Season 2 Episode 4

Losing Your Appeal

Aired Monday 11:00 PM Aug 03, 1998 on HBO



  • Trivia

    • Prisoners featured

      Richard Hanlon convicted June 3, 1998, possession and distribution of controlled substances. Sentence: 8 years up for parole in 5. (pisoner # 98H462)

      Christopher Keller, convicted June 16 1998, felony murder, two counts attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, robbery, driving while under the influence, reckless driving. Sentence: 88 years, up for parole in 50. (prisoner # 98K514)

    • When Hanlon is talking to McManus, he intially points with one finger but in the next shot, he uses all his fingers.

    • In the scene where Rebadow is trying to pee, you can see Busmalis wearing a wedding ring, but he later reveals that he has never married and is a virgin.

    • Guerra is wearing a uniform with the prisoner number 97D419, however in episode "Even the score" (Season 4 episode 15) he is identified as 96G522.

  • Quotes

    • Adebisi: Hey, papi. I've been thinking.
      Alvarez: Yeah? It must be a new experience for you, huh?

    • Mack: I want you to suck my dick.
      Hanlon: Get lost.
      Mack: You're a fag. You suck dick. So what's the problem?
      Hanlon: I suck the dicks I wanna suck, so fuck you.

    • (O'Reily lost his hair because he had cancer)
      Aryan: Hey, O'Reily, you trying to look like us?
      Ryan: Yeah, I'm trying to be ugly.

    • Said: What do you want, McManus?
      McManus: I finished your book on the riot.
      Said: Now, I suppose you want my autograph?

    • Said: Do not lose faith my brother this is just the beginning.
      Hill: No, it's over.
      Said: Augustus.....
      Hill: No I can't handle this shit anymore.
      Said: I told you before, these things take time the law is very.....
      Hill: It's not the law man. It's not the law I can't handle, it's the hope. It's the hope that's crushing me.
      Said: Hope? Hope is all we have.
      Hill: No, all I have is Oz.

    • Said: Do you want to replace me? You want Beecher to take up our cause?
      Hill: Our cause? This is not our cause, this is my fucking life. I am not you, man I don't want to be a martyr or a fucking saint. All I want is to get out of here and be free. Either you can do that or you leave me the fuck alone.

    • Glynn: Here we are again, Schillinger only this time I got proof that you killed Vogel.
      Schillinger: Proof?
      Glynn: Your friend Mack confessed.
      Schillinger: Horseshit!
      Glynn: He told another prisoner that you and he did the deed together.
      Schillinger: Oh, a jailhouse confession? Please!

    • Judge Lima: Mr Beecher, I appreciate your taking the time to see me.
      Beecher: Well, you know, it's a nice break from getting fucked up the ass.

    • McManus: Come in Beecher, sit down. The other day, before Hill's hearing, I met Judge Grace Lima.
      Beecher: Oh, really? How is the c**t?
      McManus: She asked about you.
      Beecher: The c**t put me in here. The c**t gave me the toughest sentence possible.
      McManus: She asked me if she could come see you.
      Beecher: What a c**t. You know, my trial lasted 28 days. And every single one of those days, I had to stare up at that c**t's face while she banged her c**t gavel and instructed the jury to fuck me over. I didn't have a choice. I had to see the c**t. Now, I don't have to.
      McManus: Yes, you do.
      Beecher: Are you gonna force me?
      McManus: Yes.
      Beecher: Why?
      McManus: Because I think it'll be therapeutic. Ultimately, you'll thank me.
      Beecher: You know what? You're a c**t too.

    • Keller: So you a fag?
      Beecher: No, you?
      Keller: I do what I have to.

    • Hill: (narrating) Now, you're probably saying, boy meets girl, that's one boring fucking story, it's always ending the same. But there are variations on the theme like boy meets dog, boy loses dog, boy buys new dog. Or girl meets psychiatrist, girl goes to therapy for the next ten years. Or, in Oz, there's always boy meets boy.

    • Alvarez: (Watching Adebesi and Schibetta stare each other down) Come on boys. Be all that you can be.

    • Peter: Yeah, I got a grievance. Certain guys stink. I know some people come from far away places where they don't bathe, but in America I think washing should be mandatory, if only for health code reasons.
      Adebisi: You wanna bath me up, Little Nino? You'd like that huh? Soaping me up?
      Peter: (Spits on the ground) There's your fucking bath right there. There's your fucking bath.

    • (in the tearoom)
      Sister Pete: Hello Gloria.
      Nathan: Hey.
      Sister Pete: What's wrong?
      Nathan: What makes you think something's wrong?
      Sister Pete: Well, I'm a psychologist and a nun. Usually between the two there's something wrong.

    • McManus: You know the rules, O'Reily. You get in a fight, you go to the Hole.
      Ryan: So send me to the fucking Hole. I been there before. I ain't afraid.
      McManus: Yeah well in your condition, you know, you're likely to get a cold, maybe die, and then I got a shitload of paperwork to do.

    • Ryan: Yeah, so what are the chances of the cancer coming back?
      Dr. Nathan: 90% of stage 2 men are alive after 5 years and 63% are alive after 10 years.
      Ryan: I'm up for parole in 11 years. The way things go for me, I get released and BOOM! The tumor's back.

    • (After Poet has been given money for selling some of his poems)
      Adebisi: Teach me to write. Teach me to write.
      Poet: I can't teach you to write.
      Adebisi: I want to write rhymes about Nigeria.
      Poet: Don't nothing rhyme with Nigeria.

    • Poet: Yo, Kareem, you was right. You was right. I'm about to get published!
      Said: Congratulations my brother!
      McManus: Hey that's great! Where?
      Said: It's an anthology of poems called "Unheard America". They're giving him a featured appearance.
      McManus: Oh terrific.
      Poet: And they're giving me cake.

    • Lima: Does anyone else have anything to say before I give my ruling?
      Said: Yes Your Honor, I do.
      Lima: Make it snappy Mr. Said, I've got a long ride home. Rush hour.

    • Alvarez: (To Peter Schibetta) No offense. No offense. But drop fucken dead.

    • Said: (to Beecher) Quickest way to find the needle, burn the haystack.

    • (In solitary)
      Officer Metzger: Listen up and listen good. Some friends of mine are very upset you tried to pin a certain murder on em. For that you're a dead man.
      Hanlon: Oh, Christ.
      Metzger: However, they're offering you an alternative. Since you're already in here for one killing, they suggest you also confess to Alexander Vogel's murder. Take your chances with the court. At best, you get life, at worst, you get the death penalty. If you get life, my friends will let you live. If not, you're a dead man anyway. So choose.
      Hanlon: Tell Glynn I want to see him. I have a confession to make.
      Metzger: Good boy.

  • Notes

    • JK Simmons recommended friend Bill Fagerbakke for the role of neo-Nazi guard Metzger. Quite a departure from his days on "Coach".

    • Crime Flashbacks:

      Richie Hanlon sells drugs to a man who has a very bad reaction.

      Chris Keller shoots a storeowner after robbing the place, and crashes his motorcycle while trying to get away.

      Shirley Bellinger drives herself and her daughter into the river, swimming to safety and letting her daughter drown.

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