth.
      Groves: Where'd you hear that?
      Rebadow: God told me.

    • (to the staff members)
      Glynn: People, we've got three murders in two weeks. I got the Commissioner yelling in my ear and the press shoved up my ass. The Governor's threatening to send in the feds. And my daughter wants to move into an apartment with her boyfriend. Somebody help me out here?

    • Glynn: (to Said, Keane and Schibetta) Spread the word, if one more fight breaks out, I'm going to shut this prison down so hard, so fast, you won't see daylight 'til the third millenium.

    • Hill: Being in a gang is a lot like being in a religion. You got rules to follow, a leader to obey, and at the heart, it's about love. Love thy fellow man becomes love thy brother gangster.

    • Hill: In the beginning, the Earth was nothingness so God started making stuff. He made the dirt, he made the sky, he made the water, he made things that swim, things that slither, things with legs. I mean, God turned himself into a big shot. Then, in a couple of days, or a couple of million years, he breathed life into man. And he's been sucking the life out of us ever since.

    • Donald Groves: Praise the lord and pass the ammunition.
      Father Mukada: What?!
      Groves: I don't know what to do. I've never done this confession thing before.

  • NOTES (0)


    • Hill: Here's a pop quiz, name the seven deadly sins. Come on, you saw that Brad Pitt movie.

      This is in reference to the 1995 movie thriller Se7en starring Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman, where a serial killer was killing his victims according to the seven deadly sins.