Season 2 Episode 4

Losing Your Appeal

Aired Monday 11:00 PM Aug 03, 1998 on HBO

Episode Recap

Hanlon accidentally pushes an Aryan over the railing of Em City's second floor. He tells McManus that the Aryan's killed Vogel. Officer Metzger tells Hanlon to confess to Vogel's murder or else the Aryans will kill him, so he agrees.

Ryan's surgery was successful, but the chemotherapy is making his hair fall out. He shaves off the hair he has left after when he returns to Em City. He gets into a scuffle with a few Aryans in the cafeteria, but McManus agrees with Doctor Nathan that his health is to fragile for the Hole, so he's sent back to the infirmary with her. On the walk back he smiles at her and in the infirmary he grabs her and kisses her, but she slaps him.

Said represents Augustus Hill in his motion for a new trial. He asks Glynn for more time for preparation but Glynn refuses.

McManus seeks Said's help to get Poet's poems published, and Said agrees. Poet is published in an anthology called "Unheard America".

Peter Schibetta offers Alvarez a piece of the drug trade if he kills Adebisi. Later, Adebisi offers to join forces with him if he kills Schibetta, but he refuse both offers.

Hill is moved out of Beecher's pod because McManus doesn't want roomie's to get too attached to each other, He's new cellmate is Chris Keller.

Keller gets into a fight with Mark Mack, and Beecher comes to his rescue but tells him "it wasn't for you, I hate those Aryan fucks", still Keller insists he owes Beecher.

Beecher is visited by the Judge who presided over his trial. She tells Beecher that his trial haunts her, and he tells her the man she sentenced is dead.

In the Gym, Schillinger asks Keller how "Operation Toby" is going, Keller tells him "Beecher'll be mine".