Season 2 Episode 4

Losing Your Appeal

Aired Monday 11:00 PM Aug 03, 1998 on HBO

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  • O'Reilly recovers from surgery and falls in love. Keller is introduced as Beecher's new roomate.

    An entertaining episode. Hill's appeal is shot down by the same judge who gave Beecher the maximum sentence. Shirley Bellinger is introduced. A beautiful girl from the outside but a religious nutjob in the inside. What a shame. Shirley is later impregnated by an inmate cleaning up on Death Row.

    Keller's introduction in this episode is the main highlight here. Keller and Beecher's relationship starts here. Keller tries to pretend to be Beecher's friend but really he is working with lowlife Schillinger to get Beecher.

    Lee Tergensen displays outstanding acting near the end of this episode. He plays the man condemned to stay behind bars for a long time. He has been transformed from a nice thug into a vicious thug through the hands of the prison system.

    Tergensen display with incredible intensity a man who understands what he did but isn't going to forgive the harsh judge who gave him a tough sentence.