Season 6 Episode 7

Junkyard Dawgs

Aired Monday 11:00 PM Feb 16, 2003 on HBO

Episode Recap

Poet and his fellow gangstas begin to suffer the consequences of no drugs. Just in time, a new prisoner named Bukowski arrives bragging of pot brownies. They are fed into lunches and much appreciated...so much so that Pancamo realizes the trick and has Bukowski killed. Soon after, Poet finds out that the brownies were not narcotic in the slightest and the recipe is worthless. Ah, the old placebo effect. Disgusted, he and his pals return to working for Burr's telemarketing, only this time they will steal the credit card numbers of the people they're calling and sell them to associates on the outside.

Rebadow waits to hear from Stella about her cancer surgery. Her golden boy Pablo is put in the Hole for stabbing a prisoner during a fight. Rebadow gets a thumbs-up from McManus about Stella's recovery.

Busmalis' second wedding day to Norma approaches. When she's late, he fears the worst, but better late than never, she shows up in time for a lovely ceremony performed by Father Mukada.

Omar goes to a less-than-convinced McM about Idzik's constant pleas to kill him. McM doesn't believe Omar and refuses to move him. Omar begins to understand the theories of stars and the universe, and explains to a pessimistic Idzik that even if everything ends there will still be something, gravity. Furious that his lifelong dream has been usurped, he kills Omar in his sleep and still has the blood on his hands in the morning.. McManus looks on in sorrow that ultimately, he could have saved Omar but passed it up.

Robson goes into denial when he learns he has contracted HIV. Sister Pete takes him to a rape support group (too bad Petie's dead, he couldv'e actually been of some help).

Ryan continues to believe Cyril will be spared execution. Gloria confesses her guilt to Ryan over a part of her being happy that Cyril (her husband's killer) will be dead. Ryan understands her feelings and asks if he can work as an orderly. Ryan and Cyril's pond scum father, Seamus, arrives in Oz. To Ryan's relief, he is not put in Em City.

Beecher land sthe role of MacDuff after the last actor went to solitary and now Suzanne needs a new MacBeth after Cutler's death. How about Vern? No symbolism there is there? Vern demands that Keller kill Beecher because Beecher knows too much about both of them. Keller binds and gags Beecher, telling him that he really plans to kill Vern. He continues to play both sides as he swears loyalty to Vern and even gives him a kiss on the lips.

McM asks the parole official to give Miguel a chance to make amends. The Aryans demand Miguel stop his chumminess with Cutler's widow. A new prisoner, effeminate, one-eyed drug lord Alonzo Torquemada, sweeps into Em City, and desires Miguel in every way. Miguel turns down his offer of...partnership.

Glynn unsuccessfully attempts to pressure Yood into telling what he knows about Mayor Lowen's murder but Yood wisely keeps his mouth shut. Glynn refuses to compromise, even as he starts a relationship with McM's ex-wife Ellie, and prepares to accept an award from the Correctional Officers Association. The night of the gala, all of his closest associates and friends attend, but he is nowhere to be found. While looking for him, McManus follows a trail of blood all the way to the gala. Leo arrives, suffering from a severe stab wound. He dies in front of the bewildered eyes of all he knew. McManus and Ellie finally put aside their personal animosity and comfort each other over Leo's death.