Season 4 Episode 14

Orpheus Descending

Aired Monday 11:00 PM Feb 11, 2001 on HBO

Episode Recap

McManus returns after 10 days in the hospital, giving Redding and Morales a few options, get into a cage gladiator match, move to Gen Pop and kill each other out of his way or peace, they pick peace. Supreme begins trying to manipulate Hill into killing Redding, convincing him Redding will have him killed for snitching. Redding wants nothing to do with Augustus, who in turn wants nothing to do with Supreme. Colonel Galson gets moved in with Redding, they begin acting like an angrier, dealier version of Busmalis and Rebadow as they bond over both being in the Vietnam war. Hughes transfers his hatred from Yood to Basil when Basil takes Yood's side in an arguement when Basil calls Hughes a "f*ckwad" (don't forget that). Basil has an emotional visit with his wife, asking her to bring their son soon. Blocking the door to keep Claire in her office/cubbyhole, Hughes stabs Basil, saying "now who's the f*ckwad?". Floria gives a drunken, guilt-ridden Glynn a ride home. Seeing Beecher's continued depression over Keller, Sister Pete arranges a phone call between them. When Beecher mentions coming to visit once he's paroled, Keller begs him to leave the past behind, then hangs up. Beecher and Catherine McClain's bond grows and Beecher/Keller shipper's disdain for her. Vern meets his granddaughter, Jewel, but his joy is shattered when a black inmate claims Carrie was a whore, and she even slept with some of the brothas in Oz. Said uses Cloutier to persuade Jenkins into giving Robson up, but threats delivered by mail drive him to suicide. Vern lets Clutier live for his past counselling, but he and the Brotherhood warn him never to interfere with their affairs again. Tim challenges Vayhue to a basketball tournament, Tim and another staffer vs. Vayhue and a prisoner of Tim's choice, with Vayhue being allowed back in Em City if he wins. Murphy and Glynn decline, but Officer Brass(whom we've never seen before, but hey, he's really good!) agrees. Tim picks Busmalis for Vayhue. Vayhue wins, but Brass' abilities stun everyone. Moses asks to meet those who will receive his organs, starting with a blind man who'll be getting his corneas. En route to the hospital, Moses dies in an escape attempt, demoralizing Said yet again and reducing Giles to tears. Padriac Connelly, an Irish man fighting extradition for being involved in the killing of a British soldier, is moved to Em City per Tim's request. Assuming he can win on appeal or be released on bail, he blows off Tim and Ryan's attempts at friendship. Connelly gets into a fight with Kirk when Kirk tries to force him into converting to Catholicism. Zelman reveals, to Connelly's horror, that he has been denied bail, and must remain in Em City until a decision is made. Ryan learns Suzanne isn't Cyril's mother, they are only half-brothers. In the gym, Cyril asks Jia to teach him some martial arts, Jia acts like an ass as usual and Cyril punches him into a coma. Pete and Gloria successfully convince Tim to put Cyril in protective custody instead of an institute. An overheard conversation about Jia's coma spurs Arif into confessing his knowledge of Keenan's murder to Said. When informed, Glynn confronts Ryan, whose attempts at blackmail over Adebisi's videotapes anger Glynn into fully investigating the murder. Desperate, Ryan asks Gloria to help he and Cyril escape.